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WHAT! - October 13

I am now 18 days LATE for my period. I wouldn't think that skipping your period, for the heck of it, is normal. Especially since i have never skipped since i have received my period. I took three test in general. Two were cheap, From dollor store and the third one was a First Response. All NEGATIVE! What is going on? Am i pregnant or what? And if i am Pregnant, am i going to have a healthy pregnancy? I am extremely sad, nervous, and depressed As the days go on, this is all i can think about. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gemma - October 14

Hi there there could be a million reasons why you period is late. You could possibly be pregnant but I think a hpt probably would have shown a + by now. In general First Response are the most accurate tests as apparantly they detect hcg of 15-25 which is very early pregnancy levels. Buy one more test and do it with first morning urine, if still negative make a appointment to see your doctor as occasionally there can be a another reason. Good luck let me know how you get on. xxxx


Ren - October 14

I'm still only 13 days late, but I know for a fact that nothing ever shows up in my urine. Do you have any other signs or symptoms? And for having your period THIS late, there aren't THAT many reasons why your period is late, Have you gained or lost much weight lately? You have to think logically about this because of the fact that you seem to be freaking out about it will just make it worse.


whattt - October 14

To Ren, I have to say, that the situation that i ami n rightnow, is in the back of my head, but it is really nothing tha ti am stressing about. I would just like to know what is going on. I do have other symtoms. Eating frequently, using the restroom, cramping( pulling senation), back hurts, leg cramps( one time) heart burn( in stomah as well). I do not know what could be the cause of my missed period, if i am not preg. I am going to wait a while, and i fi do not get my period.. then does that mean that i am pregnant? Should i bother even taking the second test that came with the package that i bought or just go to the dr? I am very confused.


Patricia - October 15

Hi I'm in the same boat as you as of today I'm 18 days late as well. I took three cheap test, one EPT and they all read negative. I'm hoping that I'm pregnant as well. I have been going to different sites and reading up on this and, from two of the sites they reccommend getting a (BETA) blood test but, that isn't always accurate either.


owndertopost - October 15

To patrica, oh yes, i know what you are feeling. There are so many stories and myths about pregnancy tests over all. All i hope for, is if my child is healthy if i am infact pregnant. There really is not reason for me to miss my period. I am not in a record of skipping my period, so wouldnt you think that the reason by it is because of pregnnacy? I hope that everything is arligh with everyone in the same situation as myself. Is this going to be your frist child?


Patricia - October 15

Reply to owndertopost. This would be my second child and, I will be so excited if I am indeed pregnant. I went to the store today and purchase some otc prenatal vitamins until I'm able to see my OBGYN. I will keep you posted regarding my status.


Ren - October 15

Hey ladies, I was reading another thread here there was this Lady Mandy who didn't get her period for like 20 weeks. The blood and urine tests all came back negative. And yet she was pregnant. I think that gives me hope to not worry about doctors that won't trust our instincts. If you ladies want babies, I wish the best for you. WHATT, just to let you know I wasn't trying to be rude when I asked of other symptoms. I was just wondering further since I myself am basically in the same situation. What I meant about the freaking out is that if you stress over it, Maybe even just a bit, your period(body) can be reacting to that. It was just a observers point of view forgive me.


owner to post - October 15

To Ren, i am SO sorry that you miss understood my replied post to you. I didn't take your post to me, as anything of rude, just curiosity( Which i find nice to know, that someone is wanting to share there expiernces with me as i share mine with them). I am sorry if you miss understood me. And yes, i know exactly how you feel about being in the same boat as myself and allot of other laddies out there. Sorry about that. But never the less, my symptoms just are acting up big time. Today i went shopping for clothes( which i have not done in a long time) and i was usually around a 7 size. Sometimes i needed to buy pants that were a 9. But not often. Never reached a size 11. I seen today at the store and i am now a size 13!!!!!!!!!! I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS.( I do not know if it since i have not recieved my period in 19-20 days now, that i am a bit bloated or if it is just that i am preg but that amazed me) I looked in the mirror, and a Ladie at the store asked me if i wanted her to get me a size and she believed i was around a size 7. That is amazing. I knew that i ate a lil bit more then usually but to move up three sizes... WHOA. Now, i am watching very closely what i eat. When i feel the need to eat, i will snack on veggies or fruits or something less fatting. Seeing the size 13, brought my out look towards myself down!


