Who Here Lost A Baby W A Low Heart Rate Week 6 To 8

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Kim L - March 6

Hi Kristine: I was about 5.5 weeks when I got totally sick. :-) And it is all day long...I am just now starting to feel a bit better and I'm 9 weeks 4 days. Good luck! It's totally worth it though to know that everything is growing and developing.


gcmickens - March 6

Thanks alot for your warm support girls :-D I am so happy for both of you and your healthy pregnancies, and my fingers are crossed for both of you on these new pregnancies!! I will try to keep busy for 2 more days, and promise to log in as soon as I get home wednesday around 4 pm EST to let you know how it went :-) WHAT A TRIP!!!!


Kristine - March 7

Hi Gigi, Just wanted to wish you luck tomorrow. xo


Christy1 - March 7

Good luck Gigi!


millerstac0878 - March 7

Hi Gigi - we chatted in the past on some of the other boards, but I haven't been on in the past few days! Anyway..I wish you the best of luck tomorrow and hope everything turns out well! As for me it turns out that today was a really bad day. We had our first OB appt and the Dr. couldnt find the heartbeat. We were sent for an immediate sonogram and the tech and the Dr. told us that the they couldn't find the heartbeat either. THere was no blood flow to my uterus either. Just last week, the baby measured 8wks1day with a strong heart rate of 136bpm....today the baby does not have a heartbeat any longer. I'm still realing from the shock of it all and I have to decide if I want to go ahead with the D&C or not. Anyone ever have one? Thoughts/recommendations? We close on our new home tomorrow and I'm dreading the thought of going in there and seeing what I thought was going to be my baby's room. I'm fairly certain I will be pretty usless when it comes to moving! I certainly hope things fare out better for you, my thoughts are with you. All my best...Stacie


Christy1 - March 7

Stacie, I am so sorry. That is devastating news. I did have a D & C on Feb. 3. You know, that is just a personal decision. I never hesitated. I knew once the baby had died I couldn't handle it emotionally to wait. I also travel a lot and didn't want to m/c on the road. The D & C is not bad at all. I had no pain and bled no more than a light period. Is this your 2nd m/c? Stacie, my heart breaks for you. I am so deeply sorry. Christy


Daniella - March 8

Gigi- Just reading the post and its the 8th night for me... so, should be early the 8th for you if you're in the states. While reading the post, the hr you had sounded great for your measurements of 5weeks 6days. So, I was just wondering if there is any chance that you may have ovulated late?? I hate when they only go by your LMP. Anyhow, I really hope you have some good news. My last pregnancy had a low heartrate and it stayed low for many weeks so we knew it was only a matter of time. Finally my last u/s showed absolutely no cardiac activity and no blood flow either. I was 12 weeks, but the baby wasn't measuring more than 8 weeks. I couldn't believe how long the heart stayed beating for. I later found out there was no chromosome problem, etc. the only thing wrong with me was I wasn't producing enough progesterone. If the doctor tested me early in the pregnancy and put me on supplements right away I could have saved it. __millerstac- After we knew 100% that it was no longer viable we did go ahead and do a D&C. It was the best decision I could have made. They cleaned everything out so great and my uterus was already back to par only days after. Exactly 5 weeks after the D&C I ovulated again for the first time and conceived. They put me on progesterone supplements right away to keep my levels good and my lining nice and thick. I just turned 31 weeks with a healthy boy. So, there is hope!!!


Lisa A - March 8

Hey GC- Sorry for your agonizing wait- Ihad my u/s @11 wks back in August. I went in , and heard no h/b, and very funny faces from the tech. I got acall the next day saying my baby had stopped growing at 8 wks. I had no cramps-no spotting nothing. I did have a follow up u/s to make sure, and it was bad news- had a D&C next a.m. On a lighter note the same thing happened to my SIL, but the baby was turned in a direction that they could not see.hear H/B. Next day -their he his waving w/ a h/r of 160. So- you never know. Good Luck to you, I know how hard it is- I'm still not ttc yet. BTW- Both my husband, and I went for genetic testing, and everything came out fine. Just bad luck ,I guess.. Baby Glue to You~~~~


millerstac0878 - March 8

Thanks ladies, I'm just concerned about having the D&C if there is ANY possible chance the sono could have been wrong. I mean how often does that happen? I don't want to be aborting a possibly viable pregnancy??? My husband works in Radiology and he thinks I"m totally crazy, but I said I'd want another sono just to confirm that its actually not viable...I have to know this before I go ahead with the D&C...am I crazy and just in denial? I mean they did the doppler, no heart beat, the did the sono, no heartbeat (both the tech and Dr. confirmed), they also did something that should have showed blood flow to the uterus and there was none. I think I"m having a hard time because at my sono last week (8wks along) the heart rate was at 136...which is good! I don't understand what went wrong! SHould I do another sono or just go ahead with the D&C...also my "pregnancy symptoms" have been subsiding, I just don't "feel" pregnant any more...I feel like CRAP!...Sorry...stressed and shocked Stacie


