3 Weeks Late 5 Negative Tests Is It Still Possible

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Babes1986 - April 7

I'm there too Its been now almost 3 months since my last period. I've take about 20 tests all negative. My doctor looked at me like I was stupid and wouldn't order the blood pergnancy test that I wanted. Now I guess its just a waiting game to see if AF arrives this month I hope she does I want to show my husbands sister a good time this summer she will finally be leagel drinking age so exciting for me but If Iam pregnant I will be totaly thrilled


blue_star - April 9

Hey, I am right there with yall. I am now 23 days late, and I have taken SEVERAL hpts, 3 urin tests at the doc office, and 1 blood test. All negative. I am bloated, have slight cramps like my period but not as bad as that, my b___sts are swollen, im upset or angry a lot more easily, im dizzy and nautious from time to time and also occasionally feel like im going to pa__s out. My doctor says wait 2 MONTHS to come back and see him. I worried something is wrong with me, or if i am pregnant and it just isnt showing up yet then im really worried, because both my mom and grandmother lost their first baby. So i feel like i should be getting medical attention from early on if i am pregnant. The doctors just seem to b__w me off and say just enjoy not having your period for now. But how can i enjoy anything when i dont know whats going on with me?


Babes1986 - April 15

I got my period today after 66 days without one. I'm not pregnant all the best of luck to you all


jen487 - April 20

I'm about 60 days past last menstrual period. I will be taking an HPT on day 64 if I still haven't gotten my AF. If it is negative, I'm going to a__sume I'm not pregnant (although I'll continue to live a lifestyle). Hoping to get AF because I don't want to be pregnant at all. I would prefer to be in about 2-3 years time. My last negative HPT was on CD 56.


jen487 - April 27

Update: Still no period. Goin' to the doctor's on May 5th to see what they can do for me.


jen487 - April 29

Hello All - this is an update from previous posts. My last period was February 19th and I finally, FINALLY got my period today, April 29th - CD 69!!! I am 26 years old and I don't think I've had ever gone that long without having a period. I blame it on my doctor who did a Pap Exam on March 24th and suggested that I might be pregnant because my period hadn't come yet. It got me ALL NERVOUS and CRAZY that I think my ovulation was extremely delayed. Stress really does effect the body. I truly thought I was pregnant - for I had spotting TWICE and felt sick the first couple weeks of April, I lost 10 lbs. almost, and wasn't having any cla__sic period symptoms until about a week ago when my b___sts starting getting sore (which is typical before my period but I thought it could be an early pregnancy symptom!). I got up this morning and there was a little brown on my toilet paper and then it turned into a period like flow. I've got my regular cramps and everything! Thank God - I did not want to be pregnant. I have been given a second chance! All of my home pregnancy tests were RIGHT. I think I'll be canceling my Doctor's appointment next week. The waiting game is over for me and it was HELL. I didn't realize so many people go through this too. This forum helped me so much get through the really tough days. Good luck to everyone who wishes to be or wishes not to be pregnant.


LauraMM - April 30

Well, the update I can give on myself is this. Last January I thought I was pregnant but it turns out my cycles just became irregular. After trying to get pregnant for the next 10 months after that I began seeing a fertility specialist. 6 weeks ago I found out why I haven't gotten pregnant yet. I have hypothyroid disease as well as PCOS. Turns out it's a good thing I didn't get pregnant because if you get pregnant before getting your thyroid under control it can cause serious defects both mentally and physically for the baby. My cycles are still off so I'm hoping things get under control so that I can get pregnant this year! Good luck to all of you! If your cycles are suddenly off and they never had been in the past, have your doctor look into it. It could likely be PCOS which is very common or something more serious such as your thyroid like it is in my situation.


ababygrl15 - September 17

OK so I need some help!! I had a miscarriage on july 2nd. Then I had another period from july 31st to august 4th. September 17th, I am now 3 weeks late. I have been having cramps like Im getting ready to start but nothing has. I feel like I just need to sleep all the time, and have gotten sick a few times. I have taken 3 home test and they up neg.I had to go to the ER on Sept. 12th and they did a urine test and it came up neg. Is there a possibly that im pregnant and for it not to show up in the urine test yet? Thanks for the help I appreciate it!


