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April - February 26

Anybody ever heard of someone who was pregnant with no b___st soreness/tenderness or nausea? I'm 9 days late. Usually 28 days on the day and just wondering. I am going to take an HPT tomorrow morning. I'll let you know...


maren - February 26

b___st soreness/tenderness or nausea are just some signs that someone may get when pregnant not everyone gets them so yea its normal


rrc - February 27

Hi luckymom, hopefully you really will be a lucky mom! :) That's too bad you still have to wait, though. That's the worst. I did another hpt on Saturday, but still BFN. By last period was on Jan 5, so I'm a little mystified because I don't have a lot of symptoms, but my mom didn't either. So who knows, maybe I'm just really late. Time will tell, i guess. Hopefully the US goes well. Let me know.


April - February 27

Tested this morning...10 days late and showing negative. Still no symptoms so I don't know what to think. I'll wait a few more days and test again.


chelley - March 28

Just for some of you who are really late. I was seven weeks pregnant before I got a positive test. at 4wks3days I took a blood test which even came back neg but then took a beta blood test at 7 and there it was....oh and hpt's were still negative I don't think I ever got a positive urine test with my son so ask for the test where they can measure your levels. Iam now trying for my second after a year and a half so wish me luck it was so easy with my son and now I'm starting to get anxious. so good luck to you all and hope ya'll have +'s soon


Kristen - March 31

I have a question...do i count days since my missed period from the date of my last normal period? or the date of the last period? i'm pretty sure the last one was implantation bleeding, but if that's the case then my last normal period was february 15th! 4 neg. hpt so far and one negative urine test at the doctor's office. so i'm either 4 weeks or 7 weeks along...i have all the symptoms but am worried that it's a cyst or something else. i was on yasmin when i started having nausea, extra gas, aversion to certain smells, etc. i lose my lunch every few days too, and have a hard time keeping food down the other times...sore b___sts, etc...but no spotting. my next period "should" come next wednesday....any advice? i would love to know if i am or not because obviously we weren't prepared for this :) so i haven't been taking prenatals or anything.


chelley - March 31

kristen they usually count from your last normal period like by the time you'd have your first missed period you would only be 4 weeks. Implantation bleeding shouldn't be like a period at all it shouldn't be heavy and last for more than two days.


kristen - March 31

so i DON'T count the implantation bleeding as a period...that would mean my last period was feb. 8th...that would make me 7 weeks along??? i'm confused. i took another hospital urine preg test today and the doctor (a male non ob/gyn) told me that he didn't think i was pregnant because it would have shown on the urine test, and that probably something else is wrong...but from what i've heard, many women don't find out until they are 2 or 3 months along. i hate feeling like the hypochondriac crazy non-pregnant women whenever i go in to take a test. hopefully a blood test will be more effective...any advice on which kind? so far the doc ordered a qualitative test and gave me the lab papers for it but said i'd be better off waiting until next week to see if i get my period before i get blood taken. he was very very doubtful but all the women i've talked to said that it was probable...it sucks not to be able to be happy about a pregnancy when i'm throwing up and feeling all these symptoms but the tests are all negative!


chelley - April 1

Kristen, I didn't get a positive test with my son until I was seven weeks pregnant and thats counting even one blood test at 5 weeks the same thing happened to my sister except she was 13 weeks.....if you are pregnant and you say you should be about seven weeks ask for an ulstra sound you should be able to see a heartbeat or cyst or something that is stopping your period.....was the "implantation bleeding" heavy and how long did it last? I hope everything turns out how you want it to.


kristen - April 1

thanks for your answer, chelley...the implantation bleeding was not heavy at all...in fact it was kind of like how my period looks when it's tapering off...pinkish-brown instead of bright red, and really light...about 3 days long. my husband wants to wait until next thursday to see if my period comes, but many women say they got their period during pregnancy. only time will tell! (i hope.)


Wishfull Thinking - April 1

I'm a bit nervous, I have always had irregular peroids, one month it would be 35 days in between or sometimes even 40 days, but i have never been this late before, I have taken about 4 hpt but they keep coming back negative. I feel a little queezy when i eat particular foods and my stomach is a bit firm (which i noticed my pants are a bit tight)and I've been extremely moody but thats all the signs i got. I haven't been to the doctors yet and I'm a little scared. Its been about 48 days from my last period. I'm going to see my doctor this week. Is it possible to be pregnant and only have a few signs?


chelley - April 2

yup only time will tell.....I just ovulated about a week ago and I'm hoping that I concieved so I'll keep you posted if you'll do the same. Good luck again.


LeannaCoba - April 9

Well I am officially 13 days late and have spent alot of $ on urine tests. All have come up negative and I do not understand. I took my last birth control pill on 2/27/06 and have a period 2/28/06 which lasted seven days. As of today 4/9/06 no period and and tired sometimes have nausea and the doctor said to come back in two weeks because she dose not think I am pregnant that was 4/4/06. What should I think? I feel pregnant but the tests are negative. By the way this would be my second pregnancy I had twins in my first pregnancy.


amateur - April 9

to LeannaCoba, my last period was on the 28th of feb too! i still dont have my period and some days i feel great, but some my uterus feels like it is about to break thru my stomach. i also have a little discharge that is sometimes white sometimes brown. i have a blood test on thursday. i am so nervous! well, let me kno how urs goes! crazy were in the same boat in a way! good luck to all. some of these stories are so inspiring!


lil_cutie - April 10

i'm 17 days late ive had all the sings of being preg and last night i got what i thought was my period but now i'm not so sure its a hell of alot light than my usual period.... it started last night really lightly and this mornigh it got quite heavy and now its gone back to a light flow. i'm not really sure what it is because my periods are usually heavy for the first 2 days or so then it starts to get lighter its like i'm on my fourth day of my period. im going to take another hpt on wednesday too see whats going on. i'm kind on worried aswell because im getting cramps like i wud do when i get my period... maybe it is my period i'm not really sure..... ARGGGG im just so confused on what it could be


reeny04 - April 11

ok.......I'm 20 and now offically 13 days late.....i'm having some symptoms (headache, bloating, nauseua, sore b___bs).....normally I cramp the day before AF and it goes away after day two. My cycles are 4-5 days and 28-30 days apart. I've never been this late. Only taken one test . Boyfriend doesn't think I am. He claims its just late PMS. I know how I feel and I have never felt like this before. I don't have insurance so a doc visit for bld test is out of the question right now. I'd have to be absolutely sure first to spend money I don't have right now. But after reading this and several other threads, I'm not sure it would be worthwhile until later down the road. I plan on testing again tomorrow or the next day if AF doesn't come. Please help!



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