Who Here Lost A Baby W A Low Heart Rate Week 6 To 8

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Kristine - March 9

Hi Gigi, I am so sorry you are going through this. I've had both a d&c and a natural miscarriage. One was not easier than the other. Please know we are here to help you through this sad time. :-(


millerstac0878 - March 9

Gigi - sorry to hear you will also be going the D&C route. I went ahead today and scheduled mine for next Tues. I hope everything goes as well as possible for you tomorrow I will be thinking about you! Please let us know how you make out when you feel up to it. I know I'd be interested in knowing how you feel after the procedures. I'm a bit nervous myself and still have 4 days to wait. Thinking of you in VA :) Stacie (PS - Ladies THANK YOU for being so supportive!)


Lisa A - March 9

GGigi, So sorry to hear your news(crying as i write) We all know how your feeling. I hope everything goes ok tomorrow- my prayers are with you, and your family. Lots of love coming your way~~~~


Christy1 - March 9

Gigi, I am so sorry. That stinks!!I The D & C will not be bad at all. I bled lightly for 2 weeks and had very light cramping. Not half as bad as a regular period. Stacie, I was really nervous before my surgery too. It was a piece of cake. I promise. i think the actual surgery only takes like 15 minutes. My heart goes out to all of you going through this right now. Just be kind to yourself and it really does get better. Hang in there!


Kim L - March 10

GC: So sorry! I know the waiting has been so hard, that is one of the toughest parts. I'm glad you got some closure, although was certainly hoping for better news. I hope all goes well with the D&C and that you are back in business in no time. Take good care of yourself. STACIE: Hang in there! I'm hoping you get a miracle. Keep us posted. xxoo


gcmickens - March 10

Dear Daniella, Kristine, Stacie, Lisa, Christy and Kim: You guys are TOOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet! I cried when I read your posts - THANK-YOU for your loving support! I wish I had some friends like you that I could see right here in Honolulu! Well, you're all right, I am sure, about getting a D&C - your uterus gets back to normal conceiving mode way more quickly right? Wednesday and yesterday I was a basket case but for some wierd (and wonderful) reason, I woke up with alot of strength and resolve this morning????? Did that happen to you, where you cried like a banshee for about 2 days, then it was almost over, grief-wise? It will be done at 4:45 HI time, or 9:45 PM EST - Then I'll come home and probably crash - is that what you girls did? And luckily it's the week-end so my dh can take care of me - we deserve to be pampered for a couple of days right heehee? Well, I just wanted to let you know I'll be ok, and I admire all of you and really have appreciated your strong support and may I say it "friendship"? I mean, you were there for me - and I'll never forget even though I don't even know what you look like! Mahalo! (That's Thanks in Hawaiian) :-) I'll be back to let you know how things are going - see you soon! Gigi


Kristine - March 10

Gigi, You give me goosebumps!!! I'm at work and ready to cry. The next few days will be tough for you emotionally. When I had mine, I came home and slept most fo the day. I then took 5 days off of work because I had a hard time coping. No one knew at work and I wanted it private. Evrey day you will get stronger and soon enough you'll be ttc. You never forget the little angel babies :-(


Christy1 - March 10

Gigi, the funny thing is after my D & C, dh and I came home. I was wide awake and he is the one that fell asleep. I guess my surgery just wore him out. LOL I did have a sense of closure after the surgery, but ever since then it has just come in waves. Sometimes it just hits me and I begin to cry, but it has definitely gotten better and getting better every day. That is way cool that you live in Hawaii. Good Luck today. Take care of yourself.


millerstac0878 - March 13

GiGi any news? I'm worried about you!!


Samira111 - February 19

Hi All,

Sorry for dredging up an old thread or memories, and really sorry for anyone who's been in this istuation. I just wanted to get some insight on causes/remedies as I've been dealing with the exact same situation. 

I had a miscarriage in Sep '16. I got pregnant on our first try but at the scan in the 6th week, the heart rate was 71, the size was a week smaller and the Dr. was worried. Sure enough at the scan 2 weeks later, there was no heartbeat, miscarriage and I took the pills. Dr said nothing to worry about, it could just be one time, chromozomal abnormality. Ran some bood tests, everything was normal. Next time should be fine.

We waited for 3 months, took folic acid and multivitamins ahead, and got pregnant again in Jan '17. At the 7th week scan, smaller in size than expected, there was a cardiac flicker, not high enough to register (different scan place), but clearly saw it on the screen. One week later, again no heartbeat and miscarriage. Couldn't bear the physical pain of the pills last time, and went in for a D&C. 

Still in a state of shock, and can't go through this again. We've given samples for karytyping and ours and the POC sample for microarray testing. 

Just wanted to ask if anyone ran any specific tests that helped or were able to pinpoint a cause and the treatment for it? Was there anything you did differently? I've had the same experience twice so is there anything any has found related to this specific type of miscarriage?

Sorry for the long post, and very appreciative in advance for any guidance. Thanks!


StacyHarris - March 9

I am so sorry about your loss.



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