3 Positive Urine Test But One Neg Blood Test

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Beca - June 14

I had 2 positive urine tests yesterday and had the blood test yesterday afternoon and today the doctor said it was inconclusive, so i came home this afternoon and brought another test and it said positive again, so what does everyone think is happening am i pregnant ????


Beca - June 14

and sorry the blood test came back Equivicol, what does that mean?


susanna - June 14

That probably means that you got an HCG reading of 5, which is the breaking point for pregnancy. If you get less than 5 you're not pregnant, if you get more than 5 you're pregnant. So if you get 5, it could be either answer and they have to retest in a few days to see if your HCG will go up. But if you've had a number of positive urine tests and you have all the cla__sic symptoms then it's quite possible you are pregnant. I'd go back in a few days and get another blood test done. Ask for a quant_tative Beta-Hcg to be done, this measures the exact HCG. If you're testing normally your HCG will double every 2-3 days. If you're like some women you may still be pregnant and you HCG won't go up because of being "allergic" to the antibodies they use in the tests (alot are animal-based). If you don't get a positive result and still feel that you are pregnant, you can go to www.yahoo.com and click on groups and type in hcgfn and join a group of about 200 women who are in that boat. All the best.


bethtwo - June 20

i'm having the same problem. i had 3 positive though faint hpt's, and then the blood test was negative yesterday. they were supposed to run both tests to see my hcg level but they didn't. what's going on with you?


sjlopez - July 15

did you take the blood test that just counts the hcg levels only. alot of pregnant women get a neg, when that take the blood test that just say pos or neg. you should ask the dr what was you hcg level.



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