2 Preg Tests Negative 25 Days Since I Missed My Period

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Ashlie123 - September 30

Hi everyone , So im pretty much having the same problem as everyone else.I have been on birth control for about a year now. I had stopped taking it for about a month or so then went back on it. I have been taking it for about three months solid now except,the first month i had a period and the other two recent months i have had nothing. No spotting or blood nothing. Normally with the pills i take even if im not on my white pills and my body needs to release all the dirty blood(sorry kinda nasty) it dose it anyways. I am pretty sure im pregnant i have been really ga__sy including acid re-flux,urinating frequently,always hungry,i can smell EVERYTHING, always sleepy ,and my stomach is hard.I have had weird abdominal pains and i get these sharp like throbbing pains in my stomach/abdominal area. I have taken only one pregnancy test so far and it says negative. I am planing to take about three more before i get a second opinion. Yet , im a little confused and kinda worried ,because the fact that its negative ,but i have all the signs of pregnancy. Could the test be wrong? Could i be one of thoughts women who have all negative HPT and still be pregnant? If anyone could help me that would be greatly appreciated :)


mswk0406 - October 16

What was your outcome. Were you pregnant or did your period eventually come?


geminitothefullest - July 4

Well I am 33 had the Pomeroy technique done 09/25/2003. I am always regular with my cycle but as of today I am 25 days late with numerous negative pregnancy tests. No insurance and not financially stable to pay for doctors visits kinda feel pregnant but idk.... Any advice


ajp1993 - November 11

Hi I’m having the same issues. Mood swings, feel likes something is moving in the side of my lower abdomen, tiredness, and now 3 weeks late with negative tests. My period has always been consistent. 



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