Yellow Discharge In Pregnancy

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kg - December 27

I am 6 weeks pre. I had some pink blood spotting,a few timesithe doctor has made me come in every week for a sono.everything seems ok .First time saw a dot second week saw a little ball now i have to go in on friday for a 3rd sono...but the last week i have alot of yellow discharge,i am so tired and craming...Does anyone know what that means????


SaraD - January 2

I had it alot when I was pg.I was told it was normal.As long as it dosen't have any odor.I would check with your Dr just in case.Good luck with your pregnancy!!!


Wow - January 5

Calm down Lily, we understand that most women on this forum are grieving but it doesn't give you the right to jump down kg's throat! I'm grieving the loss of my baby too and you don't see me snapping at everyone who is pregnant. You need to learn to direct your anger and sadness better. This girl is worried and fears a m/c. Obviously most of us on this forum have experienced one or more and could tell her if this was a sign or not. Don't make her feel bad for a asking an honest question. She has that right.


Wow - January 5

Whatever Lily....-kg there IS a thread on the First Trimester forum right now that a ton of women have responded to that is the same as your question. It's called "v____al discharge"--I'm sure if you take a look at it, it will calm your fears. Good Luck!--To Lily, I never told you how to feel, I wouldn't do that but I do know HOW you're feeling...I just lost my baby 6days ago. It is horrible.....but you can still be respectful for others at the same time. With all my heart I wish you good luck in the future.


Emma - January 5

I had a yellowish discharge when I was pregnant, but it was only visible when I was wiping after using the wash room. You know your urane could color it a bit. As long as it's not itchy or doesn't smell, no bleeding, don't worry about it....


kg - January 13

thanks for all who helped..sorry for makin some people upset..i to may be losing the baby so i thought maybe people who have been through it can help..anyone who can tell me the first sign would be helpful,its like sitting on a time bomb...


SarahLF - January 13

I understand where you are coming from kg. I think some people's emotions are sticking out right now. I am dealing with a recent loss (1st m/c, no children yet) as well and I see your point in trying to see the signs from those who've experienced it. Unfortunately, my m/c happened full-fledged... no warning at a movie theater on a weekend (obgyn closed and E/R understaffed triage c___p). You are in my prayers and I truly am hoping for the better for you.


Aurora - January 13

kg - I'm jumping into this conversation a little late so you might have already gotten an answer on this question. It appears that some of the discussion has been taken out because the conversation got a little heated! You might be experiencing a very common symptom of pregnancy called leukkorhea, which is an increase in v____al discharge. Normally it's whitish but every person is different. I've attached a link where you can read more up on it. Sometimes yellow discharge can be caused by vaginitis or a yeast infection which your doctor can treat. Your best bet is to talk with your doctor who can make a professional a__sessment. I've just recently gone through a m/c and I can second SarahLF when I say there really wasn't a warning to it. Looking back , my symptoms (sore bbs, nausea) did lessen considerably about a day before the bleeding happened. Although everyone is different, the biggest sign for a m/c is bleeding (although even then might not be a m/c because some women spot throughout pregnancy). Keep your chin up - you might just be experiencing very normal symptoms. I hope that's all it is!! I'm pregnant again after a m/c in November and I'm experiencing some extra discharge (whitish/yellowish) which my doctor says is very normal. I wish you the best:)



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