22 Days Late Still BFNs

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angelmamma329 - March 22

I am beyond frustrated! I was supposed to start on Mar. 1st and I am regular to 28 days right down to the TIME of day that I start. I'm profoundly confused. I wasn't planning a pregnancy (I have three children, 6, 4, and 2) so I'm pretty sure that it's not all in my head (although I would be beyong ecstatic to be pregnant again). I have tested every few days for the past three weeks, including this morning, and they have all been negative. I have never been late (unless of course I was pregnant) and I'm wondering what this could be if it's not a pregnancy. I haven't been to my OB yet because my DH just changed jobs and his insurance doesn't start until next week. I have that "full" feeling in my abdomen, I have put on a few pounds, and my br___ts are sore , and have gone up a full cup size. I plan on going in for a blood test when I can get into the doctor, but it's unlikely that they will fast track my test until I get a positive HPT. I just wish that one of these tests would be a BFP, or my period would just come already so I can move on with my life and get out of this limbo. Anyone else test BFN and still end up pregnant being more than 3 weeks late? Help!


lillybug - March 24

Hey angelmamma- I'm three weeks late today and tomorrow I go in to see my OB. Not sure what she'll say or do because it my first time being late like this. I have also been getting BFN's and yesterday morning I saw a positive line for like 30 seconds and then it went away so I'm also confused. I also just want to know so that I can go on with my life. This waiting period sucks but thats all we can do. Have you tried a ParentHood clinic. They take donations and sometimes a small fee for pregnancy test.


angelmamma329 - March 24

I hope that everything works out for you! I'm glad that I'm not the only one in this boat! It's so frustrating to be in this limbo! I was training for a figure compet_tion (form of bodybuilding) and I had to tone down my training after I was late, because I lift such heavy weight. So every week that goes by, I'm not able to workout the way I'm used to. I'm so confused because I have NEVER been late. Now, even after all of the bfn's my DH is hoping upon hope that I am expecting because he wants to have another baby. I have thought of going to planned parenthood in my area... but I figure they're just going to give me the same kind of test that I'm taking at home anyway, so it will likely be bfn too. So, I'm waiting it out until I can go into my OB and get either a blood test, or an ultrasound. Keep me updated, it's comforting to know that we aren't alone!


angelmamma329 - March 24

I read your other post lilly, and can I just say wow?! You know 2 people who tested bfn until 4mos? You are going to give me hope that I could actually be expecting! :o) Best of luck at the doctor tomorrow!


angelmamma329 - March 24

I'm going to take another hpt im the morning (thank goodness for dollar tree lol) so wish me luck. It's been almost 4 weeks, I'm praying for my bfp in the morning and laying it all down at God's feet. Please keep me in your prayers everyone!


sdonahu1 - March 25

Angel, let us know the results, I am yet to get a postive test too and I'll be 4 weeks late on Friday.


angelmamma329 - March 25

Blah... still BFN. I thought I saw a light line in the tes area... but I am pretty sure I was just imagining it. This stinks! I'm at a loss for what else it could be. I am so regular that it just doesn't make any sense. DH is driving me crazy though. He said he wants me to be pregnant, but if I'm not that he doesn't want any more kids... so aside from not making a whole lot of sense, it's a less than supportive stance because now that I'm going through this, I'm ready to ttc again. However it looks like we're not going to agree on that, so he's changed his stance to "neutral" (i.e. he's not talking about it anymore). So I think I'm going to limit any conversations about wanting babies to online and leave the stress out of my marriage. I am starting to feel pressure to have another baby. I had a "cut-off" age for getting pregnancies out of the way. I wanted to be done having kids before my birthday in 09' (one year from this Sat.) and he wants to revisit having kids in 3 years. He only says that because he knows that in that much time that I won't want to have anymore kids. GAH! Frustrated.


denak - March 25

Hey everyone! I am 2+ weeks late. It's good t o know I'm not the only one going through this. I have 3 kids (7, 5, almost 2). I am in nursing school right now. As if it wasn't stressful enough, now I am dealing with being late and not knowing for sure what is wrong! I am never late and I have many of the same symtpoms as my previous pregnancies. My doctor keeps telling me since I am testing negative on the hpt's it is probably stress. I have had 2 tests to say positive, but then I take a follow-up test and it's negative. It's definitely an emotional roollercoaster. I hope you find resolution soon also!


