2 HPTs Amp 1 HCG Test Could I Still Be PG

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kdlovesrd - February 21

I am currently 57 days late from my previous cycle (last cycle was right on the 50th day and was so painful), been to the Dr. had a Blood Test done (-) and 2 HPT's (-) and put on a drug to force me to have my period. I have a weird feeling in my abdomen & have for a couple weeks now -- its not sharp shooting pain but more like pressure. It hurts to bend over too far & my pants feel like they are just restricting the life out of me. I always look forward to going home & putting on my stretchy pants since b/c everything I wear to work is hurting me. I have read on another thread about having too low of the LH hormone and women having an ultrasound done to prove the pregnancy and I'm curious, if I had my annual pap smear & exam, would the Dr. be able to tell if I was pregnant or not by that? My results were normal & I have no cysts but I'm not sure why I feel like someone has sat an anvil on my abdomen round the clock. Is anyone else experiencing this or has anyone experienced this? I need some advice!


DownbutnotOUT - February 21

I didnt have a period for a long time June 23-september 3, I'm not sure how many days but I do remember it was over 50. I had a faint + in July on a HPT and when I went to the hospital in August in sevre pain there tests came up BFN. I had a u/s done that showed my ovarian cyst (it was discovered in june during a u/s after my m/c) that had grown in size and was believed to be the route of my problems. I saw an OBGYN who could tell i was not pregnant from the way my cervix was, it wasent back and soft it was just normal he said. It is hard to explain why you havent had a period for so long and I would have insisted on a u/s before I took that pill. Also I am not sure how they can determine you have no cysts without doing u/s. good luck to you.


kdlovesrd - February 22

I am not sure how the OBGYN could tell I didn't have any cysts either. I know my mother is currently dealing with Fibroids and when I brought that up, she quickly said I didn't have any of the symptoms and that I looked "normal". She felt around on my ovaries and said everything felt ok but noticed my cervix was a bit inflamed. She ran tests on a specimen of it but it didn't produce any results. I've decided I'm not taking any more of the Medroxy and will just wait another week before I go back to the Dr. to get an ultrasound. I know my body really well and I just know something is not "right". I've only been late on my cycles maybe 2-3 days past my due date but that was because I was in college and stressed like crazy. Now I'm just working and living -- I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't do drugs, etc so I don't understand what could contribute to this LONG time frame of no cycle. No one in my family has had this problem before so there isn't many I can turn to for help!



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