11 Days Late And Still Negative Pregnancy Tests

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want2beamummy - February 11

Hi ladies, I have been reading some of your stories and they have really helped me. Here's my story. Myself and my partner have been trying to conceive for the past 7 months. My last MP was on 4th January 2006. My 'o' period was around 16th - 18th Jan, judging by an ovulation test. We did all the right things during my ovulation period and my menstrual period was due on 31st Jan. Instead of my usual period (4-5 days heavy'ish') I had some light spotting, pinky/ brown with a slight cervical mucus instead. I did not class this as my usual period as it was so different and only lasted a day. If it was implantation instead of my period, and I am pregnant, it would be 25 days after I ovulated and conceived. I have done 6 pregnancy tests and all show up negative? Does this mean I am not pregnant or could I still be pregnant? Also, as my period is now 11 days late, I am due to ovulate again this weekend. Could I still ovulate if I am pregnant? The ovulate test at the moment shows that I am not yet ovulating, but if I do ovulate tomorrow or the next day, does this mean that I am NOT pregnant? As the pregnancy tests are showing that I am not pregnant at the moment, I am hoping that the ovulation test might give me more of an indication?! Could I still ovulate if I were pregnant now? I hope someone can help and give me some advice. I am going out of my mind not knowing, why my period didn't come, apart from light spotting, and why the pregnancy tests are negative? I hope someone can help! Thanks! xx


ready4baby - February 12

i have the same problem... my last MP was on Jan 2... and still no signs of either pregnancy, or no pregnancy. I just did an ovulation test and it came back that i was in LH surge. This would be about the time that I should be ovulating. So, should i a__sume that i am not pregnant? I'm so confused. I've also done about 5 HPTs and all came back negative. I wish I just knew for sure if i was preggers or not. This is all much more confusing than i expected. I always thought that if you were pregnant, the HPT would come back positive. Bummer!


want2beamummy - February 12

Hi, thanks for your reply. I should also be ovulating around this weekend, had I had my mp when I should have 12 days ago. I have done 2 ovulation tests and both say that I am not ovulating, ie no LH Surge. I will do another tomorrow and tuesday to see fi I ovulate when I should do (between 10th and 14th Feb). It's very confusing and I think if you're pregnant then you do not ovulate but I am going to confirm this with the doctors tomorrow. I will let you know, and good luck. All my pregnancy tests have been negative too and it's hard not to be disheartened. My sister took 24 days past conception to get a positive test on her first born so everybody is different. If you have missed your period, then the usual explanation could only be pregnancy, unless you have taken any other medication lately. Did you have any spotting around the time you should have had your period this month?


ready4baby - February 12

Good luck w/ the Dr. tomorrow. I plan on making an appt tomorrow. I haven't had any spotting at all since my last period. I havne't taken any meds lately either. Let me know what the Dr says please. Best of luck to you tomorrow.


want2beamummy - February 13

Hi ready4baby - Well I went to the doctor this morning and he told me to drop a urine sample off at the surgery first thing tomorrow morning, then to book another appt in a week for the results! Oh the joys of the waiting game hey! He did say that it is likely I am pregnant because this is the first time I have ever missed a period and the spotting I had could have been implantation bleeding. My doctor said that he had a patient who was 34 WEEKS pregnant, and showing and still had negative pregnancy tests! Bizzare! So, I'm just going to wait now until next week and for the results. If they come back negative again then we will have to investigate why I missed my period. The dr also said that I will not ovulate this month becuase I have lissed a period! Odd! So if I'm not pregnant now, who knows when I should be ttc! I'll keep you updated and good luck. Let me know how you get on. Thanks.


ready4baby - February 13

So, I made an appt w/ my doctor for tomorrow morning. I can't wait to find out either way. I really don't "feel" pregnant, but I'd love to be. When you went to the Drs, did they also do a blood test or only urine? It will take a week to get the results back for the urine sample? I wish this would all be as simple as get pregnant, get a BFP. Thanks for your support!


WANT2BEAMUMMY - February 15

Hi ready4baby - yes the doctor just did another urine test and I won't get the results until this friday 17th Feb. I am startiug to feel pregnant, it's weird, really bloated and absolutely shattered all the time. I have a strange feeling the doctors urine test will come back negative too, as I don't think they're any stronger than the hpt's. If it does coem back negative, I'll be having an untrasound to find out why. Let me know how you get on, take care.


ready4baby - February 15

So, I went to the doctor this morning. He did a urine test which came back negative and also an ultrasound. He said he couldn't see anything on the ultrasound but he wanted to do a blood test just in case. Said I could call tomorrow morning for the results. I'll keep my fingers crossed!


momma11105 - March 26

Im having the same exact problem too. Im exactly 11 days late today. I took a c___p load of pregnancy tests and I also had a blood test done but they all said negative. I was told that sometimes youre ovaries dont put out enough estrogen or something like that I didnt really understand. They also said that I could be pregnant but its just to early to tell. I never had any spotting or anything like that. I suggest scheduling a doctors appointment. Thats what they told me to do...


lbe - March 30

I had the same question. Spent hours trying to find information about early pregnancy effects on ovulation tests and I cannot find anything. I understand your frustrations completely. You may want to ask your doctor to do a blood test. Light spotting could indicated the egg implanting into the uterus. (i read this on webmd I think) and the negative preg tests could mean just your HCG levels are not high enough to show up. (implanting can take up to 10 days from date of conception and then I think your hcg doubles every day after that.) Hope I have this info right. Anyway - good luck to you.


Nemo - April 2

Im always late. My LH surge was on 14th March, still waiting for AF so it looks like my luteal phase is too long.. I dont know if thats always the problem with my cycle as this is the first month Ive tracked it. Spent a fortune on tests.


amy3783 - April 9

I am 12 days late today. i have taken a few tests and they said negative. One test I thought showed a very faint positive so I made an appt with the dr to find out for sure. well the dr I had stood outside of my door asking why I was there and why she needed to see me. I felt completely stupid for being there. The urine test she gave me turned out negative. She then told me that it was my birth control that is making me skip my period. I have had frequent headaches, urinating more frequently, fluttering movement in my abdomen. Should I take another test since it has been a week since I went to the dr? I am also changing drs.



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