Why Are We More Fertile After A D Amp C

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Cheryl - May 18

I heard it many times since my D&C that a woman is more fertile afterwards, I'm just wondering if anyone knows why that is or is it just a rumor?


staci - May 19

I dont have and reason as to why, have been told the same thing and had a D&C on 3/28 with my first pg, and am now pg again with no af in between, 6 weeks today...so still very early and very NERVOUS!


Jess - May 19

I don't know if that is true or not. I had a m/c on March 7 and have yet to become pregnant again. When I got pregnant before it only took 2 months, I will be going on three if I don't get a BFP this month. It varies from woman to woman I think. Doc also told me to wait 3 months anyway.


randie - May 19

I have heard it too. But I don't think it is true. The doctors recommend you wait 1-3 months, to date your next pregnancy, and to give your uterus a chance to build up a good lining again. I had a miscarriage in Oct. 2004, started ttc again in December, still no luck.


Davida - May 19

I got pregnant right after my m/c in February with no af in between. I'll be 14 wks tomorrow!


Ana - May 19

Hi Davida, I had a m/c on feb too. I am too scared ttc. I already have my son(20months). I would love for him to have a sibling but I don't know... we are thinking on ttc in June...thank you for you stories..I feel I am not the only one...


Christina - May 19

I had a m/c in oct 2004 also and tired again in Dec and still nothing, I think for some people its true, I got pregnant after trying on the first time a m/c at 10 weeks and know I cant seem to get pregnant, I actually thought the D&C would help but nothing yet. good luck to all


Amy - May 27

I think that it true becuase our body had been clean out. So when we start to have a periods again it is all new lining and everything is fresh.


Tamisha - June 1

Unfortunately, my doctor told me that is not true. My doctor told me to wait 1 cycle before getting pg again.. for the sake of dating then next pg and to let my uterus build up lining, however, when you get your af you are also flushing out that lining that your body has built up in case of a pg, so I think that your body will not let you become pg with or without af if your body is not ready.


CL - June 1

I read that you are more prone to becoming pregnant after a misscarriage because the body releases more eggs to make up for the damaged ones.


ljgoodfellow - November 2

I had a d & c a week ago and have already started trying. It seems like the only way to make things a little easier? I was 11 weeks and was told there was no baby? Just a sac..Confused! Has this happened to anyone else? xx


MzSwizz - November 5

I think it depends on the woman because I had a D&C on April 2nd and was havinig s_x until now. I thought I would get pregnant veryquickly but I guess not because my HCG levels didn't return to 0 until June 10th so I wuldn't be able to get pregnant even if I wanted to due to the fact my body was still in pregnancy mode. It's been 7 months now and still BFNs. I have received my 4th period yesterday and will start trying when it has ended. If the Lord feels it is time then my husband and I will receive our BFP.


margie - November 8

I don't know the reason...but I had a D&C Feb of 2007 and conceived again a month later and had a healthy baby girl Dec of 2007. We only had s_x one time too.


ljgoodfellow - November 9

Thanks Margie. That gives me some hope.


margie - November 9

Good luck, oh and one more thing I wanted to warn of doing this however that I forgot yesterday...I did have a problem with subchorionic hemorrage with my daughters pregnancy early on which means that there was a blood clot that had formed in the layer of the uterus from implantation, I had gushes of blood and clots and a__sumed I was miscarrying again, I went to the ER that night and found there was still a heartbeat but it was a scary situation, they called it a "threatened miscarriage". i don't know for sure but it might be because I got pregnant so quickly that my uterus hadn't healed? I also recommend progesterone when you find out you are pregnant because that helped me keep the pregnancy during that time. By the way ljgoodfellow...I was 11 weeks like you when I had my d&c. Good luck to all ladies trying to conceive, I know it is scary...but there are hopeful stories like mine out there.


lindsey2000k - November 11

I just went to my DR Nov 4th for my D&C follow up it was Oct 6th. I asked him about the rommor of being more fertile or not. He said there is no scientific reasearch to confirm or deny this. I had positive OPK's Oct 30th & 31st... I am now 10 or 11 DPO and got a BFN this morning so I would not say its true because my last 3 pregnany's I never had a problem.... I do just hope maybe its still to early and I am pregnant but I just have a feeling. I had a miscarried Aug 2006 but wait 7 months to try again because we wanted to move. I got pregnant the first month trying and gave birth in December 2007 to my almost 3 yr old daughter. I had we were not trying this summer but decided to stop using protection and Aug I got pregnant but lost that baby Oct 5th.


Brona181 - April 2

This has just happened to me. I was 8 weeks 5days. Went for scan and only sac and no baby. They said something happened very early in pregnancy and baby never developed. Had D&C 27/4. 



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