2 Negative HPT And A Neg Blood Test

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Von - November 9

over a week late now, displaying all the pregnancy symptoms, br___t tenderness/enlargement, gums bleeding, nausea, utter exhaustion (fall asleep on my lunch break)..What gives?? Can blood tests be wrong? Am i losing my mind??


Sherri - November 13

yes dear. i had about 15 neg hpts and 6 negative blood tests, even the dr said i wasnt pregnant and it was in my head.. however, i am now 12 weeks pregnant,, they are baffled as to what was going on, but now all is fine and i am progressing wonderfully. hang in there.


erin - November 15

hi von, yes i am going through the same thing as you right now. i'm about two weeks late though and having a lot of symptoms too. in fact, i even went to the doctor and he was pretty certain they sounded like pregnancy symptoms. then he sent me for a blood test and it was negative. so... it's so hard to wait, isn't it? i think if nothing comes this week, then i will go to the doctor for a physical exam. i'm not sure what else to do? hang in there. xo


Gali - November 15

Hey! I am with you on that! I am 3 weeks late! Never been late before and I just a second negative blood test today. Now I am waiting for my doctor to come back from his vacation. I really feel pregnant and I am starting to feel stupid about it. Everyone tells me it is all in my head. I am trying to stop thinking that I am pregnant but this tiny is just stuck in my head. Well lets keep updating one another?


erin - November 15

hey gali i know what you mean. i start to convince myself that i'm just imagining things, that all of my symptoms have other causes...then i look in the mirror at the size of my b___bs and i just can't ignore that! i'm driving myself crazy though and i know that's not helping anything. let's all three cross our fingers for little happy babies growing!! xo


jen - November 15

glad to know i'm not the only woman having the similar symptoms and negative HPT.


Natasha - November 15

Hi you guys. I am 2 weeks late and no positive hpt yet. I am having a lot of symptoms. My nipples have been tingling for about 4 weeks, sometimes nausea, diarrhoea/constipation and today I had the wierdest craving for a boiled egg and hot b___tery wholegrain bread toasted. this is really weird as I haven't eaten a boiled egg in about 20 years!!! I have been really hungry a lot and I have just had my egg and toast and it's 10.30pm!!


Natasha - November 15

Sheri, your story is encouraging, I keep thinking this is all in my head!! I am hoping for a bfp soon as its driving me crazy! I have also started having itchy b___bs the last couple of days, its really irritating, don't know if its a symptom tho.


helen - November 16

I'm glad i'm not the only one who feels crazy. I have been feeling pregnant for about a month now, my last period was just spotting. 1 neg hpt and 1 neg blood. I have lots of symptoms, the doc said if I don't have a normal period next time they want to put me on hormones!!! I am only 21 and just got married in May, so we weren't planning to try for at least another year. I am just anxious to know whether I am or not or if I'm nuts!!


Kim - November 18

Hey guys I am right with you. I am right at 2 weeks late (never this late in my life). I had 2 negative htps, one at 1 week late and one the next morning. My doc sent me for a blood test yesterday and it was negative. Is is still possible to be pregnant or should I a__sume that I am not? My regular doc did put me on medication last month for a lung infection and my GYN is saying that it is the cause for the late period. I don't really have symptoms. I have felt like I was about to start for a few days and never did and now I don't know what to think. I just figured the doc was right until I started reading some of the posts in here and now I am a wreck.


Helen - November 18

I think that blood tests can be wrong-one of my friends had a blood test and it was neg, but she had positive p/tests. She went back three weeks later-and she is pregnant!!! I don't know if that happens a lot or whether it was just a on off mistake.


erin - November 22

well just as an update...still no af here. i'm three weeks late now...and still feeling all of the symptoms. i'm starting to wonder if this is all in my head...but then where the hell is my period?? how are you other ladies making out?


Gali - November 22

Hey girls, Count me out. I got my period and it is stronger then ever (had to take pain killers which I never did before). I went to the doctor he said there is no chance that it was a pregnancy. Just wanted to note that I had a quant_tive blood test, which according to what I saw on the net is much more accurate then qualitive blood test. So there is always the question of which blood test you guys had. Anyway I wish you all luck.


helen - November 23

Because I spotted last period, I guess my next period is supposed to start this sunday. But I still have preg. symptoms and my b___bs are really sore and much bigger than with af. I am beginning to think I am crazy, maybe a phantom pregnancy? I am trying to tell myself I'm not pregnant so that doesn't happen. How are you gals doing?


ADP - November 23

Helen... Ohh my gosh your story sounds exactly like mine. I am 19 and my husband and I got married in May of this year. We have been ttc since Aug. On Oct 24 I had 1 day of spotting and that was it. I was due for another af on the 20 of this month and it has been a no show. I keep having this slight pain in my right side and mild cramps. along with sore b___st and night sweats. i took two clearblue digital test and both said NOT PREGNANT. but I am very late with too many symptoms. I have been pregnant before and I m/c. however it was unexpected so i really dont know what i was feeling at the time. but what is funny is that I found out i was pregnant around this same time last year. Helen... let me know how everything turns out.


Helen - November 23

ADP- you should get a blood test if urine isn't pos or if you don't get your period. I also spotted last "period" but I had a neg. blood test-they are supposed to be more accurate!! So, I don't know whats going on. I guess i'm just playing the waiting game. Congratulations on your wedding!!! What date did u wed? Ours was on the 28th of May. Let me know what happens


Holly - November 27

Hi everyone...I've been having pregnancy symptoms for about 2 weeks now (nausea, b___st tenderness and swelling, headaches, tiredness...) but I have taken 2 hpts and both were negative. I'm not really sure how late I am because my period's been really irregular, but I am going crazy! I'm going to get a blood test tomorrow, but I am so worried they're not going to know what all this is from either. I've read so many forums of people going through the same thing, and it's really disconcerting. Keep me updated....



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