sdonahu1 - March 25

Angel i wouldnt stress out too much, I was stressing seriously and it was driving me crazy. If you are regular as you say you are then you probably are pregnant. I have read a thousand stories where women dont show up pos for a while... I am regular and NEVER late and I have just come to the point where I am stress free and I go along thinking I am pregnant. If there is no other reason for you to miss your period then you probably are... you said you were due for your period on March 1st so if you dont get it April 1st then I would say you are def pregnant. Don't trust those stupid tests I have found them now to be a waste of money! Goodluck!


angelmamma329 - March 28

Well... 28 days late... had I not skipped my last AF, I would be expecting one tomorrow. We'll see what happens. I'm going to test in the morning, but I don't expect that anything will change... if I were going to get a BFP, I would think that I would have gotten one by now. On the plus side... my DH's insurance has kicked in, and if no AF I'm going to make a doctor appt on Monday. WIsh my lots of luck and baby dust!


angelmamma329 - March 31

well, here's a short update... still no AF (31 days now)... I did get ahold of my doctor's office today, and I will be going in tomorrow to try and figure out WHAT is going on?!? Any other updates? Anyone find out they're expecting despite those darn BFNs


angelmamma329 - April 1

T-5 hours until my doc appt lol. I have my fingers crossed so tightly that I think I'm beginning to lose circulation! I am just hoping that my OB will just cut out the middle man (blood test) and just give me an in office sonogram. He's a pretty proacive guy, but we'll see... I sure am going to suggest it! Maybe he will break out the doppler, but I would only be 8w3d, so it's a little early for that. Here's hoping that the clinical urine test just comes back positive and I don't have to go through any of that. We'll see.


sdonahu1 - April 1

I took a test Friday night, Sat AM and Sun AM... all negative and still no AF


angelmamma329 - April 1

Spoke to my OB today... big shock, urine test came back bfn... ya think? But he refused to even give me a blood test. He gave me a script for provera, and insisted that I get on birth control... why you may ask... because someone my age shouldn't be getting pregnant again. I said I didn't want the BC and he gave it to me anyway and asked me to "consider it." I considerately torn the script up and left it in the doorway to his office.... what a douche. I can't believe people are still discriminating against me because of my age. I am a very mature, very intelligent, and extremely articulate... I don't come across any other way, and yet everyone a__sumes (based solely on my age) that I live in the projects and live off "the system." It's insulting. I am very well spoken, I am financially stable, Hell, I own my home free and clear (no mortgage) but because I'm 23 and have three children I am immediately type-cast as the high school drop out who got knocked up on prom night and can't figure out which side of the condom is up. ::::grumble::::: So, all in all I'm a little stressed, and now it's a waiting game for AF after 7 days of provera. Thank you all for the well wishes, and I hope you all have better luck than I did.


angelmamma329 - April 1

I re-read my post and had to LOL at my hypocrisy. I swear I am mature lol... so please disreguard the fact that I called my OB a douche :o) I am a little frazzled after waiting 4 weeks for my period only to be told that I wasn't even going to get a blood test. Apologies.


E586467 - April 1

Angel I know exactly what you mean about your doctor being a douche, lol. Mine too won't give me a blood test even though I am now 6wks late bc all the urine tests are neg (even though I got a pos using b___stmilk). Don't worry about what other people think regarding your age, I'm 26 with 2 kids 3yrs & 10mths (#3 maybe on the way), dh & I own & run a successful business, etc yet bc I look younger than my age & have kids people always a__sume the worst. Anyway I will keep my fingers crossed for all you girls still waiting for a BFP and hopefully I too will find out SOON what my body is doing.


sdonahu1 - April 3

I am sorry Angel :-( I still havent gotten to a doc... cant until 29th but no AF in sight. Your doc is a douche and if mine was that way I probably would have killed him.. you are like his customer, if you want a blood test, they should give you a blood test.



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