20 Days Late No Period False Blood Test

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Iracrystal - September 10

Hi all, I am 20 days late for my period, a false blood beta test, no cramping but slight ache in lower stomach, and going crazy. Has anyone gone through this and were still pregnant? Or has gone through this situation at all? We have been trying for so long.


djb - August 7

Hi! I am going through the exact same thing. I haven't had a period in 2 months and one hpt came out positive and all the rest and I mean there were a lot of them came out neg. I am very discourage and frustrated. I have a dr. appt on tues and I think she thinks that I am a tad wacky. I'm probably not. Good luck to you and hope for the best.


iracrystal - August 8

Thanks djb...It is really comforting to know that I am not the only onw going through this...It's hard not knowing what's going on especiialy when you want a baby so badly...Thanks for you reponse...Let us know how the appt. goes...


CP - September 9

Hi, I am going thru the same thing. I am on day 50 but just started to spot today. I have never in my life been this late. All neg. preg. tests and neg. blood tests. Yes, I feel like everyone thinks I am wacky too. So I guess this is it for me. Good luck for you guys.


Julie - September 10

Hi Iracrystal, I am going through the same thing too. Lmp was July 24th, have always been regular, never missed a period. Had blood test on Aug 31st, was negative, less than 2, many many many expensive hpts negative. I have every symptoms, tender bbs, cramping, extreme fatigue ( I just napped in the work bathroom for 10 minutes LOL), tons of watery discharge........I'm going back next week to have another test. I think I might have ovulated late. Trust your body. ps, you're not crazy!!! I've read tons of people having the same situation on here.........good luck!


sos - September 10

i missed 2 periods (july & aug). i went to the doc and got a urine test that came out neg. and now i've been spotting very light for like 10 days....whats goin on????


Stephanie - September 14

Hi Girls, Been reading the thread here & though you might like to hear my situation. When I got preg with my son 8 years ago I had several neg HPT's. I finally got a pos blood test after I had missed my 2nd period. I just found out yesterday that I am pregnant again. My LMP was 7/8/04 from then to now I have had 10 neg. HPT's & 2 neg blood tests at Dr. By my calculations I should be about 9 1/2 weeks along & I just finally got a + blood test yesterday. Some of us are just slow to start producing horomone I guess. Oh I also took a urine test yesterday after I got the + blood test & it was neg. Guess it's still not enough to detect in urine but it was a definate + with the blood. Hope this helps. Good Luck!


angelique - September 18

thanks stephanie, because i am having a similiar problem as these other girls... my periods are never really fully regular but they always come by day 28 they range from 25-28 days in cycle normally but i am going on like day 40 or so and have cramping as if my period is coming but it never does... i am thinking i will make an appt to go get a blood test to see if i really am pregnant... thanks for your input


Nanci - September 19

I myself am going through the same thing as everyone else here. I am 10 days late for my period and have never been more than a day early or late. Have had many -hpt's and -blood test yesterday. Have cramping and other symptoms..not sure if I am just going crazy!! Going to wait a little while longer and take another blood test, but I thought those were accurate? Really wish I am pregnant!


PRS - September 22

Hi I am going through the same thing, I am 20 days late, took 2 hpt and they came out negative. Im gonna wait till next week to take another hpt.... I wish you the best......Good Luck!!!!!


Tonya - September 25

Hi everyone, sounds like we all have the same problem. I haven't had a period since the end of July, went for blood work and it was NEGATIVE. How aggravating is that. The dr did an ultra sound on me and right off the bat, he said "yup you are pregnant" i was so excited but then he said well it might be a cyst on the cervix, so I am thinking, how can you not know the difference. So he said we will go on what the blood work says, and of course it said NEGATIVE. I have all the symptoms of pregnancy as well. I do have a cyst on my left ovary though. Any ideas or suggestions? I guess I am just abnormal and have the "baby blues." I want a baby realllll bad. Any ideas on what the problem may be? Should I go have another ultrasound done or what?


goingcrazy - September 29

If anyone has discovered the reason for your late period, would you please update. I'm very curious if anyone started now or are pregnant. Thanks


goingcrazy - September 29

I'm now 10 days late--never this late. I never kept track of my periods so I'm not sure how many days in between I have. Had 2 neg. hpts and 1 neg. blood test. My gyn told me if I hadn't started this week and the 2nd blood test came back negative she was going to put me on hormones to start my period. With my first pregnancy I took a HPT the day after I missed my period and it was positive and blood test was positive the day after that.


nathaly - September 29

Hi. im a month late and my blood test and home test said neg but i have all the symptoms of a pregnancy...a little help...


mny - September 30

i am upset because i have not started my period last month when i went the dr. told me i was not pregnant but i still have'nt gotten a period and now im 2 months late.


Tonya - October 1

Well sad to say but I finally started my period. All I can think of why I was 2 months late for my period is STRESS and some weight gain. Several factors can cause a late period but I was just wishful thinking. However my dr did give me pills to make me start ovulating so that I can conceive so I will keep updating to let you know how it works.



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