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rachel - February 21

im 16 and want a baby and me and my bf are ready he has a job and money saved and im finishing school and i also have money do u think this a good idea do u have msn messenger or anything also so we can talk? or aim


kelly - February 21

hi rachel, my name is kelly, i have a 13mnth old and i am just about to turn ninteen, i feel pregnant just before i turned seventeen, to tell you the truth i freaked out when i found out, i was nine weeks by the time i worked up the courage to tell my parents, surprisingly they were cool about it, they let me make my own mind up, if you haven't spoke to your parents i suggest you should before you make any decisions, it's a big step! and you need to enjoy the time you and your bf have together, just really think about it!! i love having my little boy though he is the best thing that ever happened to me and my parents absolutely love being grandparents. JUST THINK ABOUT IT!! and speak to your parents first, once it happens theres no turning back, you'll have plenty of time for kids later in life. hope this helps you make your decision!!


jess - February 21

hey rachel, its a huge decision to make coz its the rest of your life your talking about. if you both feel you are ready and can financially support each other and a baby then it might be an option but i just ask you to think about it really carefully coz someone i know had a baby at 15 and ended up having to give her up coz she couldnt support her or give her the life she deserved. its a big decision so all the best ok


rachel - February 22

we have thought about this for 2 yrs i think we are ready and his parents say they will help


please don't! - February 23

rachel - honey, this is a HUGE decision. PLEASE, PLEASE think it through completely before you make any rash decisions. I know you love your boyfriend, and the two of you may think you're ready - but do you honestly understand all that having a baby encompa__ses? first of all, are you planning on finishing high school? how do you plan to provide for your child financially if you have no education? second, you're still a child!! you're not even legally an adult! when you're young all you want to do is grow up, be an adult, have adult responsibilities. believe me, once you have those responsibilities you'll just want to be kid again! when i was your age i was going to the beach with my friends, or camping, going to the mall, playing sports - the kinds of things a teenager is supposed to do! you should enjoy these next few years to the fullest extent, because they fly past you. childhood is short enough, let alone cutting it back by adding a baby to it. i have a friend who had a baby when she was 17. she was excited about it, she and her boyfriend had been together for quite awhile. he stayed with her throughout the pregnancy and three months after the baby was born he high-tailed it out of their life. he didn't want the responsibility - he was 21 and wanted to spend his time at the bars. he met another girl - one who didn't have the attachment of a kid - and left my friend high and dry for this other chic. now she's in a battle over child support - just another headache to add to her life as it is. she busts her b___t working a job she HATES so she can provide for her son. and she's miserable. if she could rewind time she'll tell you she would have held off - waited till she was married, had a steady income. there are so many factors here that you need to take in to consideration. i really hope for you that your boyfriend wouldn't be the type to take off like that - but he'd be the minority in this situation. i also have to wonder what kind of parents he has to offer help to their son & his underage girlfriend. what country do you live in? honestly - because depending on how old he is he could go to JAIL for statutory rape. how great of a father would he be then? i'm not trying to scare you - all i'm saying is you need to look at this from EVERY SINGLE angle before you start trying to get pregnant. you'll grow up soon enough - don't rush it. the worst thing you could do for a child is regret having it. and face it - at 16 you just don't have enough life experience. enjoy being you - young & carefree while you can.


TARA - February 23



rachel - February 23

im just so confused right now u all have gaven me great advice and all i love my bf and maybe im not ready im still a virgin and if we do have s_x and use protection i bet nothing will happen


Sabrina - February 24

Rachel, just make sure a baby is absolutely what you want. Do you both own reliable vehicles? Do you both have stable jobs? Do you rent an apartment yet or own a home? Are you planning on going to college? All these factors require considerable time and/or money. Just make sure you have the economic and emotional stability to bring a child into the world. For two people to live off a typical highschool graduate pay it's basically living well below the poverty line and that's if both parents are working full time. Do you really want to be able to bring a baby into the world and then not be able to spoil that baby with everything it could ever want?


mackie - February 24

rachel - here's something to think about... i'm not in any way trying to condone s_x at your age. you're a virgin - so in your situations having s_x PERIOD is a big thing. when you add s_x to a relationship, especially for two people who don't have a lot of life experience, it adds a whole other set of emotions and insecurities. my first time was when i was 18. he and i had been together for awhile, and about two months after i started giving it up, he was done with me!! i was heartbroken. i gave up this thing that's so special - it only happens once in a lifetime - and i wasted it on someone who didn't even deserve it! now imagine if i had gotten pregnant by him on top of it all!?!? this isn't to say that your boyfriend would do the same thing - but don't you think you should wait awhile, and once the time is right, actually enjoy having s_x for the sheer pleasure of it, rather than for the purpose of pumping out a child?? i'm not going to try to preach about pre-marital s_x. i did it, i'm sure most of the women on this site did - but at your age, adding s_x to your life is enough of a roller coaster. take it from people who've been through it. obviously we can't force you into a decision, but the nature of advice on this forum is that you should wait. enjoy being a teenager. enjoy sharing this time with your boyfriend. once you do decide to have s_x, enjoy that too!! you have many years ahead of you for child producing.



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