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Jenni - October 27

Hi There. I'm in the same boat. I'm only 13 days late, and all the tests I've taken have been negative. My cycle is regular..on and off. It's typical for me to be late, but usually only by a couple of days. I haven't been this late in years. I have had it happen one time about 3 years ago where my period stopped for 3 months and then started up again for no reason. I'm not sure if I should go to the Dr. because I don't want to spend any more money on a test that's going to be negative again. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 3 months now, so when I became late, we got excited. Now, after so many negative HPT, we're both confused and worried that something else might be wrong. My b___sts are a little tender, and I have occasional cramps if I'm exercising or moving around alot, but other than that, I don't have any other REAL symptoms besides being late. I have had a cold for about 3 weeks now too, so that may be a reason I'm late too. I don't know. I've read so many things on the web, but most contradict themselves, so I don't know what to do anymore. I just read on one of the threads on this site of a girl who was 7.5 weeks late, all her tests came back negative, and finally after a bunch of run arounds by her health care providers, she had an ultra-sound and was in fact 15.5 weeks pregnant! So who knows. I wish you the best of luck!


Confused - November 3

Hi ladies, I think I am late on this forum since the last input was on 10/27 but I really wonder what happened to WHAT!, PATRICIA and all others... I am 15 days late with all test negative. Just wondering if I shall keep hopes.


Patricia - November 3

Reply to:AMS, Confused and the rest of the ladies on the board. I'm so sorry that I haven't been on here for a while it's because I have been so busy. Well the month of October came and went with me not having a period. I had another appointment with my Gyn on Nov 1. She gave me yet another urine pregnancy test and once again it came back negative. She insisted that it was virtually impossible for me to be pregnant because it wasn't registering in my hcg levels. Well I know my cycle and like I had stated before it's just not normal for me to miss a period. I told her that I wanted a blood test performed because it's more accurate that the urine test. Let me just say she said that I was going to be wasting my money because my insurance didn't cover the blood test and I would have to pay out of pocket. The cost of the test was 59.00 well ladies I'm glad to report that the 59.00 was well worth it because today I received a call that in fact I'm pregnant 9 weeks and 4 days. My doctor apologized and ordered for me to have an ultrasound performed tomorrow because she was in shock that the test had came back positive after all of my home test and the in office urine test she gave me. She had the lab re-test my blood specimen again before she called me because the results had came back on Wednesday but, she didn't want to call me and give me false hope. So with this all being said Ladies and I stress this to all the Ladies only you know your body and if after numerous of home test you still get a negative result but, you have doubts you keep on persisting because had I have listened to my docotor, I would have been going out this weekend to have drinks with my girlfriends. My due date is for June 4, 2006.


Confused - November 4

BIG CONGRATS PATRICIA!!! That give us all hopes. Today will be 16 days late with negative u-test, and as you, since my first period at 13 years old, never missed a period. A few days delay is normal on my, but not this much! I guess only time will say where am I. If nothing comes this month, I will ask for the blood test. Thank you all, it's really a peace of mind to see I am not alone on these strange things.


Angie - November 4

Patricia -- your story gave me chills!! Congratulations -- thank for you sharing your story and this wonderful news!


sonia - November 14

i just missed my period and i took seven pregnancy tests which all came back positive.i went to my family doctor today to confirm and the urine test came back negative.she then took some blood tests and i'll have the results tomorrow.i hope i am pregnant because i already feel like i am


jessica - November 14

I stopped taking depo in may this year hoping to get pregnant within the next year or so. The hormones were technically out of my body by august 6th. September I got my period on the 7th it was my typical 5 days long, but I haven't had a period since then. I have been feeling really funny, bloated, tender and aching b___sts, some wierd feelings way low in my tummy, nausea in the morning as well as horrible heartburn untill I eat something, not really fatigued, but I've woken up with swollen ankles and fingers a couple of times...but all the pregnancy tests have come back negative...I'm wondering if it's worth it to go to the doctors and get a blood tests or if it's just because of the hormones in the depo that I'm missing my periods...Anyone have any experience with this???


