Why Miscarry

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layerthinker - November 23

I had my MC on Thanksgiving day. Had bleeding for 3 days. On Thanksgiving day, start to passed the tissue. Went to Emergency and did ultrasound. Dr said it was complete clean. Still wondering why I had miscarriage. Maybe it was because I traveled a lot in the fifth week? I will see my OB on 11/27. Did any of you know what is the normal reason for M/C? want to start trying for the next pregnant. But worry about M/C again.


Tory1980 - November 23

No one completely understands why women miscarry although it is nearlly always down to something going wrong with the baby. I have had two miscarriages, my lastest being last Januay at 14w4d and we had tests done after it was found the heart had stopped beating. All came back as normal so we will never know why I got so far only for her to die. My Doctor said that sometimes information is required at different stages of development and if it is missing the baby will die at that stage and the women will miscarry. I think that makes the most sense. You didn't miscarry due to something you did or didn't do, you little one just wasn;t meant to be. The fear of miscarrying wil always be there since you have known this tragedy but most subsequent pregnancies will go to term with no problems. I am sorry you have lost your little one and wish you the best of luck when you are ready to try again.


ChattyKathy - November 23

One out of four pregnancies end in miscarriage. Don't blame yourself, I don't think it was anything you did. Making a baby is difficult. Every cell and every little strand of DNA has to be in the right place doing exactly what its supposed to do. Its hard to get it right. Nature doesn't always do what its supposed to do. These things just happen. It doesn't mean you cannot have children, either. They say one miscarriage is bad luck, two means very bad luck, three means there may be a problem. This is just a bit of bad luck. You have every reason to believe that you can heal from this and go on to have a healthy child.


LoquitaCo - November 24

Sorry to hear about your loss, layerthinker. I am not a doctor, but from what I understand, there is no "normal" reason for mc. A large percentage of miscarriages occur even before a woman knows she's pregnant. As for the ones we are aware of, it could be a number of reasons and your best bet is to ask LOTS and LOTS of questions to your doctor. I mc'd 3 weeks ago. I was 11 weeks along and no heartbeat was detected. The embryo hadn't attached to my uterine wall either. So, I was given medication to induce the abortion, then a D&C because it wasn't all cleaned out. Because I wasn't able to capture any specimen (sorry for the details), my doc wasn't able to test for genetic issues. But this could be the reason. It is natural selection. However, I also have numerous fibroids, some quite large. So, my doctor's theory is that there just wasn't any room for the embryo to start growing. I have surgery in January to remove a couple. And we'll try again after that. So, my advice is to talk to your doctor and ask as many questions as you need. And perhaps you may have to just deal with the fact that you'll never know why exactly only that perhaps there was genetic defect. Hang in there.



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