3 Faint False Positives On EPT

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CatEyes1435 - July 4

Here is the deal. The first day of my last menstural cycle started on June 12. I am not supposed to start again until July 12. My curiousity got the best of me and I took a pregnancy test on Friday June 30th using an EPT. I took the test and watched as the urine flowed down and all saw was the horizontal part of the plus sign which I took as a negative. I threw it in the trash and was on my way. I came back about an hour later and oulled it out to see if it changed and sure enough their was a pretty stark thin vertical blue line. I have taken EPT's before and have never EVER gotten a line. So then I decided to take another test a couple hours later; same thing happened, negative at first then faint positive an hour later. Then I thought well I better use my morning urine so I waited until Saturday morning and took another EPT. Same thing happened. The line are definitely blue and not gray or colorless but I just don't know what to believe because I tested so early. Is there a possibility I could be pregnant? Again, I have never gotten lines before they have always been negative and I had a friend of mine take an EPT and she knew she wasn't pregnant and she didn't get the faint line after an hour like I did. HELP?!?!


wifey711 - July 6

I had the same exact thing happen to me , You could be in my case I wa__sent ,It happened to me on 6 different ones , light + but like 45 - hour after .. Got my af monday it issent as heavey but it was clotty one day so i kno im deff not .. Try a digital one that might help . let me know what happenes


micfromMI - July 6

I went to the doctor today to confirm what I already knew - not sure how to feel about it but the doctor was adament that you don't get a false positive. I would wait a couple days and then try again - I used first response - it says it can detect up to 6 or 8 days before you are supposed to start. Well, I was late and man within 30 seconds I had a very positive result. To quote the nurse "You are very pregnant" - good grief.....


usnwife - July 10

well....i dont know if yall r still lookin for answers on this or not but there i a site on preggy tests and it says that these ept +and - ones r blasvamy. she took them knowin she wasnt preggy and about an hour to two days on several of these + and - tests most came up as +. so i wouldnt trust these dang things. if ya want to see the site and do some research on these tests then the site is peeonastick.com I hope this helps.


Moonpie2 - July 13

Mine just came up with a faint line after the 5 minute mark... thought I was hallucinating! Are these test accurate? I have to hold it up to a light (against it) to see a very very faint line! AGHHHH...



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