12 Days Late Neg Preg Test

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Ren - October 12

I'm already 12 days late and am still having a negative test result. I know that things usually don't show up in my urine but the doctors tell me not to worry and won't take blood. I've been sick feeling like I'm going to puke, very tired, my feet have been swollen and my husband tells me that I've had major mood swings. I don't know what to do....


same situation b4 - October 13

i had the same problem b4 i had the doctors tell me i was not pregnant and i took number of tests all negative... i had all the signs of pregnancy but ignored them all because i listened to the doc.. they are always right? no!! i continued to live my life the way i was before i thought i was pregnant.. i drank alot, and continued smoking ciggarettes because i was convinced i wasnt.. now i found out i am 7 1/2 wks preg and only found out a wk ago i went to the doctors a week b4 i found out and they sd i wasnt then i went the following week to another doc and they confirmed i was..what i am telling you is to listen to your body and your heart because a mother always knows better than anyone, somebody can tell you that you arent,but they dont know you body as well as you do. dont let anybody make you think you are crazy, i allowed that and almost jeopardized my baby's health...i did find that some women just produce less of hcg the pregnancy hormone than others... good luck to you and take care if you like feel free to email me at [email protected]


ditto - October 13

I'm seven days late and keep having negative results as well...apparently it's not uncommon for some women to take a while to show positive. I tell this to you like I'm some rational person right now - I'm totally worried and stressed and wondering when or if I will find out that I am pregnant. I get so disappointed each time it comes back negative. I never miss my period...so I can't imagine it's anythign else. But, I NEED TO SEE THE POSITIVE RESULT!!! Just know you aren't out of the running at all for being pregnant. Apparently it takes some women a long time to have the hormone show up. Some women have told me that with one child they show a positive result a day before their period, but when they have a child of the opposite gender, it takes over two weeks after missing their period to show a positive result. So, if you've had a child before and it was different last time, it really doesn't mean anything. If you want to be pregnant, I hope you are!! What a blessing children are:-)



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