Will I Have A Miscarriage Or A Normal Pregnancy

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fancy - February 8

I got off the pill in April 2005, and since then I have had nothing but problems. It took me 8 months just to get a slight period. My husband and i would have unprotected on and off, but nothing would ever happen because my body was not ovulating. Anyway Dec 17th I finally got my period on my own and it was a huge blood clot. I then bled for 2 days and that was it. Then I was supposed to get my period Jan 13th and i started to bleed the 9th 10th and 11th. Then I bled for 1 day a week later and 1 more day a week after that. Then Feb 3rd I went to the hospital because my right side was hurting. They told me I had a corpus ludium syst and was maybe pregnant. My hct levels were only 544. I went to my doctor that monday and he said there were no signs of pregnancy in my uterus but my levels were 722. Now on wednesday the levels are 810. The doctor is unsure how this pregnancy will unfold. I am going for another blood test Friday to check my levels again. Keep in mind I have been bleeding since Friday, the day I went to the hospital. Anyone ever in this situation???


confusedgrl - February 8

I was sort of in your situation but got misdiagnosed so it took 4 months to figure out that my pregnancy was in my tube (possible i was pregnant with twins and one was in the tube one in my uterus). by 3.5 months and after a d&c they told me i had 2 cysts on my ovary and i need to go into surgery, come to find out thats when they found out it wasnt cysts it was my tubal pregnancy. anyways with your levels (if you meant hcg not hct) not doubling and no sign of pregnancy in your uterus you may have an ectopic pregnancy, you had a mc and there is left over tissue, or you just arent far enough along yet to see anything. this is just my opinion, i am in no way a dr it is just my experience. i wish you good luck.


frankschick2001 - February 9

Wow, sounds like a very confusing situation to me. I wish I were a doctor who could give you some sound medical advice. But it seems to me that the birth control pill has some serious side effects that can be linked to miscarriage. I got off the pill about a year ago. Then had a miscarriage. Same thing with most (not all) of the women I know who have had miscarriages. They were on the pill for years, came off of it, got pregnant, and lost their first pregnancy. I honestly don't know if there is a link, but it seems like a coincidence to me.


Kim L - February 9

fancy: as confusedgrl said, I wonder about an ectopic? Did they discuss that with you at all? It sounds like if there is no sign of a pregnancy in your uterus but your numbers are going up, it very well could be. Let us know what you find out.


fancy - February 9

yes they are worried about an ectopic. I am going for more blood tommorrow morning. The numbers will hopefully let me know where we are going with this. Thanks



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