Where Is The Baby

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me maybe mom - March 9

I am 10 weeks and had my 1st U/S, the tech couldnt see anything (something small and not clear) with both ways of U/S. I am positive i am 10 weeks the Dr. said maybe not...he sent me for HCG test and I am waiting. All symptoms in my bady feel like I am pregnant (weight gain and br___t...) very little cramps at times, no bleeding.. Anyone? thoughts? Am i still pregnant? Urine test showed positive again.


jennifer - March 9

It could be that your just not as far as you thought do you have irregular cycles???


me maybe mom - March 9

no my cycles were perfect - every 30-32 days cycles. Last on 12.27.04. It was very planned to the day!


Kara - March 9

I hate these medical terms because they sound so cold, but it could be a missed miscarriage, blighted ovum or a molar pregancy. The baby and the heartbeat is very visible at 10 weeks. Hopefully, you had a wacky cycle that month and are just not as far along as you had thought. I would try to prepare yourself the best you can in case that's not what happened.


Jess - March 9

I just had a miscarriage and D&C at 10 weeks. The baby only measured 7.5 weeks and I knew I was right on. I started spotting, thats when I had a U/S and they saw yok sac and fetal pole but no heart beat. All weekend I ended up bleeding and on Monday morning I was in pain, naturally miscarring. I went to the ER and had my second HCG test and it showed a drop so they did a D&C because I was in so much pain. I had gained 4 pounds and b___sts were tender but didn't hurt. I felt something was wrong all along. If you do miscarry or something else just know it is for the best. Your body does these things for a reason. My LMP was on 12.25.04 so it was right aournd where you are. I wish you the best but don't give up if you lose this one.


me maybe mom - March 9

thank you Jess. wish you the best too


Heather - March 9

I was 9 weeks when I m/c (last friday). Had an u/s @ 8 weeks... dr didn't say anything then but they knew something was wrong... fetus was too small. They figured I wasn't as far along as they thought. I know the exact day we conceived so I know that was not the case. Another u/s @ 9 weeks (started spotting) showed blighted ovum. Pa__sed the sac the very next day along with EVERYTHING else. Was quite painful and VERY heavy but only lasted a day like that. Urine tests only need a lvl of 100 or so to show positive. Your hcg lvls won't go down until after you've pa__sed everything m/c (sorry if that sounds negative... not my intentions). Good luck to you and try to stay positive. You're in my prayers. *~*~*~*~


ADB - March 10

I can only give you my experience but I too went for my first U/S when I thought I was 8 weeks along and the Dr said my sac measured only 5.5 weeks and scheduled another U/S two weeks later. Unfortunately it was still measuring 5.5-6 weeks along. I was bloated, sore b___st, had gained a pound, and felt just like I did when I was pregnant with my daughter with the exception that I wasn't having to pee all the time. My heart kept telling me things weren't right.....it took 10 weeks into the pregnancy to realize my heart was just trying to prepare me for the Dr's words of "sorry but you have what we call a blighted ovum".....I had a D&C on 2/4 and am waiting for AF to arrive. I do hope your situation is not like mine and that your lil peanut is just hiding from the U/S wand and the next time you go in for a check-up you see that flicker of life within the sac.


me maybe mom - March 11

hello all and thx for your thoughts! I am due on my 2nd U/S Tuesday. Had HCG which came back at 77,000 for 10 wks is low! at 6 weeks i had 10,000 so the diff is very slow/low. dont know what to think. still no bleeding but very little cramps here and there. have to wait till Tuesday like that. going for another HCG test tomorrow. have no good feeling about this....


Alison - March 11

I'm really sorry to hear what a rough time you're having - waiting for another scan is so hard! My second m/c was a blighted ovum. My HCD levels were rising but not much (basically they were still rising very slowly as the sac was there but it was actually empty) Scans showed very little at first and they did a laparoscopy to check it wasn't eptopic which it wasn't. They knew then it was failing but I wanted to wait an extra week "just incase" (I wanted then to be wrong!) A week later (I was 8 weeks) another scan showed the empty sac very clearly and again the HCG levels had barely changed. I hadn't really had any bleeding- the tiniest speck of blood on one occasion and nothing else! But had been enough to alarm me as I had had a miscarriage before. I miscarried in hospital using the pill method (which just speeds up the innevitable making you start contractions) as I could have had a long wait for it to start on it's own- I think my body was confused by the fact the sac was still there though it was empty. It was as if it hadn't "got the message yet" that the pregnancy was failing. I had had morning sickness all along but that was the only symtom really other than being tired. I am hoping your fears won't be realised but if they are I hope you find the support you need to get through it. By the way a urine test will still show positive even if the pregnancy is failing and HCG levels are low. I still tested positive a week after my blighted ovum m/c as the levels hadn't gone back down to 0 yet. (even though my womb was completely empty on a scan) A week after they tested me again to make sure, and they had. Take care x


me maybe mom - March 15

I have D&C on Sat, its an empty sac. thx everyone for your thoughts! how long before i will have my period again, back to normal?


Alison - March 16

The average time before your first period after a m/c is between 4-6 weeks though most women start ovulating 2 weeks after m/c-ing and are very fertile so if you're wanting to wait for a period you'll need protection. I'm so sorry for your loss will be thinking of you on Saturday. Take care x



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