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Marian - February 5

NERVOUS NELLIE - I understand your pain and your confusion. I don't have any children yet and I'm almost 42. I lost my first child to miscarriage at 9 weeks 18mths ago, and trust me I want this so bad it hurts. Try to keep the faith!! - Marian


Mel - February 6

With my first child I was only 6 days off the pill and the test line came out darker than the control! With my second child, I had been using a condom, but I missed a period and then had symptoms I only had when pg the first time... but I tested every week for 4 weeks after the week I waited for my missing period. All negative. The blood test was neg too. Finally on the fifth week I tested, 6 weeks since my missed period I got a line. It didn't show up at first, but 10 minutes later there was a faint pink line, I had to turn the test *just so* and hold it in the light to see it. Now I have a 10 month old baby boy. Now, I have had a cycle since he was 6 months old and thoguht not regular, it's been fairly close. Now I am on CD 46(of a 28-29 day cycle) without a period. Hmmm. The only times in my life I have missed are pregnancy adn nursing... 11 months for the first child and 6 for the second. Once they come back they don't just go away again. I've had some of my symptoms.. moodiness, fatigue, tenderness, fast weight loss (when I get pg I lose about 15 lbs right away) visions changes. I am getting Mike to bring me a test tonight but since I am only 18 days past I don't know if they will be accurate. I guess I have to wait and test every week again. truthfully, I want mine to be negative, we don't want to be pregnant, but if I am I want to know as soon as I can so that I can deal with my feelings.


00fresh - February 7

Hey Ladies, I went to the Doctor monday(Feb 6)..they did a blood test on me ....3 hrs later I got my period at work! My period was almost 2 weeks late!! The mind can definately play tricks on ya, good luck girls.


help! - February 7

I have been reading some of these posts and also worried. I have not gotten my period for 2 months - since December - and I have taken a test (EPT) which came out negative. The past couple of weeks I have been extremely exhausted, and having a hard time getting up to get ready in the morning and I just want to sleep all the time. I don't have any common symptoms such as nausea so I'm a bit confused. I don't have insurance yet since I'm a new employee, but the Dr. I go to would cost me $200+ just for an exam. Should I wait a little longer and take another test? Or am I waiting too long? Need advice quick!


Nikki aka Bummed - February 7

Hi all.....I will start off that I am about 42 days late for my period....I took a hpt today and it came back negative. I am having some symtoms of pregnancy (besides missed period) including cramping(mostly in sides and lower back), extra tiredness, yellowish discharge. I am stressed out I am not sure if that can be my problem or not. I lost my mom in Sept. and my gram in Jan. Money has been tight that is why I have only done one hpt. I have another I will do in a week if I still have no period. If its negative also then I guess its off to the doctor for me. This negative test really bummed me out though but reading from this site gave me some hope.....Let me know your thoughts please.....


Help! - February 7

Hey Nikki, I am in the same boat. I am tight on money and am stessing over financial problems as well as family issues. I am feeling extremely tired, but took the EPT test and came out negative. I too am worried and hope I am not having any critical health problems. Let me know your progress, cine you are 45 days late and I'm about 60 days!?! I am occasionally irregular but this is way too long. Oh man! The stress!


Hoping... - February 10

Nikki and Help!- Stress can lead to your symptoms of being tired, depressed, and missed periods especially. You might be pregnant, but if you go longer than 2 months without your period, you should go to the doctor. Once you are two months along a blood test should be positive. Nikki- so sorry to hear about the loss of your mom and grandmother and good luck with everything. And here is my story- I am a mother of 1, a beautiful daughter who is 4 years old. My husband had a vasectomy 2 years ago... we thought it was the right decision... WRONG! I want more than anything to have another child now and he does too. We are looking into getting it reversed. As of today I am 16 days late... and I have the same symptoms as the rest of you. At 10 days late I took the EPT test... Negative ( which I expected... but I was hoping by some chance I might be). I have read stories about other women getting pregnant 2-10 years after their husbands had a vasectomy. Well... to wrap this up, I am going to wait another week and hope that I am pregnant and if I don’t get my period by then I will call the doctor. Good luck to all of you, but keep in mind that stress, diet, depression, hormones, and disease can all lead to missed periods. Go to your doctor if you’re really late.


rrc - February 21

this is to "Hoping....", one of my best friends got pregnant after her husband had his vasectomy 4 1/2 years prior. They were shocked to say the least (had a boy and a girl and thought they were done). After some research, she found that sometimes vasectomys reverse at 4-5 years. Which sounds like maybe that's where you're at. Best of luck to you!


luckymom - February 21

i am going through the same thing as well i am 21 days late now too all negatives blood and urine...and my doc just tells me to keep doing the hpt test unless i get my period or i get a BFP good luck


Aussie Mercedes - February 21

Hi ladies. I’m back from the Dr’s and the news like you is not what I hoped!! No baby. I didn’t tell him about the cyst or the other US because I wanted to see what he could find. He was really excellent and informative. He says the cyst is luteal and that it appears that a pregnancy began but did not progress which he believes is why I haven’t had a period. He says everything looks very good and very normal and not to worry. He ran a blood test with several checks – BHCG, LSH, LH, Progesterone and a bunch of others. He is confident that my period should return next time it is due which is next week. He couldn’t see any fibroids. He also organised for tests to be run on hubby to check is little men. We should get the results back in a few weeks. The news is not what I wanted, but hopefully I will get back on track soon and can try again. Wishing you all better luck and baby dust - Marian


rrc - February 23

hi erika and luckymom.... any news yet? I'm just a little ways behind you (20 days late now) and wondering if you've got a bfp yet? Gook luck!


luckymom - February 23

hi rrc ill find out everything on my appt tomorrow hopefully they will do my us wish me luck how are you


rrc - February 24

Hopefully your doc has good news, luckymom. I'm still waiting for either AF for BFP. Still neither. Let me know what your doc says.


Brenda B - February 26

im also late...21 days to exact. My last period was JAn-5 and had done 3 cheap test all negative....my b___st is tender and have nausea...if im preagnant will be my 3rd child...very exciting. But i never had these before...going thru so many test....


luckymom - February 26

hi RRC well i had my appoint on friday she did a pelvic exam ill have my US on 13march so here to the waiting game again lol goo d luck


April - February 26

Anybody ever heard of someone who was pregnant with no b___st soreness/tenderness or nausea? I'm 9 days late. Usually 28 days on the day and just wondering. I am going to take an HPT tomorrow morning. I'll let you know...



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