2 Mths No Period Neg Hpt And Blood Tests

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auntjames - September 4

i havent had a period for 2 mths. 3 hpt and 1 blood test came back neg. i am usually very regular. i really want to be preg. has this ever happened to anyone else if so what was the outcome. have drs. appt. next week will keep all posted.


caren - July 3

Yes it does happen, just have a ultra sound done.


Kay - July 3

Find a hobby.


Susie - July 6

WELL im glad im not the only one,if your stressed that wont help with getting your period, so relax.hpt are c___p anyway, blood tests only confirm it when the blood has changed and the feotus is growing, it wont show up if you have just fallen preg.GOOD LUCK


Megan - July 31

Hey I am in the same boat as you are.. but I havent had any blood work done yet.... My last period was may 28th and it is noqw July 31 and I still haven't started.. I have taken 5 HPT's and they all came back negative.... I really want a baby but my Dr. Opp. isn't until aug 2...... I guess we will find out then!!!


Alabry - August 27

I am also in the same boat. I am usually pretty regular maybe a couple of days late but I have never completely skipped a cycle. I have missed two periods with numerous negative hpts. I had a quant_tive blood test done yesterday that also proved to be negative. I am going for more blood work the first of next week to see what my body is doing. Like everyone else I want to know if this has happened to anyone else and what the outcome was.


lisa - September 4

i'm also in the same position---two missed periods, negative hpts, and pregnancy symptoms. no blood test yet, though.......good luck with your blood work, alabry----let me know how it goes!


Erin - September 4

Hey me too! My last period was the end of June. So I've missed 2 periods plus 2 weeks. All my tests have been coming up negative, but I have symptoms of being pregnant. Its comforting to know that I'm not alone!!! I just got a blood test and should be finding out the results on Tuesday- I'll be sure to post them. My doc is also checking thyroid levels- bc they can cause your period to mysteriously disappear when you are so regular normally. Hang in there girls! I know waiting is enought to drive you insane!!! Especially over two months!!!


Jen - September 21

I am in the same boat also, 2 months no period, neg hpt's, I just have to wait for the blood test now... crossing fingers...


Julie - September 21

Hello all, I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but the same thing happened with me. Always been very regular, last period in late July, husband and I hadn't really been trying but not trying to prevent pregnancy either. I thought for SURE I was pg, had every symptom. It turns out I just didn't ovulate (thyroid thing is what causes it, among other possible things). I just finished progesterone to get it going again, and then we'll try again. VERY disappointing, but just wanted to share. I sure hope all of you that want to be pg are!!! :o) Good luck!!


Erin - September 21

Oh Julie, I'm so sorry! I had been following your story as it was similiar to mine. Mine turned out to be a missed miscarriage back in July, and I finally started bleeding on Sept 15th, with lots of clots on the 18th and 19th. I know you said you weren't TTC, but weren't preventing either...does this make you want a baby now? I find myself having baby fever so bad now, even though I wasn't planning on getting pg in the first place.


Julie - September 22

Thanks Erin, I'm very sorry to hear of your miscarriage as well. I think that would feel even worse than finding out you aren't pg. I'm sorry. Yes, we want a baby and once I get my period back on track, I think we'll go back to actively trying. I haven't kept my bbt or anything, just guessed when I was ovulating etc. At least each month we get another chance!! Good luck to you!!


Erin - September 22

Julie- I think that is a great way to think about it: that now we have another chance to conceive. I just started charting myself this cycle, and so far it's been really useful! I use www.fertilityfriend.com, its very step-by-step and the website is user-friendly. Also, log on to the www.pregnancy.org forums, under "TTC buddies: 0-12 months" (This is great for any of you out there who are trying to conceive!) There are a lot of WONDERFUL women on this site who are very helpful, its like a community. Good luck, and maybe I'll see you on the other board.


Julie - September 23

Awesome Erin, THANKS!! I'll go to those websites. I need something kinda structured to follow, up until now I've been kinda 'guessing' ok, maybe I'm ovulating now............probably not a good plan. Good luck to us!!!!!



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