Will It Ever Happen

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maybebaby2007 - November 26

Hi Girls, I've posted here couple of times at the beginning of the year, devasted after my 2nd m/c. I've had my 1st m/c May 06, 6w3d. Then we gave ourselves a break and had 2nd m/c March 07, 6wd0. Both times I felt pregnant within 1st and 2nd month. In May 07 we started actively trying again. Unfortunately, with no luck yet! With each month I feel more helpless, depressed and upset. Obviously I've been so worried we may experience another m/c again, but now I've got even bigger worry - whether I can get pregnant at all, (especially if it didn't take any time before). I've recently turned 32 and I'm so scarred whether it is going to ever happen! I I'm looking for a hope! Thank you


Macy - November 26

Hi MaybeBaby. I am so sorry for your losses. Why don't you join us in the "Signs of Pregnancy" forum? Look out for the "We are not crazy" posts. We are a mixture of first time tryers, second time tryers and women ttc after miscarriage. There is a lot of support and advice which might be just what you need. Hope to see you there!


chandellina - November 26

i know the feeling. I had miscarriages in Sept. 2005 and March 2006 (first time, was on first go and second time 3 mos after the miscarriage) and then 21 cycles of NOTHING. Tried clomid, IUI, IVF and was told two weeks ago by my clinic that i had only a 5% chance of ever getting pregnant (and with IVF). But miracle! I am pregnant again from a natural cycle. I'm 37. Don't worry, it will happen for you. If it goes much longer, see a fertility specialist and do some investigations. Good luck. xC


ZenGirl - November 26

i am 32 also and have a 5 and 1/2 year old oson. we began trying for #2 in March of 2006. had a chemical pregnancy in June of 2006, a m/c at 6 weeks in May 2007 and a m/c at 7 weeks earlier this month. i don't know what is worse... worrying about getting older and being/getting pregnant, not being able to get pregnant for a long stratch of time or worrying about m/cing again after having 2 of them. i know how you feel. we have been able to be referred to a very well respected RE and will be going thru some testing and fertility meds after af shows..... we are trying not to stress about it but it is just so close to our hearts that it is hard not to think about. have you had any testing done?


stefkay - November 26

Hi, I've had similar issues too and understand the constant worry and fear. Like Zen said, have you had any testing? I'd really push for at least the basic miscarriage panel and then possibly to start some things like progesterone, baby aspirin and extra vitamins (B6 and B12 and extra folic are always a good bet on top of a prenatal). Everything but the progesterone can be started right away. I'm into my 7th pregnancy (no live children so far) and it seems to be going ok so far at 8 weeks. I will know more tomorrow after my 2nd u/s though. I am having to do a lot of stuff like those listed above and some other things, but if it helps, it will be more than worth it. Oh, and did you have any testing done on the fetuses to see if it was chromosomal or not? Good luck to you!!!


maybebaby2007 - November 27

Hi girls, Thanks a lot for all your input. Macy, thank you for your invitation. Chandellina and Stefka, how wonderful!! I’ve got my fingers crossed for you!!! How brave! 7th pregnancy and here I am moaning after 2! You’re both real fighters! Chandellina, how far are you? Zen Girl, good luck with trying!! I guess it is even more mysterious, as you already have a healthy child. I'm sure you have the best chance out of us all. I hope it will happen for us soon! I will keep on checking, I’d love to know how you are all getting on. Sometimes I wonder whether because we are trying so hard to time it, we are actually missing the right spot! Regarding my testing… I’ve had all the possible blood work done, or at least I hope I did, but they didn’t find anything. Only with thrombophilia I was right on the edge, but apparently no action is needed. They wouldn’t put me through any genetic tests or my husband as I was told, here in UK they only do this after 3 losses. My GP apparently “did a favour to me” to send me to all those tests after 2 losses. Nobody ever tested anything I’ve pa__sed on. They said they could only confirm it was a fetus, that’s it. If nothing happens until end of the year, I’m going back to doctors. They surely must do something now! The only advice I got was to take baby Aspirin as soon as I found out I’m pregnant again. I take prenatals which contains Folic Acid and all the B vitamins. Is it ok to take them on top of prenatals? I just wonder whether it isn’t too much. Thank you for all your advice!!


abi_77 - November 27

I am sorry to hear about your mc. I had my 3rd D/C on October 25th. My baby died at 10 weeks. No live children. I am 30 years old. My doctor sent me for several tests. Of all the tests 2 things came positive. I found out I had an active herpes infection when I was pregnant. I had no idea I had herpes. One of the anti-platelet antibody came positive but my OBGYN has no idea what it means, the only thing she told me was that I might have an autoimmune disease. But so far I have tested negative for lupus and other autoimmune diseases. She is referring me to reproductive endocrinologist. I am also going to request for a perinatologist when I get pregnant. To top this all I have PCOS. You should get all the tests done. Chromosome testing etc etc. Did you get pathology tests done on the fetus? Be positive, get all the tests done and then try for your third.


chandellina - November 27

hi maybebaby, i am only 4 weeks, 2 days so VERY early days!! i am in the UK too. Because of my age, they had no problem sending me for all the tests after 2 losses. Probably the same ones you had, plus karotyping for me and DH to check our genes. Nothing turned up. We never had the fetus' tested. Though I was "only" 35 for the first one and just turned 36 for the second, the best hypothesis is i just had bad eggs. I had a poor response to IVF drugs too so they said that indicates i have low ovarian reserves. Have you spoken to your GP about clomid? some GPs hand it out like candy. I personally think it's best to be under the care of a consultant if you go that route, so that they can scan you regularly and make sure you aren't having the wrong reaction, but it is a thought. stefkay, i hope you had good news at your scan, i recognise your name from a while back when i was on these boards all the time. i am taking progesterone and baby aspirin this time so hope that will do the trick.


jademaiden - November 27

Hi maybebaby2007.... My thoughts EXACTLY! I am 32 years old, going in my 4th year of trying to have a baby. The first 2 years was the "infertility era" where I had 2 failed IUI's, 1 failed IVF, and 1 failed ZIFT IVF.... and the last 2 years have been the "recurring miscarriage" era... Now I'm getting pregnant, but I've had 4 miscarriages. Did all the testing, and a recent hysteroscopy showed a 2 cm fibroid *might* be interfering with implantation, so I had a myomectamy 2 weeks ago to remove it. I also tested for the heterozygous MTHFR mutation so I will be doing Lovenox shots too when we start trying again. If we got badges for going through this c___p, my sash would be full! You're not alone and there are plenty of success stories on this board from women in very similar situations! I know it's what's keeping me going :) Stefkay and Chandellina... I am ecstatic for both of you!!!!


maybebaby2007 - November 29

Hi girls, you are real brave souls! Reading what you all have been through already, you deserve your babies more than anyone! Thank you so much for posting, you’ve really encouraged me to go back to see a doctor and demand more testing! I haven’t got high hopes, as in her eyes I was “only 31”, but as you all know time pa__ses so quickly and you never know what battles lay ahead of us. So I don’t feel I have that much time. Especially now after so many months of nothing! Chandelina, congratulations!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you! To the rest of us: Good luck to us!!


ZenGirl - November 29

Good for you!! don't be afraid to speak up with any questions or concerns. the best of luck to you and keep us updated on how things go for you :)


KitCat - November 29

chandellina......a big congrats to you!!! I remember you from other boards and reading that you are pg again made me smile BIG!! Good luck in the next 9 months!!


chandellina - November 29

thanks KitCat! it's nice to see a familiar face. :) I was really thinking it would never happen. (though knock on wood this one will work out.) xC



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