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Negative - May 26

I wanted to post my story since I began reading here a little over a month ago. I thought I might be pregnant yet continued to test negative. Bottom line I became obsessed with reading this board in hopes that I to, was pregnant. I would have been 8 weeks. I had to stop the insanity and go to the doctor. The majority of women who are testing are NOT pregnant. Such a small percentage of women actually test negative yet are in fact pregnant. I asked my doctor and she stated that most women ttc are the ones that immediately suffer from every early pregnancy symptom there is. Yet, the majority of women only have a few of those symptoms. The mind takes over due to the strong desire to conceive. I understand, just been through that. LMP 3/25/05. Spotted on May 1 - 3. Started taking hpt (a few every week). Very expensive. Then began reading this board and jumped on the band wagon. I was pregnant (or so I thought) and began searching for any post to back up my claim that even though I was testing neg. I was actually pos. Those posts were far and few inbetween. Most people simply disappeared. I am assuming due to the fact that they finally got their period. I went to the doctor this past Tuesday. She did a blood test, neg. An exam which she stated my uterus was slightly enlarged and therefore ordered a trans va___al ultra sound that was performed today. She wanted to check for preg. and also if not pregnant (my only symptom was tender br___ts) a reason for my spotting and missing period. The tech did tell me that I am not pregnant. Now I wait until tomm. to see if the doctor was able to find out anything else. Just wanted to post my story, because I got so hopeful and fed into that last bit of hope that I was that one in a million that continually tests negative even though I was pregnant. Good luck to everyone ttc, but remember, that only a doctor can confirm a pregnancy. All the hype on this board only builds up either the excitement or disappointment. GOD Bless.


Emma - May 26

I am so sorry for your situation, But I will tell my story now.......I had what I thought was implantation bleeding about a week after I ovulated....started taking tests then...ALL BFN....had a blood test about a month late , had a ultra sound at 6 weeks late and my doc said sorry there is nothing there....But I just could not get it out of my head I just couldnt let it go ,...I waited and about 8 weeks late I had a pelvic exam and they said nothing was enlarged......Well I kept taking test after test and BFN....Well I was Really really late and rented a fetal doppler and whamooooooooo...there was a heartbeat....I took my doppler to my docs office and told him to listen to this.,...he could not believe it.......A week later he sent me for another ultra sound, and I was 18 weeks. My doc still can not tell me why this happens....And I do still take tests every saturday......and they are still neg...I am now 34 weeks...and my blood and urine test are still neg...my doc said I am just built backwards or something, He said there are tests being done to see if weight or if you are animic things like that can hide the hormones he said, but there has been no hard facts to prove this, So good luck and dont ever give up...TRUST yourself you know your own body better then ANY doc and better then ANY test.....GOD bless


Blessed - June 8

That is good to hear Emma. I also feel I am in the same boat and have an appointment for my first ultrasound on June 13 @ 3:30. I've missed two menstrual cycles and have yet to get a positive test result. I have all the symptoms of which go and come at their own leisure. I know that next Monday I will find out that I am around eight weeks preggo. I will be sure to keep informed


KEEKEE - June 8

Good story Emma!!!! Wow, i also had neg. blood and urine tests and was pregnant. I had a lost. Congrats to you. Thanks for telling your story.....Negative and Blessed good luck with your tests. I hope you get want you want. Baby Dust!!!!


Yeah Right - June 8

And I do still take tests every saturday>>>> That honestly makes no sense whatsoever. You supposedly are pregnant yet continue to take a very expensive hpt every week. I might have believed your story until you threw that in. Hmmmmm.


to whatever - June 8

The dollar store sell tests. For $1, you could get tons of tests. Dollar store save you tons of money. Try it. Good luck to you.


Beth - June 8

Hello everyone! I think that we should all stay positive on this web site. It's ok to have hope and keep trying to take tests, it's very important! If you think you are pregnant, then you need to really take care of yourself. It's ok to encourage one another as well. If there's no pregnancy this month, there may be one next month. You just never know when it might happen. Keep up hope and encouraging one another. If there are those who want to post negative comments, please post them someplace else. They are not needed here, there is already enough discouragement in this world.


To Emma - June 26

I was very much encouraged by your story and would like for your input. My last normal period was March 30 and I had every pregnancy symptom (nausea, heartburn, varicose veins, sore tender b___sts almost all of them)since then. I have taken almost 10 HPT's, two at doctors' office and two quant_tative blood test and 2 abdominal and 1 transv____al ultrasound at approx.7.5 and 10 weeks, but showed nothing and all negative. Just before doctor ordered the sonogram,she did pelvic exam and mentioned that my uterus was enlarged so she suspected that may be fibroids but sonogram showed normal size uterus. But my right ovary has 1 functional cyst of approx 4.6 cm. I have gained around 20lbs weight. I already look like 4 months pregnant (I was slim and fit before). I continued my periods for 3 months but for short and very different. Usually I have very regular and normal cycle. Do you think I still have any hope or should I do something for my cyst to do away for these symptoms but I am just worried in case I am doing something wrong if I am pregnant.



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