2 Positive Results Then A Negative

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nikki - October 13

my husband and i have been trying to get pregnant for 4 months now. i'm 28, he's 30. i'm on day 26 of my cycle which, according to my cycle, is 3 days late. (my cycles are very short). i have taken 3 tests. came back with faint lines then the one this morning was negative. has this happened to anyone? i do have the br___t tenderness and swelling and have been very tired lately.


LisaD - October 13

Hi, my af was suppose to start on the 3rd of oct. it was two days late then i started to spot and it was less than 24 hours so on friday i took an hpt (answer) and it showed faint positive, later i decided to take another one before i told my hubby, i purchased an ept which also showed positive. I did not use first morning urine with either test. I contacted the doctors and went in this morning for a urine test using my first morning urine, and it came back negative. I am confused as to how this can happen. They want me to get a quan. blood test.


nikki - October 13

yep, i'm getting faint positive in the afternoon and negative readings in the morning. i can't explain that but i'm holding out hope. i wonder is this is a common result? i'm so impatient!


sara - October 16

I am going through the same thing.I have taken 6(answer Early)hpts and all faint positives.Yesterday I took 2 more and both neg.When I have tried other brands they have came up neg.I am suppose to have AF tomorrow but no usual symptoms like I usually have before I start.What brand test did you take?I go to the drs tomorrow for a urine/blood test.


LisaD - October 17

I went and had my blood test done on friday and the doctors called within 2 hours and said i was pregnant. so go have a blood test done.


Sara - October 18

LisaD-CONGRATS!!! I am so happy for you.You give me hope and I'm sure lots of other women hope too!Thank you for posting and sharing.Best of wishes for you and your new lil one!!


nikki - October 18

congrats lisa! i'm so happy for you. unfortunatly for me, i got my period over the weekend and this was after 3 (!) positive readings. so, we'll try again this month. *fingers crossed*


LisaD - October 18

Hey thank you everyone. Nikki, is it like your normal period? i would test again they say that there are no false positives.


nikki - October 18

no, it was a weird period but it def. wasn't the implantation bleeding. it was heavy. i've spent so much money on those pregnancy tests, so frustrating!


LisaD - October 18

yes those tests can get expensive. Have you called your ob/gyn? i would call them and ask. what hpt's did you use? I used answer and ept.


nikki - October 18

yes, i have an appt for nov 9 that i will keep. i tested twice on first response and once on ept. all showed faint lines.


LisaD - October 18

Good, i think you need to talk to them. Answer is about $7 i would test again, but that is me. wishing you the very best sweetie.


nicola - October 28

hello, since coming off depo in july we have been trying to conceive..periods have been irregular, have recently felt early pregnancy symptoms and did digital tst..it showed up positive and since then every test has shown up negative..talk about feeling confused? have now been told to wait for two weeks before doing any more tests..easier said than done plus symptoms are still evident. Anyone got any advice/exp on this?


cat - October 28

use a blacklight to determinhe faint lines.


Zizi - November 8

Same thing has been happening to me. I'm so confused and scared. I'm 19. I got three faint lines and when I tried testing right after I got a negative. I'm going to be going to the doctor today to take a blood test. Oh and the tests I bought were from online. I don't know if it could be trusted but they sure were cheap on ebay. 25 for $8:00


Jesse - November 8

Hello every my name is Jesse, and this morning i just confirmed I am pregnant after 15months i thought I was not b/c my cycle is a regular 28day cycle and the 1st day of my missed period i too a pg test it said neg so i waited to cycle day 35 7days after my missed cycle it was positve I got my pg test from Dollar General which is a dollar it showed 2 dark lines but I went to the Clinic to make sure and within sec she said your having a baby so on a regular 28day cycle sometimes you should wait 7days then take a test and also my b___st did not hurt before my cycle was due they did not start until I missed my period which is a good sign of pregnancy my nurse said and i thought for sure I had the flu which is another sign of pregnancy some say you should see a doc if you don't get pg in 12months if you are in you 20s I am 25 in did not use anything to help me it just took me 15months and I am very healthy I hope I have help someone


April - November 12

Hi, I, too, am getting faint positive readings using First Response and then when I test again, I get a negative. My period is very irregular and I am very confused as to whether I am pregnant or not, yet I feel like I am. To date my period what 33 days ago, yet I can go up to 47 days between periods when I am "regular"!!! Has anybody else had a number of positive and negative tests and ended up still pregnant??? I need some type of hope!



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