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reeny04 - April 11

ok.......I'm 20 and now offically 13 days late.....i'm having some symptoms (headache, bloating, nauseua, sore b___bs).....normally I cramp the day before AF and it goes away after day two. My cycles are 4-5 days and 28-30 days apart. I've never been this late. Only taken one test . Boyfriend doesn't think I am. He claims its just late PMS. I know how I feel and I have never felt like this before. I don't have insurance so a doc visit for bld test is out of the question right now. I'd have to be absolutely sure first to spend money I don't have right now. But after reading this and several other threads, I'm not sure it would be worthwhile until later down the road. I plan on testing again tomorrow or the next day if AF doesn't come. Please help!


lil_cutie - April 12

well i went to the doctor a few days ago and they told me that the couldn't do a pregnancy test which i thought was really stupid and i was really annoyed about that. and they told me to do a hpt and comein when i get a positive. my doctor has complete trust in the clear blue hpt's i then started spotting sunday night and then monday morning i got realy bad cramps and i startd bellding really big blood clots so i went back to the doctor monday afternoon and told them about my clots and stuff and the finally decided to send me off for a blood test and i just got the results bak and it said the by hcg levels were low and that i was in fact pregnant and a hpt couldn't of dectected it. and that the bleedingwas a miscarriage.


Shorty06 - April 13

Hi, today is the 18th day of which i have missed my periods, i have had 6 tests, 2 blood and 4HPT/urine/ i have all the symptoms of my periods and all tests have come back negative, i am not under major stress and my periods have been a normal 30 days, am i pregnant or am i just hoping im pregnant? ive been more tired than usual, peeing more, eating extra food, etc all the symptoms i belive are linked to being pregnant as from having people around me that are pregnant i know most symptoms,, i myself belive i am pregnant even though these tests are saying im not. the doctor said that the blood tests would have shown up straight away. I dont belive it. im leaving it another two weeks before i go in and get another test done to find out if i am and if im not than im going to get an ultrsound and make the doctors make sure whats going on. please help me if anyone is in the same situation. e-mail me if you can help me. [email protected]


reeny04 - April 14

Well, I took another test today. The signs just weren't going away and the hunger was increasing by the hour. It came up postive almost immediatly. I just I ovulated later in the cycle than I thought. Well, wish me luck on the next 18 yrs. Ready or not here WE come. If anyone is willing....I don't have anyone I can really talk to....parents or sister......no insurance....SCARED!


reeny04 - April 15

well, i went to a clinic today to talk to a counsuler and get information on prenatial care. They needed to pregnancy test done in the office for some paperwork. Low and behold, both tests were NEG. What is going on? The test yesterday turned POS withing seconds. I really feel like I'm going nuts and my body is turning on me. I'm going for a blood test Mon (the lab is closed this weekend). Should know definate then. I was getting used to the idea that life was going to be really different and harder. Then out of nowhere.....WHAM! two negs.....I'm feeling the signs more so today than ever. Plus the crying seems to be non-stop (that could be for several reasons though). Anyone have any ideas why it turned neg on me?


chelley - April 16

Kristen are you pregnant? Haven't seen anything from you lately, just wondering if you have any baby news.


sam1902 - March 28

I am 11 days late and have previously had an ectopic pregnancy, I have taken 6 HPT all negative and one blood test today which turned out to be negative. I was due on the 17th March and I have had a couple of days spotting (brown discharge very slightly), nausea, heartburn, period like pains, lower abdominal pains and being light headed. Can anybody advise if you have experienced an ectopic and been late on your period and have gone on to have a normal pregnancy. I am feeling very low at the moment, I was happy that my bloods turned out to be negative as I thought that I wouldn't need to experience going through another heartache of an ectopic. I would appreciate if you could repsond with your advice.


Krook - March 28

Well I'm 18 days late today, and no signs of starting at all. Have not even seen a tinge of pink even since February 19.... ie: last day of period. I'm not under any more stress lately then normal, actually I'm under a lot less stress then I'm used to lately. Been nauseous all the time for the last 2 weeks straight. My belly is sticking out so much it is making me look like I'm 4 months along already. I'm not getting any sore b___sts at all..... just really tired all the time, going to the bathroom a lot more often and basically not being able to eat enough to feel full or if I do, it don't last long before I feel like I haven't ate in days. My lower back has been so sore for days now. I took a hpt test 2 days ago, it came out negative of course..... I went for a blood test at the doctors office yesterday, should know the results of that by next week sometime probably. I'm just not sure what to think, any thoughts?


sam1902 - March 29

Hi Krook, I know exactly how you feel as I haven't seen my period for 12 days, my last period date was 17 February. I went to A & E yesterday for a blood test but it came back negative, I am nervous as I am so frightened that I may have tested to early and the doctors have got it wrong and that it may turn out to be ectopic. I am trying not to get stressed as this will delay my period even more, but I am going to wait another 2 weeks before going back to the doctor, I know that after searching the internet for answers that I am not on my own - how strange is the human body - is just need some answers. Please keep in touch and let me know the results of the blood test. Good luck, I will be thinking of you :)


qamont - June 12

Hi i have regular enough periods. Well when i say regular they are either 4/5 weeks every month. But this month i'm 16 days late, well over 6 weeks. I can't understand. I was late once before like this and i thought i was pregnant so i took the hpt and it came up negative - so disappointing. This time i went to the doctor on Monday and he took a hpt - negative - disappointing again, and then he took blood test, so i have to wait for around a week or so to find out the results of that. My only symptons are sore b___sts for the past 2 weeks and cramps as though i'm going to have my period at any stage, although the cramps have pa__sed now and its only the sore b___sts?? Can't understand what is going on with my system? Do anyone else have the problem?


jewell23 - July 6

Hi, I am currently 11 days late, having a few odd symptoms that could mean I am pregnant. I took a digital hpt today after lunch and it cameback negative. I am thinking since it was only about 30 min after eating and drinking 2 large drinks, I could have diluted the hcg level in my urine? I was 11 days late last time I had a psoitive HPT but I had miscarraige last August. I am not having as pronounced symptoms, but it is possible..Anybody have any opinions?


klear86 - July 22

I am currently 13 days late. I have taken three pregnancy test and they all came back negative( 2 First Response and a cheapo). I am worried that I am not pregnant and something else is wrong with me. I have never been late on my period for as long as I can remember. I took the first test when I was 3 days late. Then I took the second one when I was 8 days late. I just took the third test this morning, 13 days late. I have a doctors appointment this Friday where I will be getting a full checkup, including a blood test.


Nessa777 - July 31

I feel u on that...i too am worried. I am 23 days late and have had 3 negative tests, tho the first 2 i think i took too soon and the 3rd on i took 17 days after i had intercourse...i too wish i knew what was up...i dont have the symptoms of a eptopic pregnancy thank God...


sunnyDD - August 29

Hi I'm also late 15 days to be exact. I did a EPT yesterday and it came out negative. I dont really have too many symptoms apart from some cramping I've experienced today. I'm going to wait till Monday than I will get a blood test done. I'm not sure how I feel at the moment but part of me does want to be pregnant...


sunnyDD - August 29

Hi I'm also 18 days late for my period. I'm usually never late expect for one time where I was 5 days late. I'm not feeling any symptoms yet except for some c___pping today. I'm going to do a blood test on Monday. I'm hoping its positive....


onessa - November 21

Hi guys I'm also 18days late..took 2 tests both neg but it was the 99cents test ... having symptoms .. lower back pain severely, swollen brest ,nausea, pain in the lower right side of my belly ,and cramps....what should I do next ?..and what does this mean ?.. helppp please



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