2 Months Late And Took 3 Pergnancy Test All Say Negative

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lisa - November 2

the last i had my period was the 13th off september well that was wne they fin and i still havent had ma periods in october and it dont fell as tho there c_min this month but i have had a urine infection and doina toilet alot and cramps is this any hing to do wi pregant and can pregnant test be wrong pls help me pls oh and can u get urine infections 4 bein pregant


Julie - November 3

I was just reading trying to get some answer of my own and noticed your problem is similar to mine. The last day of my period was Sept. 19 and now it's the 3rd of Nov. I have also had a urinary track infection about a week and a half ago took about five pregnancy test and so far they are all negative. My period does not come like clock work, but I never miss a month either. I in the same boat as you. If I find out anything I will pa__s it along. Good luck to you lisa.


lisa - November 3

aww thanks julie am glad am no the only 1 gettin abit worried there if i find anything out i will tell u as well good luck xxx


Toni - November 4

I am 5 days late and have done 2 test results which are negative. I feel so confused because I have already had 2 miscarriages this year and don't know if my periods are messed up because of this, but they regulated pretty quickly back to 28 days. If I am not pregnant where is my period? I am so worried.


Julie - November 5

Toni, don't get to worried yet. Your body has been through so much this year. If I were you, I would give it at least another week, then if you are still testing negative and no period then a visit to your doctor maybe what you need to ease your mind. Hope everything works out for you.


Brittany - November 8

I hear yah! It has been over 2 months for me, the last period i had was September 7th. I recently went off the pill (august) but i had a period the first month. I've taken 5 pregnancy tests, and they all come up negative. I had a yeast infection about three weeks back. I don't know if that has anything to do do with it. I know people who say that they had to have a blood sample taken to find out that they were pregnant. Maybe I will try that, and so should you!


Julie - November 8

Well, my period did finally start yesterday, so I am not pregnant. We wasn't really trying but just the thought that I may have been, was exciting. We may decide to really start trying now. Good luck to everyone. Hope everything works out like you want it to.


Lilly - November 18

i have a problem similar to every ones here, the first day of my last period was september 14 and now it is November 18, i have taken 3 pregnancy tests and they have all been negative, i am taking another one this morning. i have not had and i do not have a urinary tract infection. i would like to know if there is something wrong, or are the pregnancy tests wrong? i am really worried. my period has always been regular and i have had two miscarriges within the last 2 years. i am really worried what can this mean? please help anyone


wondering - November 18

Lilly - I am in the same boat as you! My last period was Sep. 16 - since then I have had what I believe are symptoms and I have taken many HPT and have had 3 blood tests - all neg. I asked the doctor last time to give me the blood test that mea__sure hcp but she wouldn't because it is too expensive. Most recent symptoms are cramping and sore b___sts. I just don't get it.


Kat - November 19

I am in the same boat..my last period was 21 september....5 negative tests. my doc thinks i may have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.


Turk - November 19

same boat too.. last period was 22 of Sept -- and still now period - 8 weeks late????????????? Blood & HPT all negative === any ideas?


melissa - November 21

I am in the same boat too. i know someone who knew someone and they went nine months and didnt know they were pregnant. all tests came back negative and the doctors even said negative


Cory - November 22

hello i have had simular problems and it is confusing . i haven't had a period in 19 days and i am usually only a couple days late from my original date, but mostly regular for my periods, and have had a miscarriage about 1 year ago. When my mom carried me she was told she wasn't pregnant till her 5 month just cause the hcg were lower then most detectable tests maybe this is why some of us can not get the hpt's to work correctly.. but i am worried that there is something wrong because if i am pregnant i have no real symptoms and the hormone hcg should be higher now because it is to double daily.. but it's still to early to tell i'll be testing again at the end of the month (if i still don't recieve a period) and if it is negative i will consult a doctor but at least i am not the only one with this problem ... good luck to all of you.


Melissa.S - November 25

OMG i thought i was like the only one with this problem. i havent had my period since September 11th. and its now almost 3 months late. i have taken 2 pregnancy test and they are both negative. i am going to consult my doctor if my period doesnt come soon.. also awhile back i had missed my period for a whole month. so my doctor tested my hormones and i wasnt ovulating.. maybe this is the same thing. maybe all of you should try this too. Good luck to all of you.


Katlin - December 4

i had s_x 2 weeks ago and my period is due today but im only stopping. does that mean im pregnant


Jodie - December 5

I am only two days late, but I had a baby in March of this year, and than I had a miscarriage in September. I only had s_x once this last month and it wasn't even a week ago yet, so I thought I would be safe because I should have already ovulated. I don't know what to do, I am afraid to take a hpt because I don't think I can handle another pregnancy right now.


sariah - December 13

JULIE.. does having urinary track infection affect the result of your hpt??



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