Don't worry!!! - October 18

My wife was 18 days late also before we got a positive test. It just really depends on how your body is doing at producing the HCG. If it's too early, NO pregnancy test will show a positive. However, as soon as their is enough HCG, some tests (not all...only the real sensitive ones) wil ldetect small amounts of HCG. It could also be the brand of tests you're using...try ones that are sensitive to 20-25 parts of HCG, instead of some tests that won't detect until 100 or so. Good luck, keep your chin up, and good luck. Just remember, having a missed period is a GOOD sign (not definite) that something is going on, especially if you are usually consistent in your periods. Birth control may factor into this, but expect sometime REALLy soon to get a positive result if you are indeed pregnant. Hope this helps! Ryan


Ren - October 18

Update. Yesterday I started to spot, and now it's a bit heavier but not even close to a period. It's all way watery, which is not normal for me. I am having an ultrasound today to make sure, since I'm so late that there are no cysts, today I've been having sharp pains in my lower side abdomen, I'm hoping that it's not an ectopic pregnancy. The doctors say there is a chance that I'm a habitual aborter. As if I can take another low b__w.


Patricia - October 20

Well ladies I went to see my doctor today. She did the normal routine of when my last menstural was (August 28, 2005) have I been having unprotected s_x **dah why else would I be hear ? if I'm pregnant or not** then she asked the last time I took my birth control pill ***first of all how about asking me if I have ever used birth control and my answer would have been no** I simply replied that I never have and never will use any sorts of birth control. So of course after these ? are answered I was asked to go give a urine sample. It came back negative but, I really wasn't in shock because I already had a gut feeling that's what was going to happen. I'm writing this to all the ladies to let them know that I don't care what her little urine hcg test say's I know that with 100% that I'm pregnant. I began my menstural cycle at the age of 13 and have never been late or missed my period with the exception of when I was pregnant with my daughter. Also I would like to add that she refused to give me a blood test I found this to be quite strange. In the back of my mind I'm ? if I should come to terms with the fact that I may not be pregnant but, the only way that I see me changing my mind about this is if I get a period next month. If the month of November comes and goes and I'm without a menstural my next step is going to have an ultrasound performed.


michelle - October 26



AMS - October 26

So Patricia, what happend!


completely understand - October 26

i am 17 days late and also have preg. symptoms - horrid nausea, dizziness, swollen b___sts esp around my areola. i took a test when i was 10days late,& 13days late and both were neg. i didnt think anything of it until i read the stories here. Now i'm thinking i really should get a higher end hpt! i'm ususally irregular but not THIS late maybe a week late. and i never had pms so i don't think the symptoms could be pms. but i was taking vitex... so i was thinking that perhaps it had an adverse effect on me and i got pms... :-) i will def. take another test ...and if still neg. then it's off to the doctor.


Mel - October 27

This is great, I am a week late with nausea, tingling b___bs, fatigue, freq urination, bloating - and I have failed 3 home tests. With my first (son, 15 mths), an HPT was negative on the date I was due but postive 5 days late so I was really bummed to be negative again this time. Seeing a doctor tomorrow - was wondering if I was crazy and then I saw this site - very encouraging! Thanks! And let us know how you went, Ren


Jenni - October 27

Hi There. I'm in the same boat. I'm only 13 days late, and all the tests I've taken have been negative. My cycle is regular..on and off. It's typical for me to be late, but usually only by a couple of days. I haven't been this late in years. I have had it happen one time about 3 years ago where my period stopped for 3 months and then started up again for no reason. I'm not sure if I should go to the Dr. because I don't want to spend any more money on a test that's going to be negative again. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 3 months now, so when I became late, we got excited. Now, after so many negative HPT, we're both confused and worried that something else might be wrong. My b___sts are a little tender, and I have occasional cramps if I'm exercising or moving around alot, but other than that, I don't have any other REAL symptoms besides being late. I have had a cold for about 3 weeks now too, so that may be a reason I'm late too. I don't know. I've read so many things on the web, but most contradict themselves, so I don't know what to do anymore. I just read on one of the threads on this site of a girl who was 7.5 weeks late, all her tests came back negative, and finally after a bunch of run arounds by her health care providers, she had an ultra-sound and was in fact 15.5 weeks pregnant! So who knows. I wish you the best of luck!



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