12 Days Late Negative Pregnancy Tests But Pregnancy Sym

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Krystalynn - December 6

I am 12 days late, my lmp was oct. 24 so no period the whole month of NoV. i am freaking outi am usually on a 33 day cycle and never have missed a period before, i have been healthy. my boyfriend and i are ttc and have been for 7months. i think i ovulated on Nov. 12 i know forsure i had s_x on the 11thand 13th so i dont know! i have nausea, to the point where i almost puke (gag), i eat all the time but nothing seems to satisfy my hunger, i feel bad cause i have been so moody and very mean to my boyfriend :(i have extreme bloating and frequent urination as well and my br___ts are soooo sore. i think that my nipples look darker but i am bi-racial so not sure, i feel like i may just think they look darker in my head. but they do have alot of little white bumps on them so i dont know. my lower back hurts so bad and i feel asleep this afternoon and i never take naps!!! i don tknow what is going on....all hpt are Negative. 2m i go for another urine test and if that is negative then i am getting a blood test! has this happend to anyone and what was ur result! i technically should be 6w 3 days preg. if i am!? HELP


amz - December 7

Hiya Krystal, 4 years ago i fell pregnant i was only 18 but i missed my first period and thought id do a pregnancy test i must of been definatly 2 weeks late and it came out negative so i thought i wasnt pregnant as i didnt have any symptons either. All the symptons you said you have got relate to an early pregnancy im not trying to make you worry bout sounds very likey you could be pregnant. Sore b___sts/senistive, tiredness, mood swings, bloatedness, stomach cramps, the need to urinate more often, darker nipples and light spotting of blood maybe a week or slightly more before ur period was due these are just some of the sypmtons involved. Anyway i missed my second period and i took a second pregnancy test after missing that one.. it came up positive. I went to the doctor and told her and she told me i was about 10 weeks into it. It was after i went to the doctors i started being sick. When i didnt think i was pregnant around missing my first period i used to eat loads and it would never satisfy my hunger but by the time i was being sick in the mornings i was going off foods and the smell of foods. If i was you i would wait another week try another home pregnancy test when u feel you want to cos i understand how frustrating it is waiting! but the best time for a more reliable result would be around the time you are expecting your second period. Although it is likey you could be pregnant the fact you could be is playing on ur mind and just something like this could delay your period. Havent things on ur mind or becoming stressed can delay your period for 2/3 weeks ud be very suprised! Home pregnancy tests are designed to detect the pregnancy hormone in early stages of pregnancy but each woman is different and you produce more and more through time. You may not have enough of the hormone for the test to detect when you took ur test therefore it has shown as negative it is VERY comman for this to happen. after another week or so u would of produced more pregnancy hormone for a test to detect it. But believe it or not i am now in the same position as you again! I am currently 15 days late and taken a test it shown negative. i know i will just have to try again in a week or two if i do not come on. I dont really have any symptoms tho other than bloating and i had a few spots of blood i think a few weeks ago. I have been late a couple of weeks on my other periods but it is hard to not think am i or arnt i? it seems to always play on ur mind so i understand how you feel at the moment. All i can do is wait.. Let us know how it goes.



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