Wierd Cramps 3mo S After Miscarriage

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Rita - September 12

I had a blighted ovum at 12 wks and miscarried naturally. My ob followed my hcg levels to 0. I've had irregular cycles in the past 3 mo's, but for 2 wks b4 my last af I had wierd pelvic twinges (kinda like O cramps) I don't think I O'd. My period was normal but now again I'm having these wierd twinges. Anybody experience this?


elyse - September 13

I m/c blighted ovum at 12 weeks in march i still get twinges as well this last mnth i had two periods iam normally quite regular and not mixed up its all mad to me, did you get a scan to make sure all is clear? it may be an infection rita if the pain gets any worse go see your dr.good luck


Rita - September 13

Thanks Elyse for answering! Now that's it's been a couple of days the twinges have lapsed. They have never been painful and I've never had a fever or any other infection symptoms. My Dr. rec'd waiting one more cycle to see how it goes, and then she'll start doing testing. I think I'm just freaking out over anything at this point because I feel so desparate to be "normal" again and begin trying to get pregnant. Thank you for letting me know these twinges can be normal. I hope that your cycles begin to get normal as well. If you want to chat my e-mail is [email protected] thanks again!


Liz - September 13

Yes, I get those every month now and not necessarily when I'm ovulating. I never had those "twinges" before I got pregnant. I wonder what that is? It isn't like menstual cramps, it's like my uterus is saying, "hello, I'm down here." It is 6 months since my m/c. I don't know if I'm just more aware of my body now or if my body has actually changed since the pregnancy.


Rita - September 14

Thanks Liz! It makes me feel so much better knowing that I'm not alone with having these wierd things. I wish you all the best and will keep you in my prayers. Ever want to rant and rave my e-mail is above. Rita



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