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BHawkins - October 20

So I was not trying to get pregnant, I only just got engaged a little over a week ago... but last Friday before we went out to celebrate with our friends I decided to be on the safe side since I was a few days late (not unusual for me lately) and took a test. To my surprise and shock, I saw two lines. I insisted on retaking the test twice, as they were light pink lines instead of the darker ones I'd expect to be normal... (though light pink is apparently normal too) until finally I got fed up and looking for answers went to a walk-in clinic and lab. The nurse there looked at the tests I brought and confirmed they were positive results, but asked me to do another urine sample anyway...the doctor came in and did a pelvic exam, and once he was done he told me their test had come back negative and that I had no bluish coloring to my cervix so I couldn't be pregnant. When I asked him about the positive HPTs (First Response) he simply shrugged his shoulders and said he didn't know why they were giving me false positives. Two days pass, I begin to feel more and more pregnant. After work I pick up another pack of two tests. Sure enough, one of them comes up clearly positive. So I make the decision to call my GP in the morning... When I do that, the receptionist agrees that I must be pregnant with all those tests and didn't know why I had such an odd experience at the urgent care walk-in. However, she had not appointments available for weeks and suggested I go to an ER to get blood work. Last night after work I went to the ER, armed with an unused First Response. When they asked me to take a urine sample I also used my own test, which came up positive within the first minute. HOWEVER... when the doctor finally came in he told me that their test was negative. I was furious! I showed him the test I took with the same urine and he immediately seemed annoyed with the situation, admitting to me that sometimes their nurses don't wait the full 5 minutes like they are supposed to with their tests and that he would do one himself, asking for another sample. Sure enough, 5 minutes pass and it came out positive. Low HCG, but still positive, telling me either it is very early on in pregnancy or that it might not be viable or potentially is a tubal pregnancy. They took blood work and have me scheduled for an emergency ultrasound today. My point of this story is to tell everyone that labs make silly mistakes like these sometimes. Follow your gut and don't be afraid to tell a doctor you think they are wrong. If I didn't bring that extra test I might have walked out of the hospital with no answers... and if indeed this is a tubal pregnancy, I could have gone on ignoring my symptoms because of what two separate labs said and ruptured an ovary. Don't be afraid to stand up for yourselves.


517edrl - November 12

hun it wouldnt of destroyed your ovary just the tube and they would have to remove that whole sides tube and ovary... my cousin had a tubal and almost died so I know. but that is weird that happened to you with the labs.



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