2mnths W O Pd And Now Very Lite Spottiing PLEASE READ

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Unsre - September 10

Hey girls! I missed my period July and August and I started spotting 8 days ago. I thought that maybe it was my period, but it's been too light. I took a urine test at the doc a few weeks ago and it came out neg. so when i go back to the doc on the 15th i'm goin to ask for a blood test...What do you women think, could i still be pregnant???


meg - September 8

im 5 days late on my period and ive took 2 tests. both were negative. i dont know what to think either. i havent spotted or anything. let me know your results.


Unsure - September 8

Meg. Welll I have looked it up and it said that you can bleed in the first few months of pregnancy so you never know but i'll be sure to keep u posted.


---- - September 8

im like that too. i havent had a period for 4 months and i started spotting two days ago, i had all the tests done and all of them came back neg. so i dont know. the doc was trying to put me on birth control and something else to start my period, but i refused both. i still think i might be, i told her that i'm going to wait it out for at least another month or two to see what happens.


sue - September 9

I found out I was pregnant when I was 6 months pregnant. All my tests came out neg. and now i'm 7 1/2 months pregnant.


Kathy - September 9

Oh my gosh I didnt know this could happen to some people because I remember when I was pregnant with my 1st daughter, at first month i had some spotting and light discharge (i was always wet - i used pantyliner). Then at 4 1/2 months my belly started to show eventhough I was so skinny before (95 lbs & 5'2"). That's the time when my parents found out that I was preggy. Then on my 2nd daughter, same thing happened to me (spotting and light discharge) then on my third month, I started to show........I dont get it though.....Why wouldn't the clinic know if you're pregnant or not.....Dont you think that is so horrible???


meggy - September 9

That is horrible, i just got done talking with my sister and she has 4 girls and had her period thru each one of her pregnancies so thats normal for her. she now thinks that if she gets pregnant again and dont have her period, then something might be wrong. thats crazy


dana - September 9

i was like that when i was pregnant. i started spotting when i turned three months and then again every months when i was 4-7 months.


juu - September 9

i didnt know you can have your period during pregnancy


mandy - September 9

yea. you really can have your period when you're preggy. i was the first 4 months of my pregnancy but m/c at my 6th month.


sam - September 9

unsure- yes u can still be pregnant. ITS CRAZY!!! b/c we are in the EXACT same boat. those were the two months that i missed too and i started to spot earlier today. i'm goin to wait a week and see what happens and if its just spotting for a week then i am going to make an appt. well hope everything goes good with you. KEEP US POSTED!!!!


sos - September 10

i hope everything works out for all of you. GOOD LUCK!!!


melissa - September 10




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