18 Days Late Amp 2 Neg HPT S

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4cats1house - May 13

AF was due Apr 25th. Took One Step HPT from Wal-Mart Canada (cheapest brand they had) on May 1st - neg. Took the second test this morning - neg. I would like to know what is going on. I just turned 37 and have to wonder if it is the start of menapause. I thought you had to be older for that. It has been 46 days since my last AF. The longest I ever went between AF's is 35 days. (I have been tracking AF for over 3 years). Getting a neg HPT is really hard on the heart. I just want to scream "WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME". I have read on this board about HCG not being produced/detected but still being pregnant - makes me wonder if that is the case. Should I have bought a name brand/more expensive HPT? Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.


sara b - May 13

I used a regular two lines means pregnant (believe it was first response) with my first. But by the time I took that test I was 11+ weeks so I don't know if they are good for early pg. I took the EPT digital with my daughter night before AF was due. No guessing about lines and knew for sure. I believe it was worth the price. Although now I am in the same boat as you. I am on CD 38. I had what may have been implantation bleeding and I've had to leave work because of nausea. I fell asleep in the conference room and I have to pee constantly. THe only thing is two first response and one digital HPT have all said BFN. Maybe I need a different brand everytime? I dunno but I think I might just be crazy. I wish you luck.


4cats1house - May 17

now 22 days late and still nothing. If this was a "messed up" month, I should know around the 23rd (when next AF would be due). I'm hoping that she doesn't show and that I get a BFP soon. I will call my doctor if no AF by end of May (that would be 2 missed AF's) to see what is going on. Wish me luck on a BFP. Baby dust to all.


marcialynn - May 17

It's crazy I thought that this kind of this wasn't common...but yesterday I found this site and WOW...it is so common. I am not as far along as you both...my last AF was April 3, but I am like clock work (every 28days)...have been for 12 years! My husband and I have been trying since March 25...but ALL the HTP and Dr's urine test come back BFN...I have a follow up appt on the 29th of May. I completely understand what 4cats1house said about BFN hpt's being hard on the heart...I am scared to get excited cause I don't but I feel it. I have all kinds of symptons...I am constantly tired (taking naps at 630pm, then in bed by 930pm)...peeing lots, cravings and ALWAYS being hungry...nausea...I am either hungry or nausea's all day...I JUST WANT TO KNOW! :) Makes me feel normal to know that so many are going through this... :) Hoping the best for us all.



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