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oncemore - March 14

I sure hope I can wait it out and not test until I am at 10 dpo. Anyone else getting anxious to do pg test?


oncemore - March 15

Ok, fertilityfriend said that my "O" day was Monday, March 12. Even better!


michelleg - March 15

i am due for my AF on wednesday 3-21! I don't know if i should test or wait a couple days? what should i do. I am REALLY anxious!


oncemore - March 15

Michelle, the earliest I was able to get a faint pos. line on the hpt was 4 days before I was to start af. And that was also knowing that I ovulated on cd 14, and a usual cycle of 28 days. So, do you know when you ovulated? If it was around cd 14 and you have a normal 28 day cycle, then I would say test on Saturday and you might see a faint pos. But any line at all is still a positive line. However, do not quote me as I am not a professional. I just know from three pregnancies of MY OWN that I was able to get a faint pos. 4 days before af was to show up. I wish you luck! I know how it goes with being anxious- I have 4 hpts from the dollar store and I plan to test starting next wednesday (that will be 9 dpo) I usually start testing after 10dpo and get a pos. I am soooooo anxious as well! Lots of baby dust to you Michelle! You will have to keep me posted!


michelleg - March 15

i ovulated cd 14.. i too have a 28 day cycle. i have had 2 m/c so i really hope this is it! i will keep you posted!


oncemore - March 15

Oh Michelle, I am sorry that you have had to go through that with 2 m/c. Very sorry. Is this your first child you are ttc? I am a little nervous about m/c this time because I am currently b___st feeding (bfing) my dd who is 7 months old and my cycle has been a bit different because of it and my luteal phase has been very short, so I am concerned with not being able to sustain the pg IF I can even get pg while bfing. I never had my af with my other two children while bfing and so this is all new to me to have it back already. My dh and I are ttc this soon because of a few factors (one is my age) and so I hope I don't have any problems with m/c if I can get pg right now. My heart goes out to anyone that has to go through the hardship of a m/c. Much baby dust to you and stickiness I wish you! Good luck with the hpting!


sososleepy - March 15

Yes, I'm in the wait too. I'm more hopeful this time around as I bd on better days:) Anxious? I'll be testing in just about 100 hours. Do ya think 7dpo's too early to test? Me too, but I will anyway. Michelle, I but the $Tree tests so I can satisfy my p on a stick obsession. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to get a + if you're pg because you'll have more hCG for the test to pick up. I've seen on the threads here that some gals get their + as early as 8dpo. I'm not at all patient, at least not now with ttc, so I'll test earlier and spend many happy minutes comparing each test to the other contemplating evap lines; it makes the wait easier for me. Michelleg, I know. This is my 2nd O since mc. I hope it's bfp for all of us! I get the age too oncemore. 38, my biological clock has a picosecond hand, and it's spinning at lightspeed after mc! Stickydust to you as well!


oncemore - March 16

Sorry that you both have had to go through the sadness of the m/c. I know that I try to tell myself that if it happens that it's ok, because that is what the body does when things aren't going right, but I still can't seem to shake the fact that it would still be devastating and hard to get through. I still wonder if last cycle was a very early m/c (not being able to implant) or if I missed the "o" day. But I am pa__sed that and onto this cycle. Yes, the age thing bugs me a bit (I am turning 37 in July) and just want to be done with this part of my biological life (though I love to be pregnant and being able to feel the baby move around and just be apart of something so miraculous and all!). Things are getting so fun with my older two children and I am looking forward to having my 7 mo old and another one to grow up and "play" with us. We love to have fun with our family- sports, camping, boating, fourwheeling, etc--- and things are so much more fun having kids to do it all with! But I know I haven't experienced the "teen" time so I might change my mind then, LOL-j/k. How many kids do you both have or is this your first time?


sososleepy - March 16

Hi oncemore. I have 2, an 11 and a 12 year old. We were getting early empty nest fear, and are going for 3:) I'm gonna be away until Sunday, so I'll catch you after the weekend chores get caught up after we get back.


