Yolk Sac No Fetel Pole

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FrankieGirl - September 17

Hi Ladies- I am 26 years old.. The doc put me on clomid... I started bleeding so i took the pills like he said long story short I was pregnant ended up mc about 3 weeks later.. I am pregnant again... Went to the doc they did blood test she told me I was high enough to hear a heart beat I said it was to early she said if there wasnt a heart beat i had a problem so she did a u/s they saw an empty sac I started crying the doc said it was to early when she finally looked at the calander... So i went back a week later there was a yolk sac no baby went a week later again bigger yolk sac still no baby.. The dr said I was around 7 to 8 wks and that i have to get a d./c I am going for a second opinion.. I have no bleeding crampling i feel good just tired a lot... this dr is talking all the hope out of my heart has this happened to anyone else and they had a good outcome?


FrankieGirl - September 18

Just incase someone reads this... I went for another u/s today and it showed the fetal pole and says im only 6 weeks 1 day.. I went to a high tech mri place and not just the docs office like before.. So i am praying for the best..


dsmom - September 19

i wish you the best and good luck, good for you for getting a second opinion..so many women believe eveything the doctor says even though they have different feeling.....


Na__li - September 23

I had exactly the same story with different symptoms, make sure you take enough rest and probably you shouldn't move a lot unless necessary. This stage is quite tricky, so make sure you go through it safely with ur baby. Good luck to all of us


FrankieGirl - September 23

Hi Na___li how long did it take till you heard the heart beat? I am so worried...


JMK - September 24

hi..my partner and i are in a similar "yucky" place. We did IVF on Aug. 15th and found out a few weeks ago that she is indeed prego. Two weeks ago they told us that there were two yolk sacs...Last Thursday, Baby B had grown a lot, but Baby A was still small and the heartbeat was very slow (around 65). They told us that the outcome does not look good. We don't go back for another u/s until Friday....it's like being tortured. I hope all is working out for you, Frankie...We were at 6 weeks 6 days when they did the transv____al u/s for the heartbeat. I think that is the only way you can detect the heartbeat that early on in the pregnancy...otherwise I think it is more like 8 weeks or so. Maybe you can request in internal u/s like we had????


hangsalena - September 25

the first miscarriage, i have no idea how. 2nd one, is current and i went in for a US today and they only saw the sac and yolk, but no embryo. I do not know how far in i am pregnant but the docter supposely says i'm 5 to 6 wks because of the size of my sac.I want to know why this is. should i take a DNC or wait?


Tasman Bay Butterfly - September 25

You need to go with your instinct. A second opinion is always a wise choice. There are alot of variables that can effect the quality of an ultrasound. Depends on the skill of the tech, whether it's a c___ppy machine or not, etc. So, it's always good to seek a 2nd opinion. I've experienced this myself and I'm an ultrasound tech. Confirmation always makes you feel better about things. Best wishes and baby dust to all here.


FrankieGirl - September 25

Hi Hangsalena I went again today SAME Thing happened to me exactly the same way... I am NOT getting a D&C but I am most likely going to miscarry... I say wait it out... A D&C doesnt have to be right away... there is always hope... They said I wouldnt see a fetal pole or anything and I did.. Just didnt grow... I say its better to be safe then sorry wait it out... It will just be Horrible crampy period for one day of hell But its safer then a dnc with scar tissue and other issues where it can stop u from having kids all together... Good luck and I hope u end up with a healthy pregnancy!


hangsalena - September 25

thank you all for your comments. say if the baby was gonna form in a week or two, will my baby still be healthy?


FrankieGirl - September 25

Yes... I was not that lucky... It is a 50/50 chance... they say everyone sees a heartbeat by 6 weeks 2 days which is BS to me EVERY WOMAN is different.... The worse that can happen is it doesnt grow and you m/c if it gets bad they can do a D&C as you m/c... I am waiting mine out going to try to have it natural... I TRULY WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK... and hope you have a beautiful healthy baby... If you have anymore ? Ask because I find that talking to people with the same problem really helps mentally...


Tasman Bay Butterfly - September 25

Not everyone sees a heartbeat at 6w2d, but that is when you should start to be able to see it. I have had 3 m/c's. All were natural, no d&c. Not by choice, mind. I was living in the UK and my GP there wouldn't refer me for a d&c. In retrospect, I'm glad. They damage the cervix every time they do that. I haven't had one viable pregnancy, yet, so I'm glad that nothing happened that might cause cervical incompetence. My m/c's were at 6 weeks, 13 weeks, and 7.5 weeks. Hugs to all.


FrankieGirl - September 25

Tasman I feel your pain...I am going to let it happen naturally and this is my second.. the first time i was probably 3 weeks pregnant they gave me clomid while i was pregnant they said that would do anything but i think they are full of it... and im about to have another m/c now... im between 6 and 7 weeks... It STINKS! But I can't stop it... I hope you have a healthy pregnancy next time...


Teddyfinch - September 26

frankiegirl: i was barely able to even see the baby's heartbeat at 6 weeks, so your doctor is making a terribly broad and incorrect statement by saying everyone can see it by then. good luck and don't give up and don't let your doctor make you give up.


JMK - September 26

Frankie, i agree with Teddy. You're dr. seems to be making a lot of broad statements that I have never heard of....and the whole clomid thing is definitely nothing I have heard of...in fact it's the opposite. Any dr. I have spoken to says clomid is stopped once you conceive. I think you're right....dr. is kind of a ding-dong. I am very sorry you are going through this again. Hangsalena...I read a study that said of the babies that were born that developed a heartbeat around week 8, 90% had no congenial defects....hope that helps you breathe easier. We go back in 30 min to see if the baby still has a heartbeat (last week 65). I am sick to my stomach.


Kattyxoxo - October 7

Hi guys... I am so sorry to hear what everyone is going through but I am surprised to know I am not the only one. I went to the er with bleeding when I thoughtI was four weeks pregnant... they told me after my ultrasounds inernally and externally that there was no evidence of a fetal heartbeat and offered me a crisis worker to "cope" it turns out that today I get a phone call from the gyno. that the er sent my results to and she said that i have a fetal sac developed at about 5.5 weeks just with no fetal pole of heatbeat yet... I had slight spotting for the two days that I was in the er but it has stopped now... My gyno has me coming in next tuesday to do more blood work for my hgc levels and another ultrasound... .Im just really scared and dont know what to think... they told me i miscarried then I get a call saying that the er just "forgot" to tell me that there was a developing sac... (however ER doctors generally arent gynos. as well so HE just might not have known quite how to interperit correctly as my gyno. said)


FrankieGirl - October 8

Hey Katty- Its really all in gods hands... I had the same thing as u but my outcome was a miscarriage... but it was right after i sat all night in a hospital because my mom had a heart attack... shes more important right now.. god has a funny way of saying sometimes u have to wait till its time... I know that this doesnt make it easier but if it ends up a miscarriage it really means there was something wrong... BUT You may end up with a healthy beautiful baby... It sucks waiting... Please let me know how it turns out BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!!!!! YOU ARE IN MY THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS



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