When Will My Period Come

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jcruz920 - January 15

I had a D&E dec 13th. At 10 weeks I had a second ultrasound and there was no heart beat. I have 1 healthy 2 year old. I have read everywhere that my period will begin 4-8 weeks after. Is that after the D&E or after my bleeding stopped? I just don't know when to expect it. I had some cramping two days ago and again last night but still nothing. I thought I was ovulating 2 weeks ago but not completely sure. I'm worried my husband and I were not careful enough. I can not take the pill die to migraines. Anyone had any advice?


alicef - January 15

Hi jcruz, I had a D&C Dec 23 after an u/s at 10 weeks with no heartbeat. Do you know if your HCG is back to 0? I haven't had mine checked, but I am testing negative on a pregnancy test. If you know your levels returned to 0 after the D&C, I would suggest a pregnancy test to see if you are indeed pregnant!


jcruz920 - January 16

I have not had it checked. My doctor said to give it at least 8 weeks before we would believe there to be any problems. I hate waiting to see when my period is going to come. I don't think I'm pregnant. We really did try not to get pregnant. I want to get pregnant again, but I wanted to let me body heal first..you know what I mean?


alicef - January 16

I know exactly what you mean! Do you usually have normal 28 day cycles or are they longer? Mine are all over the map, so I'm not holding out much hope of af arriving any time soon. I hate the waiting game!!


jcruz920 - January 16

Mine used to be 28 days before my first pregnancy with my son. Then they were all over the map before I got pregnant with our angel baby. So I don't really know what to expect. I imagine they will be all over the map again though. I hate waiting too. We talked today about possibly trying after only 1 cycle since it's taking so long. I just hope that I am pregnant before July 6th, that was our due date.


alicef - January 16

Oh, you and me both!! July 18 for me! The OB/GYN who did my D & C told me that I could try again as soon as I had 1 cycle. My cycles were very sporadic before I had my daughter, but are any where from 31-38 days apart now. I hope that because I got a negative test a week ago, that I will hopefully get my af in about 3 weeks. I wish you luck and hope you are coping emotionally!


jcruz920 - January 16

Thanks. I hope you are doing well also. Hopefully things get moving along for both of us.


dyarcho - January 16

i haD A D&C Dec 14th, and the doc said 4-6 weeks beore i should get my af..its been 5 weeks now, and the past week i have been cramping, and a little pink once. She still hasnt showed up yet..lol


CynthiaP - January 17

Hello, everyone. Your stories sound so close to mine. I too had a d&c on December 23rd and was due July 7th. Now I'm waiting for my period to come. I know is hasn't been quite a month, but I am so anxious for it to arrive (I never thought I would say that :) ). I have since taken a home pregnancy test and it was negative. Does anyone know if that means my HCG levels have indeed gone back down to zero? Best wishes to you all!


alicef - January 17

dyarcho and jcruz920, you will have to keep me posted as I am a good week behind you! CynthiaP, we can hold out together??!! How are you doing? I don't know if a negative pt indicates a level of 0 HCG, but urine tests will give a positive between 20 mIU/mL and 100 mIU/mL, so I guess it would be fairly close to 0 by now.


jcruz920 - January 18

ok....so we've pa__sed the 5 weeks mark post surgery. Is AF ever going to show up? I'm getting so impatient! Anyone else having any luck? Before my MC I had cycles that were so irregular...like 26 days, 23 days, 41 days and then 29-30 ( that was the month I got pregnant). I hav no clue what to expect this time. I hope it comes soon. I have been cramping again today ( 4th time this week ) so maybe soon....I'll let you all know. Keep me posted.


alicef - January 18

28 Days today and counting (and probably counting, and counting, and....)!! Are your cramps bad jcruz or just annoying? I hope af visits this weekend! Good luck!


HoneyGlitter - January 19

Gosh, the waiting game is so hard!! I just had a m/c on Christmas....I started spotting on Christmas eve, went through the severe cramping/bleeding/back pain on Christmas day and bled for 2 weeks after that. So my m/c has been over for only 9 days. So no period yet of course. I just can't wait until I get mine, so I can totally relate to how you are all feeling. Take care everyone.


jcruz920 - January 19

My cramping is not bad...just a little annoying. I might not even really notice it as much if I wasn't looking for it, you know. They keep coming and going to so who knows if it's all in my head or not.


alicef - January 19

Hello honeyglitter, I am sorry for your loss, there is no "good" time for this to happen, but it was so hard at Christmas time wasn't it?? Trying to portray happiness around family and friends when all you want to do is cry!? My sister announced her pregnancy on Christmas and we would have been due about a week apart. Were you told to wait to try again after your m/c? jcruz! Keep me posted on how you are doing!! It's funny how "in tune" we get with our bodies after going through this! Have a good weekend girls!


jcruz920 - January 19

Just wanted to let you all know AF came today. I hope things work out well for all of you. How long were you all told to wait before starting again? I was told 2 cycles...I don't know if I want to wait that long though. I've been so irregular in the past that I'm afraid if I wait I'll be waiting 2 more months!


alicef - January 19

Hi jcruz, I was told to wait until I had 1 cycle. From reading the posts on this site, doctors all seem to have different advice. I think you are supposed to wait so that the uterine lining has a chance to build up and for dating purposes. Let me know how you are doing some time. I will cross my fingers for you!!



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