When Will I Ovulate After M C And D C

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Sheree OToole - February 19

I mis/c on the 13th Feb at 12 weeks with complications. The doc said the baby was caught in cervix, I was rushed to hospital because of heavy bleeding and my body collapsed (with shock the doc said)and hospital overnight. I had a d&c and am still spotting.Is this normal and when will I be ovulating? Feeling lost and ill informed, can anyone shed some light on how to get over a mis/c.


sososleepy - February 19

I'm so sorry Sheree. I have no idea how to get over it... every time I think I am, I cry again, but there seem to be more days between each cry. I am presently obsessed with ttc after mc & dnc as well (and that's really helped me get over it, or at least get through it)... I think I ovulated, finally! I could be wrong, but If I'm right it was on cd 19 (cd1 being first day of mc bleeding). After the dnc I was just spotting a tiny tiny bit - mostly on the tissue when I wiped in the restroom. After all the reading I've done now, I think normal at this time has a very wide range... I was only 9 weeks. Best luck! Hope you're feeling better soon. Keep us posted.


Kristin72 - February 19

Hi Sheree, Firstly, I am extremely sorry for your loss. I too had a loss at 12 weeks Dec '05. I had a missed miscarriage and had a D&C on Dec 23rd. I really wanted to get pregnant again and I started doing basal monitoring the next day after the D&C. I had always had regular 28 day cycles so I counted the day of my D&C as the first day of my cycle. The basal monitoring did show increased in temperature mid month. I also started my OPK's the second month and fell pregnant month 2 post D&C...on vacation ;). I really wanted to find out if I was ovulating and my basal monitoring indicated so, as did the OPK's. I must say that I bled for 21 days post D&C due to retained fetal products and the second month I had a period for 16 days. The doctor suggested I have another D&C to correct this. I did however become pregnant and was indeed ovulating...so the additional D&C was not necessary. I am now the proud mother of a little girl born Nov 26th '06. If I were you.. I'd start the basal monitoring and get the OPK's if you are indeed interested in getting in touch with your body and getting pregnant again...this will tell you if you are indeed ovulating. If you need to know anything else I'd love to help. All the best to you and keep your head up and do not blame yourself for the complications you ran into. As devastating as it was :( there is always light at the end of the tunnel...and you will fall pregnant again soon if you indeed want to. P.S. ~often post D&C women are VERY fertile..atleast I was. Good Luck :)


Belief - February 19

Sheree -- I am so sorry for your loss. Krisin is right though, the D&C is comparable to your monthly cycle. If you were regular before, start counting from that day. I am regular with 28 day cycles. I had my D&C Nov. 17 and started my cycle on Dec. 16. The basal monitoring is great, but give yourself time to heal emotionally and physically. I cried myself to sleep four weeks straight and my husband was more lost b/c he didn't know how to help me. My New's Resolution was to not control the process and just enjoy the intimacy with my husband. I am 5 weeks along and have left this miracle to God and his plan. Keep in mind, that every woman's body is different and cycles will not all be the same. Again, I'm here for you when you need me.



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