michelleg - March 16

oncemore, i am ttc my first! i just get so impatient! :)


oncemore - March 18

MICHELLE-that is so exciting your 1st!!!! Have you tested yet????? I am getting impatient myself! I think I will start testing on Tues. or Wed. I am excited that I haven't started AF today (this is the day last cycle that she came, cd 25) I didn't O until cd 19 this cycle and so I am going to try to wait until 9 dpo which will be Wed. for me before I do a hpt. SOSOSLEEPY- I have been enjoying the warm weather and getting some outdoor chorse started (cleaning up flower beds, etc) this has been a little challenging with my dd who is 7 mo old. I have two other children, ages 8 and 6 and I forgot how a little one can run the show, LOL! We will be done with our family when we have one more. The sooner the better too! I hope you both enjoyed your weekend! Baby dust to us all! Happy peeing on a stick time:D What day this week are you two starting the hpt time? Keep us posted!


sososleepy - March 19

I'll be testing tomorrow am. I nearly did today, but I know that's pointless, as is tomorrow really, but I want to so I will. It gives me something to look forward to daily: a chance, even if it's a slim unreasonable chance. Tomorrow will be 7dpo. All the studies I've read say hCG is generally detectable in the blood with a more sensitive test on 8 to 10 dpo, but that's the middle of the bell curve so I'm gonna stick to looking at the edgest too:)


oncemore - March 19

HI there! I plan to test tomorrow as well, but I don't think it will be pos. because I am only using the $ store brand and it's not that sensitive. I will be 8 dpo tomorrow according to Fertility Friend. My temp went up this morning another 4 tenths and that is a good sign. Good luck tomorrow SOSOSLEEPY!!!! How about you Michelle? Have you tested yet??? It is so exciting for your first time! Is this the first grandchild on you and your dh's family? (for your parents that is). Lots of baby dust girls!!!!!!


oncemore - March 20

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!!!!! I am silently excited! 8 dpo and I got a VERY VERY VERY faint positive line!!!!!!!! I am totally shocked! So shocked that I want to confirm it tomorrow morning and I am not going to record it with fertility friend until I see it darker tomorrow. At 5:15 this morning, I had to go pee so so so bad but didn’t want to get up because I wasn’t taking my bbt until 7 a.m. So I tried hard to fall back asleep. Then, at 6:30 I couldn’t stand it anymore and took my temp (which is down 3 tenths) and then got up to do the pee test. I can’t even believe that my little dollar store test gave me a faint line!!!!!! You have to look real darn close to even see it AND you have to know what you are looking for or it would have been missed for sure! It’s barely there and at the first edge of the test strip that the pee hits first. I have seen the “test line” (last cycle when I checked if I was pg and wasn’t and you can see the white or clear like test line after the test is taken and it’s a neg. This morning I could see that same kind of white test line but the first part of it is like a very faint pink! Now I can’t wait to pee tomorrow morning! I think I felt the implantation yesterday around 4pm. It felt a bit like period bloating and low pain but it was more specific at the uterus area and the “inside” part of my cervix was very sore. I don’t know if that is because about 7 ½ months ago I had a baby or what, but I didn’t even feel good enough to walk around and dh came home early from work and so I asked him if he would do dinner. I think he was a bit annoyed because he had other plans for his early home arrival, LOL. I think he could tell I wasn’t feeling the best and so there wasn’t any complaining, thank goodness! I won’t tell him until he will be able to see the line clearly (tomorrow or the next-10dpo). Anyways, I had to get up and post! I am still in shock! Baby dust to us all and lots of stickiness!


oncemore - March 20

So so sleepy- did you test today????? How are you? How are you doing as well Michelle? Have you both tested yet?


sososleepy - March 20

YEAH Once!!! I just glanced at this before bed (sosotired now) and saw your bfp!!!! Congrats!!!! Yeah, I tested, this evening, this am, yesterday am... all still negative under 80x magnification with excellent light (yes I really did that). We'll see tomorrow because I'm only 7dpo, and that's too early. So is 8 mostly, so you're very lucky!!! Going to sleep, I'll really read this tomorrow....


singlem0m - March 21

CONGRATS oncemore! Thats very exciting!



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