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utopia8302 - February 2

I just went through my first m/c on Monday night. I have never had one, and didnt know what to expect. It happened all of the sudden, and just wanted to know other peoples' experiences. Did anyone else get to see their baby?? If so, how? And was he/she still in the sac with all of the amniotic fluid? I was in the ER at 9 weeks, and passed him on the bed, just thinking it was another blood clot. Once I got up, there he was, inside the sac with all the amniotic fluid, clear as could be. They then put him in a cup and sent him to pathology. I was just wondering if anyone else got to see their baby?????


Sam How - February 3

Hi utopia, I have had 2 miscarriages one this time last year and another one 4 weeks ago, the first one was a blighted ovum went for my first scan at 10 weeks, I was told i had my dates wrong and was only 5 weeks, I knew what was happening, when i asked if was a blighted ovum they told my to come back in 2 weeks and there will be a baby there, that night the cramps started. 2 days later i started to bleed, past the sack 4 days later I have never had pain that bad in my life everybody said that it was just a like a heavy period was it heck, after 3 weeks the bleeding had not stopped, went to my doc, they told me i had a infection in my womb, give me anitbiotics, they told me if it didn't stop bleeding in week to come back, which i did they sent me down the hospital, where they put me on the maternity ward with all the expecting mothers, im sure they wanted me to top myself, Had so many internals and ultrasounds after 6 weeks i was rushed into theatre for a emercency D&E and blood transfusion. second miscarriage i got to 5 weeks and started to bleed, had ultrasound which showed my womb was empty, just a very thick linning, was told my next period would be heavy which It was. Im so sorry for your loss, I just hope you got support from family and friends, How's your partner dealing with it? my family and friends were great, my mother in-law & sister in-law was a b___h, Claiming that I was not pregnant just saying cos i wanted attention cos my sister in-law was pregnant. we dont speak no more and im glad, Im so sorry you have to go through this sweetie, life is so unfair, Good luck and hope you are feeling better soonx


TRYNAgoon07 - February 5

Sorry for your loss. I m/c jan25th at it was just a horrible thing to experience. That morning I was to bring my 4 year old daughter to a cla__s trip. We all had gone but I wasnt enjoying myself I flet cramps so I ate and nothing they kept coming. By the time we left I was bleeding so I rushed to the teacher to tell the bus driver to hurry. Make a long story short Im at the hospital the announce my loss but wanted to confirm by one more ultrasound...After waiting 2hours or so the ultra sound tech decides to do it from the v____a and before he could here came my baby boy in the placenta. I was in comlete shock hoping to here a cry and that they were wrong but no they were right.. i was 18 weeks so they say but I was 21w.. All they could say that he appeard to be gone sometime...I hold him in my heart and mind.....


utopia8302 - February 6

thank you so much for responding ladies. Sam- I am so sorry your family treated you the way they did. Tryna- I am so sorry for your loss. Are you glad you got to see your baby?? Did they let you spend any time with him? We are doing much better than last week. We named him, and picked out a tree to plant once we move (in June) at our new house. We plan to take the tree no matter where we move! I know he's watching over us, and hopefully will come back to us when he's ready. My husband and I decided to start trying as soon as we can. I have no idea what happens after a m/c though. im sure everyone is different. Will a period come 4 weeks after a m/c??? Thanks again girls for your support!


Sam How - February 8

Hi utopia mine took 5 weeks after d&e



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