Christy1 - March 8

Stacie, If you want another u/s for peace of mind, then do it. Follow your heart and your gut instinct. It doesn't seem as though they have made a mistake, but you never know. I know what you mean though. I had 3 u/s each a week apart. I kept saying, "are you positive"? I knew they were sure. That has got to be so frustrating that there was a strong heartbeat last week. When would you plan on having the D & C? It's not bad at all. I felt a tiny bit of closure after because I knew I was moving forwards. Let us know what you decide. And again, I'm really sorry.


millerstac0878 - March 8

Thanks Christy. I spoke with a nurse from my OBs office, she said they can get me in for a sono tomorrow afternoon at 3pm. I'm scheduled to have the D&C next Tuesday...which seems like forever away. I was expecting to have it sooner...if I waived the sono I could do the D&C tomorrow instead of Tuesday. But they can't take me until tomorrow evening and I'd have to fast all day, so I decided for the next available morning appt which isn't until Tues. Part of me thinks I should just do the D&C and get it over with, its too much emotional baggage, but the other part of me thinks I should do the sono first. I'm so confused.


Daniella - March 8

millerstac- wow, reading your post I feel like that was me 36 weeks ago. Even the day of my D&C, I was like... um, do we do a scan right before the surgery to check it out.. and when they said NO, I was like... ah!! I had a little bit of "what ifs" after the surgery, especially reading some stories about not finding a good heartbeat until later on.... until I got pregnant again with this one. I couldn't believe after my 7 week scan on this one, that I ever thought my last one had a chance. I kept thinking that the doctors really must have thought I was nuts because looking back, it doesn't even compare. They also did the color flow mapping system with my last. The heart did stop. I had them check many times just to make sure. On top of the my HCG was hardly even going up and definitely not doubling... so, put the both together and there was just no way. The baby did pa__s. There was a heartbeat faint for 3 weeks and the last check, it was completely gone. If your really addiment on not wanting any what ifs... you can wait until the first sight of blood and then go straight to the hospital for a D&C. But honestly its best to just get it done and over with. Then you can TTC sooner. My best advice is to get your HCG checked the day of the D&C. Even if they say its not needed. Insist and say you want to know the levels of the day of the surgery. Mine was 9500 and that took about 5 weeks to get down to 0 (had it checked 4.5 weeks after and it was down to 5). Once it did, I conceived again. Also, I know my exact date of conception and I have my sono of this pregnancy at 7.5 weeks and 11 weeks. If you Email me, I will send them... My 7.5 week sono on this pregnancy looked a tiny bit bigger than my 12 week one on my last. You can tell a complete difference. I can also send you a great site on ultrasounds... My Email is: [email protected]


gcmickens - March 9

Hi everybody - Stacie, so sorry you are going through this! Well, girls I'll be going throughwhat all of you have gone through... yesterday's u/s showed the embryo grew very little - just a couple of mm's) and the hr dropped from 70 to 54 and my doc said baby's demise could be imminent, or could it hang on for several more weeks... :-( I am so sad :-( He said even if the baby were to survive such a slow hr (very unlikely), that it would have one or several serious chromosomal abnormalies or defects. SO I am having a D&C done tomorrow, which is very difficult considering the lil' peanut's heart is still beating albeit weakly - snif snif! But I just do not have the strength or courage to wait who knows how long until the death happens on it's own and having to go through a possible two-week period of horrible cramps and bleeding like I went through 4 years ago. Daniella, your post really cheered me up, because I really agree that moving on from such sadness is the healthiest and most intelligent route to take, and to be rewarded later with a normal pregnancy is the best possible remedy... so I will jsu go through with this to be back to normal asap, and start having fun ttc with dh (he is being so sweet and keeps saying he can't wait wink-wink :-) So, here's to all of you, and I'll be back after the procedure tomorrow to chat some more... thanks so much for your awsesomely nice support :-) asta manana ...


Daniella - March 9

gcmickens- well, good luck on your surgery tomorrow. So sorry you had to go through this. _sigh_ my advice is the same I stated above... get your HCG checked right before they do the D&C. Its good to know what the level was the day of the surgery... so, that you can have a good idea about how long you will ovulate again following it. Is this your first miscarriage?? Also, how far along are you?? Well.. I wish you the best of luck tomorrow and hope for a good recovery. It was a breeze for me physically. The surgery was like a blink of an eye and I bled very light for about 5 days. My next best advice is... do weight to have s_x for 2 weeks after. I did it 10 days after the surgery and I irritated my uterus. So, wait the 2 weeks... promise you wont miss ovulation within that time, so don't worry about that one. Post as soon as you can. Good luck!!!


Daniella - March 9

wow, sorry for the typos


Kristine - March 9

Hi Gigi, I am so sorry you are going through this. I've had both a d&c and a natural miscarriage. One was not easier than the other. Please know we are here to help you through this sad time. :-(



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