18 Missed My Period Used Protection

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Worried - December 6

Hi everyone! I am a young one here. I am 18 years old and really scared I might be pregnant. I don't think I am really, but I missed my period and I have been worrying about it for 2 weeks now. Here is my story. I had s_x with my boyfriend for maybe 4 minutes (he was wearing a condom), but it was too painful for me so we stopped. He didn't finish inside me cause we only did it for 4 minutes max. Then I had a stress attack a few days after we had s_x (school related) and then my period never came. I had a yeast infection around the time I was suppose to have my period, and i had a lot of brown. With yeast infections, I have had brown before, so no big surprise there. So, I have been so worried that I went to the doc. did a urine test - neg. than bought an E.P.T. -neg. I am still worried. I mean the chances seem so slim. Can anyone give me advice so I can stop worrying...... Thank you


B - December 10

Worried, I was in your shoes when I was 18. Only my bf did finish inside me and the condom broke! But If he didn't finish and the condom was intact you are probably ok and it is just stress related. BUT to be sure you should take a HPT or go to the Community Clinic in your area and have a test done there. Should be free or close to it. Good luck!!


advice from a 16 year old - December 15

girl dont be worried! Im 16 and missed my period. Im sure it wii show up periods dont usully come when you have a yeast infection.


connie - December 15

I'm sure you are NOT pregnant. Condoms work very well in preventing pregnancy when used properly and it sounds like you did. And contrary to popular belief, they do not "break" that often. They are put through very rough and rigourous testing. I am 35 years old and know from plenty of experience with them. I however, cannot get pregnant and my husband and I just adopted a 2 year old little boy from Ukraine in May. We have been pregnant a few times, only to end in very early miscarriages. I think back on my teenage days of the times I worried if I was Pregnant and think if I had known how difficult it would have been for me to get pregnant, I wouldn't have worried myself so much. :) Your late period is ABSOLUTELY due to your stress and worry level. In my "younger years" ( I still look and feel pretty young) :) I worried myself into a period that was aver 2weeks late. And also, you period WILL come when you have a yeast infection. This has no effect on your menstrual cycle. So, STOP WORRYING! But, do continue to use condoms!! You and your boyfriend sound very responsible :) To 16 year old: You do sound like a very uninformed teenager. Please do your research, the info. that you have given is false.


hah - January 3

nah u aint


Hisamie - November 5

I doubt your pregnant. Stress usually effects your period and the fact you so nervous about it will do the same thing. Trust me I know I was late on my period and I though I was pregnant, turns out I wasnt. Had my period a two weeks later when I calmed down. So don't stress over it.



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