2 Missed Periods Not Pregnant

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Angie - October 19

I've had all negative tests but no period for 2 months now. My doc told me to "just wait it out" last month and this month did a urine test (no blood test!) and then called in an order for Progesterone to start my period. She didn't explain anything (which makes me mad) but has anyone else had to "force a bleed"? I read so much on this site about people who really are pregnant even tho the test say negative, so I'm scared to take this prescription and get my period in case I really am pregnant. But after two months, I'd have to test positive by now, wouldn't I?


D - October 19

If you are pregnant and take the progesterone, your period wouldn't come. So there is no need to be scared to take the progesterone. Some pregnant women take that for preventing miscarriage. Your doc didn't explain anything because she doesn't know why, and the progsterone treatment will probably give both of you the answer.


Angie - October 19

Thank you so much--I appreciate your response.


Daile - October 20

Angie, I know how you feel. I was in the exact same situation. After missing two periods they gave me a progesterone pill to force my period, and they a__sured me it wouldn't hurt if I was pregnant. But guess what?? It didn't work!! Just a heads up, it's possible that the pill won't do anything! If that happens, you need to go back to the doctor. They can do other tests to tell if you're pregnant, and if you're definitely not, then they'll need to find out what's stopping your period.


Paige - October 24

I am so releived to read your question. My period is 24 days late. I have had all neg hpt and 1 neg blood test. My daughter is 2 years old and I am experiencing the exact same symptoms I did when I was pregnant with her. My dr also prescribed progerterone to trigger my period. I finished the dosage yesterday and guess what....no period. I talked with him today and he urges me to wait on my period a few more days and that it is highly unlikely that I am pregnant. I know I ovulated on Sep 15 (using clearblue easy test kit). Where is my period!!!!


Angie - October 25

I started on the Progesterone this weekend. How soon after you are done with the dose (mine is 10 days) are you supposed to get your period? Is it the same as going off the "pill" that it'll start in a few days?


Angie - November 1

Anyone else doing Provera to force AF? Can you tell me how long after finishing the pills you get AF? How long do I wait before calling the doctor?


Ra - November 2

My progestrone is 9 and I'm pregnant is that a problem?



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