Where Do They All Go

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Donna - November 8

A friend of mine and myself have both suffered miscarriages recently. Yesterday we were having a talk about if our babies had souls. I lost mine at 8 weeks, she lost hers at a little over 6. I just wanted to see what other people think on this topic. She said that she likes to believe that all miscarried babies are all together playing, waiting patiently for their parents, who, when it is their time, they will be brought finally meet them. This made me cry so hard. It's a lovely vision. But I am just curious to see what other people out there think. Care to share beliefs??


Kara - November 8

There is a book called "In A Heartbeat" that is a devotional that deals with loosing a baby. There is a poem in there that I find especially moving. The Rose Bush By Joylynn Charity Miller Once, a little rose bush, With no blooms yet to bear, Inched itself toward a picket fence, And quietly rested there. Then day by day it pulled its stems, To the flaws in the fence's wall, And slowly crept its way... Until it wasn't there at all. On the other side it flourished, On the other side it grew lush, But the planter of the seedling, Missed that beautiful rose bush. So young and it has vanished, So small and it was gone, But on the other side of the fence, It still, to life, held on! And as the little babies here, Have left without a trace, They rest upon the heavenly shore, And bloom in all God's grace! It always makes me think of my three little rose buds.


Lilu - November 9

My Dh and i believe that our daughter, Sophia is our guardian angel who protects us.


Tanya - November 9

My husband and I have spoken often about our son "stepping right into Heaven". I believe with all my heart he is there and his soul was present at the time of conception. The Bible speaks often of little children and gives an account of David losing his son. He claims "he shall not return to me, but I'll go to him". He believed he'd see his son in Heaven one day. I believe our babies our chosen by God and saved by His grace. I find comfort in believing that.


JEn - November 9

Kara, who wrote the book?


Thoughts - November 9

I feel that our babies came to the earth gained a physical body and then went to heaven without having to go through all of the challenges that we all have to face in this life. We will be with them again.


Kara - November 9

"In A Heartbeat" by Dawn Siegrist Waltman. Another good one is "Grieving The Child I Never Knew" by Kathe Wunnerberg.


Alyssa - November 10

I believe the God has a specific place in heaven for our little ones. I believe that He Himself takes care of them till we get to see them again (and I believe we will.) All children (whether 6 weeks old in the womb or six weeks old delivered to term) are innocent and wouldn't just be left in the dirt. They are precious and have a wonderful place in heaven where they are being cared for and watched over.



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