Why Can T I Stay Pregnant

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Shelly - September 25

I have two healthy children that were full term, no problem pregnancies (11 and 8 yrs. old). I had gestational diabetes with my second, but it was handled well and caused no problems. I discovered I was pregnant in April and began spotting within a week of finding out. The Dr. said that mild bleeding during preg. was not a huge cause for concern. I was taken to the hosp. a week later because I was bleeding heavier and was lethargic. They did an U/S and saw a heart beat and told me that I was 5 1/2 weeks along (according to my doctor, I was 8 weeks). They did blood work and found out that my blood sugar was in the 400's (really high). I miscarried in the hospital the next day. I've been on insulin since then and am doing pretty well controlling my blood sugar levels. I got pregnant again in July and told everyone last week (I wanted to wait until I was sure it would take). Two days after telling everyone, I went in for a routine U/S that revealed there was no heartbeat and that the baby was dead. Again, the baby was two weeks behind what the Dr. said (I was 11 wks. along and the baby was a 9 wk. size). Both my sister and sister-in-law miscarried, but they both got pregnant again with no problems and had normal pregnancies. What is wrong with me? I am 33 yrs. old... not young for pregnancy, but not too old either. I know I have the diabetes to deal with, but thousands of diabetic woman have babies. What would cause me to suddenly not be able to carry a baby? Why are they dying withing the first few months? Am I missing something important I should be looking at? Thanks for your thoughts!


Julie - September 25

Hi Shelly! I am not sure as to your why - but I can tell you you are not alone. I lost three at various stages, then had my son. After that, I lost another and am 13 weeks preg. now. So far so good with this one, but this being my 6th is scary and frustrating. Sometimes there aren't any answers and you need to have faith that it will happen when it's supposed to happen and there's nothing you can do in the meantime. What are your doctors saying? Anything? (I am 33 too)


Cabbie - September 25

Shelley, I don't have an answer to your question. I too wanted you to know that you are not alond. I have had two wonderful children (5&2) with now problems. I found out I was pregnant in Aug. 04. I miscarried at 6 weeks. I miscarried again in Oct. 04 just after I found out I was pregnant. I found out I was pregnant in May 05. At ten weeks I found out I had a blighted ovum. I do not understand it either. The dr said he really feels like it is just bum luck. I don't know if we'll try again. We will see. Good luck to you!


hello - September 26

i really wish someone could have an answer for you. we are on our 4th miscarrage and no doctors will tell us why this is happening.


Cathy - September 29

I know that this is hard on all of us. Sometimes there is no way to tell what went wrong. I have had 4 mc and have gone through all the tests, they all came back normal. I should be able to concieve (no problem there) and to carry. However after 4 I was scared. I am now on my 5th and in my 15th week. All is looking well. Just know that these m/c are not your fault. Most of the time there is something wrong with the fetus and the body just naturally rejects it. I know that we all want answers, but sometimes there are none. All you can do is keep positive, work with your ob and keep your faith. I know it is very hard. My doctor is clueless as to why this had kept happening to me, and we are having no problems with this one. Good luck to all of you and God Bless.


Tara - September 30

The hardest part is when you dont know why. I miscarried in June 2005 and currently 10 weeks 4 days pregnant again. I have talked to my sister who miscarried 3 and never found out why and she went on to have 3 healthy babies and my sister in law had two healthy babies and miscarried at 6 weeks and then got pregnant after and miscarried again at 11 weeks, she did go on to have two more healthy babies, so now she has four healthy children.Both of them never had testing and were able to carry babies to term after losses. I know how hard it is and sometimes there no answers and it not your fault . I pray things get easier for you and you never have to go through this again and next pregnancy will turn out good. Try and stay strong and dont give up your dream to have another baby.



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