3 Weeks Late 5 Negative Tests Is It Still Possible

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LauraMM - February 9

I'm 22 days past when my period was due. I've never been more than 2 days late since I hit puberty 16 years ago except when I was pregnant for my daughter. When I was pregnant with her it registered when I was 5 days late and within seconds. We weren't TTC but are ready for another baby. I have now had negative HPTs when I was 5 days late, 8 days late and 10 days late. I had a negative blood test at 15 days late. I just took another hpt this morning and again it was negative. I've had cramping in my lower stomach on the left side which has become like a little pinch. Nausea, heartburn, indigestion, fatigue, change in appet_te. I feel like I'm going crazy! Is is possible that I simply missed a month? We've now been TTC for the past couple of weeks just in case I maybe ovulated late or missed one and will catch it this month. Has any ever been multiple weeks late, had negative results and eventually found out they were pregnant? PLEASE no responses from those who are negative but tested early or only a couple of days late. Thanks.


confused.girly - February 9

its very possible. ive heard PLENTY of stories from women who had negative urine&blood tests up to 4 or 5 months pregnant! even me,im PRETTY DARN SURE im 11 weeks pregnant,i have EVERY SINGLE SIGN even the vieins darkening, ive had negative tests this whole time, i go to the doctor this afternoon for an exam to see if i really am. thats what id recommend you doing, try getting a pelvic exam. good luck:) i hope it goes good! you sound pregnant to me:)


[email protected] - February 10

I am in the same position as you. I went off the pill four months ago when we started trying and up until now I have been consistent both on and off the pill before. I'm over three weeks late and have had multiple negative tests. The doctor says there is a very small possibility I might be pregnant, but that home tests are usually pretty accurate. Got a blood test today to hopefully find out for sure. I've never been pregnant so I don't know what to look for. My b___sts are growing and really sore, have been getting heartburn and fatigue constantly. Let me know what happens.


asiya - February 14

hi laura im in same condition , still dont know what to do tell us if u get any positive response


AB2810 - March 2

Hey! I had a normal period beginning of Jan. I was due to start my period around 10th Feb but I only had very light spotting that day and I now havnt had anything at all since! Now been 3 weeks. I took a test on 24th Feb which was negative. Is it possible I am pregnant despite negative result? Good luck to you all :)


snootybutnice - March 6

Same story here AB2810. I had my last period 2nd or 3rd week of Jan and had a very slight pink tinge for one day on the toilet paper after a wee in Feb and thought I'd have a period but it never happened. I'm testing negative for pregnancy but feeling sick and tired for last few weeks ...but not today. Keep feeling weird senstations in tummy (imagination?) and the other day got a very weird cramp at top of stomach about 4 fingers down from sternum after getting upset which was weird. Blood tests are next Friday - doc said little chance I'm pregnant and felt my stomach but he was a junior doctor so I guess he could be wrong. Can you all keep in touch and let me know what happens so I can gauge my chances of a really really late period versus pregnancy! :-)


claire7722 - March 13

Hi everyone im in the same boat, my last period was the 20th of january, it is now the middle of March and still no period. Iv done 5 pregnancy tests and all came back negative!!!!! Can i still be pregnant???? My next period shoulg be due next week so was going to wait see if it arrives if not i was goin to visit the docs and see what he says!!! HELP


snootybutnice - March 13

I just had various blood tests today so will get the results on Tuesday afternoon - they're testing for all sorts of things. Earlier this week I went to the doctor and she did a pelvic exam and said she didn't think I was pregnant because of position of womb(?) but because I'm a bit fat ;-) she wouldn't rule it out LOL.


Kim24 - March 17

Hi, did you find out if you were pregnant or not? I'm in the same boat I’m 5 weeks late soon to be 6 weeks, which never happened to me before. I took 4 HPT and all came back negative and 1 pregnancy test at the clinic, which also showed negative. Around October last year I found out I was pregnant in a sad way..... I was still on my cycle I had no symptoms only light pink and brown spotting throughout the whole 2 months even thought I had no symptoms I just knew I was pregnant I took many HPT all came back negative, I also went to the clinic they said I wasn’t pregnant. So the way I found out is one day I had huge lots of blood cloths with no cramping. Went to the hospital they examine me and I found out I was 2 months pregnant but had a miscarriage?.


LauraMM - March 17

I found out that I wasn't pregnant. But we're currently still trying. I somehow missed January all together and then got February a few days early. Got March and now hoping to miss it in April. I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I think maybe because of your past situation you sould see your doctor and ask for a quant_tative blood test. If that's the kind they already did, then request an ultrasound. You want to be sure everything is okay if you are.


snootybutnice - March 17

My blood test results have come in and they said I'm not pregnant. My friend told me she once failed to have a period for 3 months and she was told 'it's just one of those things' after having some tests. My doc said all my levels were normal (can't remember specifically what levels were tested...but I wasn't going through menopause etc so she couldn't give me a reason). When I mentioned about my friend and said to her "so...it's just one of those things then...so I should just be thankful I don't have periods at the moment?" I have to say she paused and shrugged like she didn't really know. I'm currently ill with this combination bug of tonsillitus/flu combination so I didn't really feel up to following it up. I went in to see if I needed anything for it and she said no then gave me these results. (My boyfriend caught the same bug from me and he's been given everything under the sun by his doctor). mmmm.... Is it me or do they treat men differently? Anyway re no period: I am also getting pain in the area of my ovaries...just dull achy pain which transmits to my back and I'm getting pain between my shoulder blades just above my bra strap which seems to change from one side to the other or both sides which could just be 'one of those things' too. I dunno. If I turn out to have an ectopic and bleed to death I just want to register here first that I'm sorely miffed! :-)


asiya - March 18

actualy i got my period back in this month , i know it was very frustrating i missed 2 months and i know how i was feeling on my those days .


