2 Months Late And Took 3 Pergnancy Test All Say Negative

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sariah - December 13

JULIE.. does having urinary track infection affect the result of your hpt??


Julie - December 14

I don't think having a urinary infection would give someone a false reading on their hpt. I haven't read anywhere saying that it would, but who knows.


jen - January 6

can u be pregnant if your period starts but then stops the same day?


Maj - January 25

Hi Just wondering how you got on? I've missed my last 2 periods and did 3 tests all of which were negative?


Diomaris - January 29

I had s_x with my ex Nov 1st while on my second day of my period. My period left early n came early as well in december 4. it left early also I have not got my period all this month of JAnuary and will be 2months in February I took a test and it said negative the DR. Said 4 me 2 come back in 2 weeks to get a test again... PLZ HELP


Stacey - February 1

I was hoping I would get some answers. But as I see it all you girls are having the same problem I am. I'm going to be 2 months late tomorrow. I have taken 4 test and they all came back negitive. I don't understand. I told my doctor and she just gave me this clueless look. I wanted them to take blood. But didn't. I need too know because I had an x-ray back in december and on the first of Januray. So if I am I need to be checked out.


Elizabeth - February 2

Stacey, I am only one week late and I am already going crazy not knowing - I took three tests so far - all negative. But with my other 2 pregnancies I showed up positive right away and had cla__sic symptoms. Now I have no symptoms. How have you managed not knowing for 2 months? I wanted to tell you also, with my 2nd son I had an ultrasound at 11 weeks and we actually saw the baby. If you are pregnant, you would probably be 10 weeks already, so maybe u could go for a sonogram?


Anna - April 1

i took a home pregnancy test 3 times and all came out positive and then i went to my doctor and took and urinary test and it came out negative is it posible that i am pregnant


Tonya - April 25

well me i have not had a period in 2 month to and know one know but my boyfriend so if you can tell me something about this. I have not toke any test yet so do i need to


Julie - April 29

I have always had normal periods, im 21 and started since at 11. Im always 28 days. But now i have not seen it for 3 months. Yes, i do have a boyfriend and he ejucalated but the thing is that i've been taking pregnancy test since my first missed date, which is like 5 test up to now.. and all says negative. And everyone says that it might have not picked it up then, but after 3 months, it should show up. What are the chances that im pregnant?


LS - April 30

I have no idea what is going on with my body. I was on BCP for 7 years and since I stopped taking them in Oct, I have not had a period. I have taken like 7 tests and all are negative. I feel like my stomach is bigger, but my fiance says that it is in my head. If I was preg, i would be 6months. Everytime I eat my stomach feels huge and I feel like something is moving in there.


nellie - May 4

Hey LS maybe you should just go to the doctor and get check out, by having a blood test done or and sonagram.


Brandy - May 5

I am three weeks late on my period and I have took two hpt which were both negative. I have no pregnancy symptoms except for I have been peing like crazy. I even wake up in the middle of the night having to go. Sometimes I think I have other symptoms, but maybe its all in my mind. but I know I have been peing alot lately, and every night I have been waking up needing to go. It doesn't burn or anything when I use it. Could I be pregnant or just have a urinanry tract infection. I dont understand this at all and any help or advice would really be appreciative. Its wierd how my period is late which it never is, and I am having to go pee all the time which is not common for me, all happening to me at the same time. This is really stressing me out, I cannot stop pulling up websites on early pregnancy symptoms and seeing what new things I will discover. I just wanna know if I am prenant or not. If not, what else could possably be wrong with me? Anyone who is out their please help could the pregnancy test be wrong? Please email me at [email protected] (with only one d) Thanks,


Yvonne - May 6

Wondering why I'm late is driving me absolutely crazy. My periods have been like clock-work for years, always 28 days apart, but now I am two weeks late and have done 2 pregnancy tests which were both negative. I am going nuts not knowing if I'm pregnant or if something is wrong with me because my period is late. It doesn't seem like there is a clear answer here, but what I get from all these posts are there might be many different reasons for missing a period or being late, so the best thing to do is see your doctor! Get a urine test, get a blood test or beg for a sonogram, but don't wait and be persistant with your requests because if you are pregnant you need proper medical care and if you aren't pregnant you should find out if there is an underlying problem. If there isn't than all you can have is peace of mind... and I know that's exactly what I'm searching for now. Good luck! :)


Ann - May 8

I don't know what to tell you, I went off the pill in Sept and I have had my period every month!! Now I am 2 months late, my lasr period was March 9 and all my test are negative?? I just want to know what is going on becuase my husband and I are trying to get pregnant, its really frustrating!! Hope everything works out for all of you and me!!


Nica - May 8

To Ann and others: being on the Pill can disguise other problems, like PCO (polycystic ovarian disease) which is common but can impede fertility. So don't wait - if you're not menstruating after going off the pill, see a doctor. Even if you are menstruating, you're not necessarily ovulating.



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