The author of this post. WHAT! - November 21

Its been a very long time since i have responded to any posts on this form, but i came to update. I, am not PREGNANT! I felt bad in the begining, just feeling that there could be a chanch of you being a momy, but later found out you are not, hurt me a little, but i have many years to try and have a baby( and at this point in life, i am trying to live my life, not plan for the future... i have many years to plan... and its not up to me its up to Man above). But i do want to wish everyone good luck in there expiences trying to make a baby. The best will come to those who wait....


Sarah - November 21

I am 21 days late! Three weeks. I have never been late like this, my periods are fairly reliable and normal. I have no idea what is going on. I have had three negative tests, I think the last time I tested was a week ago but not with first morning urine. I will do it again this week I think. I am exhausted, soooo tired. I am eating like a maniac and I am drinking milk in obscene amounts. I have light cramps most of the time but haven't seen a drop of blood. I get a sore lower back too. I get headaches and dizzy when I stand up. I am also super s_xualized, like I just want to jump my boyfriend all the time and my orgasms are intense! (TMI? Sorry!) I also have nausea a lot of the time and I sleep so much. I also feel really absent minded. I'm not sure if these are pregnancy symptoms or not? What else could be going on? I have been acting like I always do, I am not stressed and I haven't lost or gained any weight...although I am starting to in my b___bs and belly but that is after I missed my period. Someone please help explain? I'm finding doctors useless.


Sarah - November 21

P.S. I forgot to mention I started taking prenatal vitamins just in case. This cannot be harmful if I'm not pregnant, can it?


Mel - Update - November 21

I am pregnant - keep failing the stupid home tests before a blood test confirmed it finally. 9 weeks this week. Good luck ladies, trust your instincts and don't waste too much $$ on those home tests - go for the blood test!


Natasha - November 22

Mel , congrats to you. I think I may have conceived 5 weeks ago, however, when I told my doctor I hadn't had a positive hpt, he told me there was no way I could possibly be pregnant and he wouldn't do a blood test as there is no such thing!!! he said they only do an HCG count if someone is bleeding. I have 2 friends who never had a positive hpt and I have read so many people on here having the same problem. I didn't think it would be such a big deal. He then said he would do it only beacuse I got so upset, but I told him not to bother because if it was negative then it make me look stupid. I am having so many symptoms but as I have PCOS my doctor doesn't think its possible. He would only do a hormone profile test to see if there is any need for me to go on clomid. It is so encouraging to hear your story Mel as I know there is hope still.


Kim - November 22

Natasha-I don't think your doctor knows what he is talking about. You can do an HCG blood test at anytime to get the count. And you should go ahead and get it done even though you are scared that it will make you look stupid. Better safe than sorry!


Kim - November 22

Sarah-It is perfectly safe to take prenatal vitamins if you aren't pregnant. My doctor actually put me on them when I started trying to get pregnant.


Natasha - November 25

Mel - are you the Mel who said you had one side of the line darker than the other?? If so this gives me hope.


Jacq - November 26

Ladies, I had a crazy summer. I had a period on July 1 and then did not have another one until August 17. I tood numerous hpt and they all had come back negative. I went to the dr and took a blood test and it came back negative. I had never been late, so I don't know what happened. I feel as though I may have had a blighted ovum or something. Well since Aug 17 I have not had another period. On Oct 5 I decided to take a hpt for the heck of it, and low and behold a second line appeared. It was very faint, but a line nonetheless. I then bought THIRTEEN tests including digital and they ALL came back positive. I don't know what happened to cause my cycle to go beserk, but I am now officially pregnant with a due date of June 10. I ovulated extremely late. So keep the faith is what I say... I am 37 years old and I accepted that I was not going to conceive, but obviously there was another plan when the time was right!



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