3 Neagative Tests Still Possible Pregnancy

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tmorr - November 9

I have not had a period since September 19th and have the usual syptoms. I have taken 3 hpt's, all neg. With my first pregnancy I didn't know until I was 11 weeks along. Do you think my levels are too low to detect? I'd only be around 7 wks now. I have an appt 11/11 for a blodd test. I hate the waiting!


wondering - November 10

I am in the exact same boat as you! Last period was Sept. 16....I have taken numerous hpt's - all neg. I have had one blood test - neg. They said to go back in 2 weeks which is this week. I go tomorrow for another one. I hate waiting too. Hopefully we will both have the news we are hoping for!:)


kate - November 11

i also have same problem, although i have had 3 very vague positives. they only went positive after about 30 minutes! all the rest have been negative. my last period was 9th september. i am definitely feeling pregnant. my stomach is big and i am already wearing maternity trousers! hope we all find out soon


tmorr - November 11

I just got my results, positive! Good luck to the rest of you, I hope you get the results you want.


michelle - November 11

Congrats!!! Your soo lucky!!!


wondering - November 11

Congrats tmorr!! You give the rest of us hope!


wondering - November 11

Wish me luck ladies! I went today for another blood test. I am hoping that the results will be pos! I am calling for my results tomorrow....


kate - November 12

fingers crossed for us all. i am waiting for my results today too!


Lost - November 12

GOOD LUCK!!! Im going to take a test today and get the test results tommarow!!! I will be praying for everyone!


wondering - November 12

The last time I called for the results the nurse told me over the phone. I have called twice now and they said they are waiting for the doctor to look at them. All I had was the blood test that says yes or no. What is the problem???


eva - November 12

wondering- they can't tell you your results till the dr looks at it first... i had to wait 2 days (!!!!) to find out mine this week... well - they've no idea how frustrating it is... good luck anyway



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