2 Months No Period But Negative Test Results

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veronicajane - May 20

Hey all, it has been 2 mths already, but everytime i take a hpt it says im negative, i also checked it up with a doc and she wants me to wait for about 2 more weeks. I have certain symptoms like fatigue, frequent urge to rush to the restroom,and im eating like crazy......im not sure why the result does not show up ? Any idea why for some the hcg is so low ? Is that a good sign or no ?


Trinityjae - May 21

Hey Veronica. I am in the EXACT same situtation. My last AF was 3/22. I am 2 months late. All of my HPTs thus far have been negative. My doc sent me for a blood test 2 weeks ago which also came out negative. She then prescribed a drug called "Provera" which is supposed to bring on my period. I am VERY reluctant to take the medication since this has NEVER happened to me before. I'm so confused. I have some symptoms which include, slight cramping (off and on for the past few weeks), fatigue, jeans are a little tighter (feel bloated), nausea (without vomitting) and this one is the worst. Out of the clear blue, I yelled at my husband for something so small and stupid and ended up crying about it. My mood has swung so badly in the last few days, I was beginning to think I was losing my mind. I am very close to demanding an u/s just to be sure. Keep me posted on your situation. ***BABY DUST***


krista28 - May 21

Ladies, check out the yahoo group, everyone's in the same boat. http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/hcgfn


YvetteF - May 22

I don't have an answer to your question, but I am in the exact same boat. I am going in for my blood test tomorrow and am so afraid it will be negative. We've been trying for some time and it finally all feels right, but the tests all come back negative. I have all of the symptoms and have missed two periods. What are the chances that a blood test can be negative and you can still be pregnant?


Saird - May 22

Me too. Me too girls. I'm so annoyed. I had a neg blood test last week as well. It's been 2 months. I don't get it. I feel bloated and cranky. All I ever had was some pinkish CM around time of AF. I thought I was pregnant for sure. Stupid tests said neg. Does anyone know why bloodwork would show negative though?


Clarissa23 - May 22

hi to all...i personally know how you feel..ive had 3 kids and with all of them urine and blood tests were negative until at least10 weeks along...my 3rd child was found on u/s at 20 weeks because i insisted on them giving me one...please get an ultrasound before taking that pill just in case


veronicajane - May 22

Hey Trinityjae. All the very best with your u/s, im on my way to the doc for a blood test, will let you know how things turn out ! You keep me posted with your u/s okie ? Take care


Trinityjae - May 23

Veronica or Clarissa23?? Did you happen to temp? If so, what was it?


veronicajane - May 23

hey all, im back from the doc, guess what i got a u/s done, i see a thick coating on my uterus and also a few ovarian cysts, so now i was made to take a shot, in order to get my periods, if the covering was a because i was pregnant then i will not get my periods, else i will, so now i have to wait for the next 2 weeks !


YvetteF - May 24

I just went to my doctor for a blood test yesterday. They refused to give on to me because I have not had any positive hpt's. I have all of the symptoms except the throwing up. I missed 2 periods. I have a "gut" feeling I am pregnant. Never been before. My mother's urine tests didn't come back positive until she was 3months along with me. We've beem tryign for 3 years now and everyhting is falling into place. I just can't get a positive hpt. My temp was at 100 at the doctors office and the nurse said that my lower # on my blood pressure was a little higher than normal. Normally it's fine. Has anyone had higher blood pr4essure/body temp when pregnant? My doctor wanted to perscribe a med to get my periods going again. I told her I don't want to take it yet. My periods have been consistent except for these two missed ones. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Clarissa23 - May 24

you need an ultrasound yvette....that is the only way docs every see my babies..all other tests are always negative...just demand an u/s


YvetteF - May 25

Clarissa- Did your doctor ever tell you why your tests all were negative? Is it just a fluke kind of a thing or were you on any meds of any sort? I know that I am pregnant even though the tests say no and you gave me hope since it has happened to you before . Thank You!


Clarissa23 - May 25

yvette..no docs have ever given me an explanation on why this happens to me. i was not on anything...i believe i am pregnant right now but have gotten only negatives so far



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