1 Week Late Cramping Indigestion Neg Digital Test

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stephmal - June 12

AF was due 6-5-06, I am now 7 days late. Normally i'm like clockwork every 34 days. I took 3 clearblue easy digital tests, one on first day of missed period, one four days past and one today. I did take the first two at night, and the last one in the afternoon. all three times there was a dark blue line and a very faint blue line when i removed the stick from the cartridge. I have light cramping, headaches, major indigestion, a bit of nausea when i have the headaches. Also had very bad diahhrea over the weekend (sorry tmi). Am I just late our could I still be pg? should wait a few more days and test again? Has anyone else had similar experience with digital test? Sould I try a different kind, if so which one?


wrangler26 - June 20

I tried First Response and all 3 were negative, so I switched to EPT tests and both were positive. I am going to the doctor on wednesday to get a blood test done. I have had some of the same symptoms that you have been having. I would try switching to a different test to see if you get a different result. IF you still get a negative result wait and see if your P comes and if not then I would go to the doc and get a blood test.


chely - June 20

Try also to taking it during your first urination of the day. This is the time that everything in your bladder is the most saturated and it will give you a more realistic answer.


stephmal - June 21

Well, I am now 16 days late. I tried the first response on saturday (12 days late) with first morning urine, and still neg. I have a lot of cm lately too. I'm still checking for ovulation regularly with my ovulation microscope, just in case. I also read on another forum that drinking green tea might help af come. I started doing that a couple of nights ago to see if af comes, if not then its time to see the dr.


Tlwanner - June 21

I took a CBE digital and it was a BFN, while being 2 days late, now 5-6 days late I took one and got a BFP, looked at test sticks and with my BFN there was a faint 2nd line, with the BFP there was no 2nd line, so from doing research, those line mean nothing at all. The test wroks differently and can only detect 50 hcg levels....still may be to early to tell.


chely - June 21

50 is really high to test for. When they do your blood test they say that 25 is definitely prego and 10 is not. If you're inbetween then they wait a week and test again to see if it goes up or down. If it goes up, then they see how far up it goes, if it's slow, then it may be an ectopic pregnancy, if it goes down then maybe a mc. But if it goes up significantly then you probably are. So, you should take a test with a lower hcg level.



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