TayBabes92 - September 28

Well I have missed two periods and my last one was 10 weeks ago. I have done 5 HPTs n they have all been negative so I decided to go see a doctor last week. She did another urine test n wat do u no negative!!! We decided on a blood test then a pelvic ultrasound for polycystic ovarian syndrome. I am very worried because i do want to be pregnant but I am only 18. If I am definitely not pregnant then I'm not going to start tryin for a baby. My only real worry is if I do have something that could prevent me from getting pregnant in the future like PCOS. My mum also has a hyroid disease so I may have that because it is hereditary. I actually have my fingers crossed I am pregnant because that is than the complications I may have.


lisaloves99 - November 3

Hi girls, I had my last period of the 3rd of September and I swear frim the day before my October period was due I was doing two tests a week and driving myself mad. I was really tired and didn't feel myself so went to doctor and he did a test which came out negetive but told me to test again in a week. I did another test of the 27th of October and it was POSITIVE!!!! So it is very possible to take a lot of tests and for to be three weeks or more late and still be showing negetive, it happened to me. Not sure of due date until my first scan on November 30th! good luck girls and keep your chin up..


TayBabes92 - November 4

Hey all! Well it's been over a month since my last post and well I'm still not pregnant :-( I have been seeing my GP but she says my situation is a little bit more serious for her to try figure out. I have done 10 HPTs, 1 blood test, 2 abdominal ultrasounds and 1 internal ultrasound. I have been told I am definitely not pregnant because my eggs aren't leaving my ovaries so I'm not ovulating each month which is why I don't have my period. It has been 15 weeks since my last period and it does worry be because what if I can't have children??? That is my nightmare. My GP said I should enjoy not having a period (which I am) but I would like to figure out what is wrong with me. I have an appointment with a specialist gyno on the 23rd of this month which I have been waiting to get in with her for 3 weeks and the finally have an opening. Some people are lucky and they do get pregnant but for me I guess I'm not one of the lucky ones who get what they have always dreamed of. Good luck to those who found out they are pregnant :-)


mcafee97 - November 15

I am as regular as old faithful. But now I am almost three weeks late. No, on 3 tests, no, on blood test. Swollen b___sts, saliva like never before, tired, tummy is swollen. can't decide if I should eat more or cut back because I am gaining so fast. Arrgghh. Although no one on this posts turned out to be preggers I still want to hold out hope. We have a son (10) and thought we were through but now after getting excited I might be pregnant, we really want this.


Plsbaby - November 19

Hi everyone, it's been now 7 weeks & 2 days late for AF. I have trying to conceive for 2 years and now this is the 1st time I have missed my period. I have been to healthy start to taken pregnancy test and all negative. I have taken 1 blood test and negative as well. I know I am because I haven't felt normal I have been tired with headaches sore b___bs and nauseous like crazy but never threw upend of course mild cramping. I get craving every once n awhile today I woke up craving soggy French fries how weird is that. Well got my first doctors a ppt dec first with my family doctor and I am hoping to get an ultra sound done. Can anyone give me any advice? I feel like I have no one to understand me.


MrsKari77 - November 21

Congrats Lisa, I hope you have a happy healthy pregnancy. Tay I am sorry to hear that you are going through all of this. I am 16 days late right now, hoping that we are pregnant, however; have received 1 negative HPT. I am waiting a little bit longer before testing again. Mcafee, good luck, I hope that you are just testing too early. Plsbaby, an ultrasound will probably be the one and only test that will determine if you really are pregnant. Good luck!


Plsbaby - November 21

Thank mrskari77 yah I think that is what I am going to do. I can't wait until dec 1. I am just so nervous if I get my period because I really want a baby. But whatever happens happens. Now it's kind of weird is my b___bs aren't sore anymore I do get nauseous and I have thrown up feeling like I am full to my stomach but haven't ate a regular meal. My lower back hurts extremely. ...but what do you think....UHhhggni am just so confuse


MrsKari77 - November 22

Nausea is a sign of anxiety as well, if you are nervous or anxious this could also be another reason for that. Do you ever have any symptoms before you are due to have your cycle?



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