2 Months 1 Week Late Neg At Home Test

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lisa c - January 26

I haven't had a period since Nov. 22. I've taken about 8 at home test all say neg. No preg. symptoms. Has anyone else had this happen and not been preg.?


Monique - January 26

I am two weeks late and neg home test and blood test. I feel like I'm pg and I have symptoms. I don't know what to say.


C - January 27

Hey Lisa - I haven't had mine since November 12th!! I've taken 6 HPT's. When I was only 1 and 2 weeks late, I took 2 EPT tests that were supposed to have 2 vertical lines if it was positive and 1 vertical line if it was negative. Both had one vertical and one horizontal. Two or three weeks later, I took 2 FIrst Response tests, both of which were negative. And two weeks ago (so pretty recently) I took another 2 FR and they were negative again. I haven't had ANY symptoms whatsoever! Has this happened to you before (the not getting your period)? It is normal for me to not get it for 2-4 months each year. But this is the first time that I've been s_xually active, so I'm concerned this time. My boyfriend and I are always safe, but you never know. I'm going to the doctor this coming Wednesday, and we'll see what they say. But I've read in so many places that it is possible to have NO symptoms and be pregnant! Even that tests at the doctor are wrong. I know how you feel!! And you're the first person who's in the same boat as me!


Sagi - February 3

Hi Lisa and C--- I haven't had my period since Dec 1st. I'm two months 2 days late now. I've taken 3 tests, 1 at home and two at doc's office, all were -ve. I have no prego symptoms. I have been ttc since Sept, since then, this is a second time I missed my af. After 3rd Oct, I missed Nov then got af on 1 Dec. Then from that time I'm playing waiting game. I don’t know what's going on. I am so worried. I was about to post the same question, luckily found both of you. I'm little bit relax that I'm not alone. I went to my doc off yesterday she has given me some blood tests and refer me to gynecologist.Please let me know if u'll get symptoms,+ve result, af or anything. Good Luck.


Sagi - February 3

Hey Lisa --- I forgot to tell you that my doc said there is nothing to worry about. It happens to most of the women that they skip months.


C - February 6

Sagi - I hope you get your results soon and that they are what you hoped for! Lisa, any news??


Meg - February 10

Lisa. It's good to be in the same boat with someone. I myself had the last period on 22 November. I've checked ultrasound - nothing, I have done consecutively HPTs and all negative. I am still waiting and have many signs: bloated, take heart, wetness in my v, I have sensitive bubs and many white nipples around, sometimes I feel soreness in my b___st, I just simply feel different...sometimes when I lay down I can feel that something is in my uterus kinf of gravity and some times very quite flutters. Not too much cravings, I feel full all the time unless when I start eating I see that I was really hungry, heartburn from time to time especially after the meals...I don't really know what is happening, I am very concerned. I even visited a fortune-telling lady (please don't laugh at me)and she told me that 100% I am pregnant but because of late ovulation I am 5-6 weeks preg so docs can't see that. Am I going crazy of WHAT???


bump - February 10



SugarPie - February 10

Meg: I don't think you're crazy at all. And I don't see anything humourous about you seeing a fortune telling lady. Get your answers the best way you can. It's the medical world who has failed you and until they can actually get it right if you feel a bit more peace with a fortune teller's answers, then so be it!!!! Good for you! My last period was November 28th, so I'm completely feeling your position. It's a hard road. I feel like I'm sleeping on two floatation devices, my b___sts are so big). Oddly, I've been dropping weight in every place but my belly (since I more than likely went through implanting). Who knew that it could take this long to find out? And the strangest thing is that reading this board we're seeing that it isn't a one or two time coincidence. Over 80% of these posts in this forum and another forum are women waiting to find out!! I'm baffled.


candl - February 10

hi... guess everyone here is having the same situation.... my last period was last Nov. 6 and up to now still no period...I just got married and got s_xually active...been using and buying different HPT and been to two clinics and told me that still negative.... I don't know what to do next....probably try the blood test....any idea??? HELP


Sam - February 10

yes i had this happend to me befor, i went a whole summer without having my period and i wasn't pregnate..


Meg - February 11

Thank you SugarPie you made me fell much more relaxed. I have done a HPT in the morning and after 45 min just in the test line area it was one red shadow (not a line) appeared and I had to go to work. When I came back from work I saw a faint test line. Can you count on that??? Also before 10 days I have done one HPT and after two hours showed a faint line which dissapeared after 2-3 hours too. Anyway, I don't want to have my hopes on top but I am really confused and finally I scheduled an appointment for ultrasound on Thursday 17th. Thank you all and it's so nice to be on the same boat with many of you. God Bless.


SugarPie - February 11

Meg, get a fetal doppler. Spend 30-47 bucks and use it. At least you can breathe a bit easier if you hear a baby's heartbeat. Don't you think? Let me know what happens and whatever you do.. don't stress. I know they say you should not read the tests after a certain amount of minutes has lapsed. So, I don't want to get your hopes up, but maybe the monitor would provide more peace?


Meg - February 11

Hey SugarPie. You know what, in the place that I live there is no such monitor. But I am saving this test because the line is still there, still...I think that means something because before I took HPTs but even if you leave them for a week no faint line appeared. I don't know why but I am thinking positive and I hope God will listen my heart. Last night me and mu husband were checking my b___sts and he said that he can see some vein in there and the nipples (you know those little think in the aureola) are more visible than usual. I will take another test today or tomorrow. Baby dust to all of us. **** May God bless us with many babies ****


* - February 11



SugarPie - February 11

Totally hear you, Meg. Same situation. And my CM is major thick. That said.. go to www.storkradio.com I love love love love them so much! You get the doppler in a couple of days and it's amazing. So worth it! It will put your mind at ease. You said that you were possibly 5-6 and it won't be able to pick it up until you're 8-10 at least (the most sensitive). Just believe in you, your marriage and the heavens. Keep me updated!


marissa - February 12

im in the same position, my last period was dec. 1, i took 2 preg. test in the beg. on jan and they both came out negative .. now its feb. and i still havent gotten my period .. so i deff. know how you feel. i have a DR app. @ the gyno tues ..



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