SaraA - March 18

Same here, I think I'm going crazy! I'm 40 and have always had 24day cycles lasting 5days and only heavy on the second day, I had a normal period on the 18th Jan and s_x on the 1st and 3rd of Feb, a few days before my next period was due I started 'feeling' pregnant, I took a hpt and it was negative, then my period started on the 11th Feb (the day it was due) so i figured it was all in my mind! except I still had pregnancy symptoms after AF ended!! my b___sts became extremly tender and I lost my appet_te, I was peeing more and very very tired... well I did another test (or 5) and all BFN's, my b___sts stopped hurting but have grown a cup size and feel fuller and harder, I thought I'd wait and see what happened... my next period was 8days late, I didn't experience the usual pms - I always crave chocolate and get emotional 3 days before AF - but my pregnancy symptoms continued, lower back ache, funny taste in my mouth, off foods I usually like and nausea late at night, feeling light headed, my AF was 'different' not as heavy and seemed to last longer, the last 4 days only very light, it's now been 2 days since I stopped bleeding and still feel as if somethings not right... my jeans are tight and it's uncomfortable to sit if I don't unb___ton them, almost as if I can feel my uterus elarged, my b___sts are bigger than ever and my back aches terrible, if I was pregnant I would be about 8.5 weeks, but I took another hpt today and it was Negative again!!! Common sense tells me I can't be, but my body is telling me different - I've had 4 children already, and it feels just the same, but I've always had a BFP within days of missing a period - What's going on???? reading all these posts is making me wonder, can it be 'breakthrough bleeding' and can that really cause hpt to show negative results?


snootybutnice - March 18

Well I've still got no sign of a period - my pregnancy symptoms have gone away slightly but they've been replaced with my current sick bug (where I've dropped half a stone in last 4-5 days)- so I'm not sure where I am at the moment. I have searched the internet and it appears some people do have negative blood tests/pregnancy tests and then it turns out they are actually pregnant. I think it is uncommon but some people do have very abnormal/low hcg levels [5 throughout their entire pregnancy - so pregnancy not picked up. They then went to have a scan to check for cysts/fibroids on ovaries etc and it was then that they found out they were pregnant. If all else fails, and I don't come on in a month or two, I'll ask for a scan to rule out cervical/ovarian cancer and if that doesn't happen I'll wait until November time and if I suddenly get contractions I'll know :-)!! It sounds to me SaraA as if you may well be pregnant. The only bad news I found on the web after researching is that sometimes it is unviable pregnancies that show low hcg levels but this isn't always the case. Can you get your doctor to do an internal - my doctor didn't think I was based on the position of my uterus but it sounds like you may get a different opinion. xx


SaraA - March 18

Thank you snootybutnice for your reply, and yes, I'm reading the same kind of things as I research my symptoms, I think I'll book in to see my doctor and hope they can give me an answer, at 8 weeks they should be able to tell if my uterus feels as swollen as it seems! and then offer me a scan. I'll keep updating and I'm interested to hear how many of you, like me end up pregnant.


HopeIsHere - March 19

OMG this is so nice to see! Here is my story, please someone help!! So I had my cycle on Feb 10, ended on Feb 14th, then had U.P.(using the pull out) s_x on the 16th and the 23rd (ovulating), then on the 28th I was spotting for 2 1/2 days! I read up on it, and thought for sure it was implantaion bleeding. Well I waiting until my cycle was due on 3/10, still no cycle. So me being so anxious, I took an HPT, negitive. Then I waiting until I was 3 days late, again, negitive, then I took another one at 5 days late, still neg! LOL! I know alot of test taking. Well I decided to make an appointment for a blood test yesterday (8 days late), and both the urine and blood test came back neg! So here is my thing, I have been having noticable lower back problems, headaches and am very very tired!Oh and not to mention very emotional! I woke up the other night crying for no reason! Even though I've never been pregnant I feel like something is going on! I've had a weird metal taste in my mouth, been drowling like a crazy person and am noticing some mucus like discharge! Had a pelvic and doc says things look good and to wait another week before coming back in for retesting! The thing is if I were to be preggo I'd be 3 weeks by now and wouldnt they be able to see an amount of HCG?! Please help! I'm going crazy!!


Babes1986 - April 7

I'm there too Its been now almost 3 months since my last period. I've take about 20 tests all negative. My doctor looked at me like I was stupid and wouldn't order the blood pergnancy test that I wanted. Now I guess its just a waiting game to see if AF arrives this month I hope she does I want to show my husbands sister a good time this summer she will finally be leagel drinking age so exciting for me but If Iam pregnant I will be totaly thrilled



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