11 Days Late 4 Neg Preg Results Could I Still Be Pregnant

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M.K.B - November 2

I am never late my last period was 9-22-04 still nothing. I have had 2 neg. from Doc office 4-6 days after the missed cycle. I took over the counter one before my missed cycle, and one just last night wich would make me 11 days late. There is a very high likelyhood of me being Preg. but the results are Neg. what could this be?


ADS - November 2

I am not sure...but please let me know when you find out. My LMP was 9-27-04 and still no period...5hpt and 1 dr. urine...going for bt on Thursday...I am hoping for a positive but I don't want to be disappointed and if it is neg...what is it????


M.K.B - November 3

went to the Doc today another urine test NEG would not take a blood test for another couple weeks they said the urine is so accurate there was no need for a blood test so they want me to wait anoth 1 or 2 weeks. I want to know could i still be pregnant? If it has been NEG this whole time, Is this possible?


Confused - November 3

Hello, I am also 11 days late, all neg urine tests and one neg blood test. the nurse at my dr.'s office said sometimes women just miss a month for no apparent reason. I dont have an answer for you, but I understand how frustrating it can be.


ADS - November 3

and when I spoke to my doc on the phone she said that you need to come in for a bt...I am going tomorrow. Everytime I think about the possibiliy of being preg I get excited but then when I think I might not be..I get nervous...because why after all these years of having my period like clockwork every month since I was 12...would I miss my period now! Hang in there...I know it is frustrating not KNOWING!!! We are ALL in the same boat.


L.D.J - November 19

I don't know about you but I am the same way I went in for a bt and it came back neg. I also had a 2 ut and those also came back neg. My LMP was Sept.12, 2004 and here it is Nov. 19, 2004. I don't know what to do. I want a baby but I'm afraid if I go back, the tests will be neg. again I don't know what to do. If anyone want to discuss with me, email me at [email protected]



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