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confused in LA...call me LA - April 12

ok...here's the deal...i am now 11 days past my expected period. My last period was March 6. so i was a little worried 11 days ago when AF didn't show. (and i always know she's coming because she arrives with a BANG!) so i took a test. it was a faint light blue line. so i took another. it was negative. so i took another....negative. i waited 3 days. went to the doctor. negative. he sent me home (i told him i don't believe his test is right). i took another one, slight positive (hard to see) and then took another to be sure...it was negative. i took one this morning and it was negative. UGH! i just want to KNOW! it took 6 weeks after conception to even test positive with my daughter (7 years ago) and if that's the case then by next monday i should test pos. i've had many symptoms (fatigue, constipation, veins in br___ts...they never get sore, bloating, crankiness, weird crampy feelings in the netherlands...menstral-like but not like my normal ones....crazy dreams at night, and craving to eat healthy!! there are more, but i am too frustrated to write them ... but does anyone know anyone who NEVER tested pos but was still preggo? has this happened to you?? i'm so confused.


Milissa - April 12

I to am in your boat, I have taken lots of test. new choice(dollar tree) tons of them very faint. e.p.t faint but you can see the +. now I have taken equate from wallmart and it too is very faint. some after 10 mins. I have tons of symptoms, i have been charting for awhile and my temps have been everywhere. I don't want to go to the doctors yet because I lost a baby Last september. I believe I am around 7 1/2 wks? so I want to wait till 8 wks to test again. with my first I was 8 wks when I got a positive and even then it was a little faint ?


Lisa - April 12

I took 2 test last night and they showed faint plus signs, took a test this morning(ept digital) and it showed positive, one later this morning (ept dig.) said neg, later this afternoon took a fact plus and said neg. I was due to start today, my last period was 3/15. I missed a few days of my BC Patch, so I could be... I am tired of test showing different answers. It will show neg if you drank fluids AT ALL prior to doing test. I'm going to go without drinking for 4 hours and see what the test says then. If it says pos. I'm going to doc's.


Jennifer - April 12

I too am in the same boat. I had my LMP on 03/07/05 and have taken 6 HPT tests and 1 blood test and all are negative. I'm not quite sure what is going on. I have had 2 children and never had this problem before. I too feel as if I am pregnant. Any suggestions?



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